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What is your biggest pet-peeve in Golf?

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10 minutes ago, roamin said:

Right, and I want them to take their time so they don't have to putt yet again. :-D

I already told them, "That one is a gimme!"

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I think that first paragraph is great and perfect.  Especially reciprocating with advice. you used the words "fairway metal" - I take back the nice thing I just said

Looking back through some of these threads, seems like a lot of folks get pissed off by a lot of stuff, and some guys are pissed if X happens, while others are pissed if X doesn't happen. --I h

No, because that would be improper grammar. Sorry, couldn't resist. :D It struck me as odd but I've gotten used to it. What actually happens is they'll list all the things they do wrong and

10 hours ago, klineka said:

Mine is not being able to find your ball in the rough or the fairway when you know it didnt go into the woods or a hazard. 

Speaking of US Opens, I love the courses that have rough like they're hosting one!

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11 hours ago, anker0071 said:

So I'm sure this has been brought up before but what are your biggest pet peeves about golf? My biggest are people not fixing pitch marks and not raking bunkers.

I agree, drives me nuts; and I see both all the time. Who are these people anyway, its just simple golf etiquette.

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55 minutes ago, Buckeyebowman said:

Speaking of US Opens, I love the courses that have rough like they're hosting one!

LOL.....I worked on the grounds-crew for a summer at a solid course....when we hit U.S. Open week, I just begged the Super to not cut the rough and really tighten the fairways for the week......he never bought in though....

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My pet peeves by the way......

Golf snobs....guys who think they can play a little and have no patience for beginners or less talented players....

Assholes......I remember being "on deck" as a twosome behind two guys who were paired with a teenager and his mother....one of the guys told the starter "I ain't playing with a fukkin kid"..........I walked right up to them and said I would be more than happy for the kid/mother to drop back and join us.....it was great and we were right on their ass all day.....

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Mine has changed I believe. My pet annoyance is the fall weather season. The time of year where Ma Nature instructs all the leafy trees to shed, thus providing  numerous hiding places for well struck balls. :mad:

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On 9/2/2015 at 9:17 AM, Ongle said:

I play after work with a group of work colleagues during the summer and one of them drives me MAD! This guy is a lovely guy but could test the patience of a saint.


His following indiscretions are:


1.) Brutally slow with everything he does, practice swing, alignment, walking, you name it, he's slow at it!


2.) "Forgets" certain bad shots on holes - He'll claim he got a 5 on a hole, then you count it quickly in your head and he got a 6! At best it's stupidity, at worst it's cheating. (I know, only cheating himself!) - His best is claiming you don't count air shots because you "didn't actually hit the ball!"


3.) Generally he never knows what score he got on a hole. Which I think is related to above. You have to count it along with him before he knows.


4.) Insists on putting every little thing out, even when you've given him them. - Very annoying during twilight as you need to get a move on.


5.) NEVER gives you anything! Think this is just he's in his own little world, rather than being rude?


6.) Is never ready to tee off - He could be last of a fourball to tee off, but come his turn he's suddenly looking for his glove and what club to use.


7.) Wants to look for lost balls forever. It could be in the deepest of deepest forest, 100 yards in and he'll disappear looking for it.


8.) Searches for his tee after his tee shot. - Now I don't mean a cursory glance about, I mean he hunts for it, like it's a family heirloom!


9.) Has MAJOR tantrums, including club throwing, muttering, doing your own golf down with comments like "I'm playing so badly of course your winning!" (ignoring the fact someone else is playing well or would always beat him regardless of how he played)


10.) Tries to roll every downhill putt in dead weight, so literally all his shorter putts he'll try and just start it and use gravity. - I'd say 95% of his downhillers finish 50% short, yet he still insists on it. Doesn't really bother me unless I'm paired with him in a fourball better ball friendly match. It's very frustrating knowing your partner can have a run at a putt yet will almost invariably leave it short!



...So basically they are all my golfing pet peeves, but nicely condensed into one person. The only reason we have him play with us is because he tends to be the butt of our on course humour.

You are nuts to play golf with this dude.  Butt of jokes or not.

On 9/1/2015 at 4:18 PM, DrvFrShow said:

Hey, I know a 90 year old woman who can't hit the ball very far, but she plays a round in about 3 hrs. She's never looking for a lost ball. And she still breaks 100.

I call BS on this.

On 9/1/2015 at 7:54 AM, tony21 said:

I never really got bugged about much until today and I guess its along the lines of slow play/etiquette. I had an elderly couple driving to their shot on the second hole when I arrived at the 1st. I caught up to them on hole 4 teeing off as I drove up...not a word said , just got in their cart and drove to their tee shots. So I waited til their second shot and drove, pulled my drive about 15 feet left of the fairway and waited for them to finish the hole. They finished, I walked up to take my second shot and before I get to my backstroke they're teeing right into me on parallel greens. Ball whizzed right by me and when they drove by the man said "sorry, but you shouldn't be playing off another fairway when someone's teeing off...its really you're fault" I have never been so livid on a golf course in my life

If they were playing so slow then how did they get from the green to the next tee box AND tee off before you hit your shot????  How slow were you playing for this to happen?  

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Besides slow play, it is someone taking on the tee box when it's their turn to hit. 

Come on already! Hit the ball and then talk!

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Note: This thread is 1485 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I can't wait to hear about them.  I'm probably not getting new hybrids this year, but if I did, these would be near the top of my consideration list.  Please let us know how they are.
    • I read something recently in either Golf Digest or Golf Magazine and it listed I think the top 50 players and what they played for irons.  It was a blades/ combo set/ whatever set type of article.  I showed that they were very few players playing a full set of MB’s.  If I recall correctly, most were gaming some type of combo set.   Clubs like the TM p770 are just so good now, their benefits are more attractive to better players.
    • Thing is TV shows the good shots, the putts being made so we all think they hit everything close and make every putt. Go look up PGA tour proximity to the hole... you’d be surprised it’s not close like you see.
    • I would have to agree, as agile and strong as they are with a game of golf, they probably would look pathetic in a fighting ring. If and when they get their dup together that will be a good show. Although I think the media has hyped it beyond what it really is and would just be a competitive round of golf like most others.
    • I dunno. Watching two meat heads who probably have no idea how to fight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d rather see them play some serious golf and really give the tour a show.
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