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How far do you hit your clubs?

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Driver (as of yesterday) 240-280
Dont use a
5i up to 210
6i up to 190
7i up to 180
8i up to 170 some to 200 (i use this as a 2nd stroke on par 5's more for accuracy at %100 swing speed usually when I worm burned a drive)
9i up to 160
pw 130 to 150
60* 5yds to 130

yes some delofting occurs.

On the 60* I may deloft or turn club out depending on shot. I feel more comfortable hitting it up to 130. Its my $ club.

Distance Master Clubs- Walmart I think...
60* Acuity - Dicks
Hand Me down TM driver's
Putter looks like it can hammer nails

I shoot in the 90's and low score is 86. Next full round will be 77th round of golf
(i checked my credit card statement! since I always pay)
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Driver - So far that you wouldn't want your wife to see me hit it. 3+ Wood - You'd get tired and have to sit down while walking to my ball. 1 Iron - Wooden tees catch fire like match heads eve

^^^ My brother from another mother!

We should totally play sometime! I can only hit driver on holes that run north-south, anything east-west is a no go. Just too risky, don't wanna **** up the earth's rotation.

Driver - 258-278
16 Hybrid/3 Wood - 232-252
20 Hybrid/5 Wood - 215-230
3iron - 208-220
4iron - 201-215
5iron - 191-206
6iron - 181-196
7iron - 164-180
8iron - 153-166
9iron - 142-155
PW - 129-144
GW - 116-127
LW - 84-96

Not buying a lot of the distances on here either. Not saying everybody is a liar, but I've played too many rounds of golf with too many different golfers to believe there are that many 300 yard drivers in this thread alone. Then again, doesn't really matter, so who cares?
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Wow, we're in the company of some mighty long hitters here? However, I can only assume that with these awesome distances there is no direction, otherwise there'd be some way lower hcap indexes.

Or perhaps some of the distances are inflated due to elevated tees, 30mph tailwinds and the like?
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Driver (as of yesterday) 240-280

I'm glad you posted this as it kind of illustrates my point, I believe you can hit an 8 iron 200 yards, I believe a lot of people can but it either means you have a severly jacked swing or you can also hit 330 yard drives and a 275 yard 2 iron. *at 100% swing*

Basically I'm saying you can cheat your irons any distance whithin reason, Tiger says in his book 'How I play golf' that he likes link courses because you sometimes have to hit 200 yard 9 irons! Of course this is no way to hit clubs under normal circumstances for any kind of spin or accuracy. In the above example you basically turn your 8 into a 4/5 iron.
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That's because Tiger swings at about 80% on most of his iron shots for control. If he wanted he could hit a 6 iron 220 yards. Most Amaturs swing almost nearly as hard as they can.

yes and no.

In Reality tiger would deloft a 6 iron to hit it 220... less to do with swing speed. Then again there's only so much he can de loft a 3 iron before it becomes next to unhittable. So I would say he probably hits a 6 iron in an unaltered swing around 190. On the other hand the three I dont see going much farther than 240 for most ppl on a regular hit..
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I don't even want to comment on the driver but...

I would like to contact the people at golf.about.com http://golf.about.com/od/beginners/l/blclubdistance.htm and see if they can change their chart to

-------- Short, Average, Long, Pro, Extreme, Sandtrap bloggers
6-iron 130 ------150------160-------170------180-------'190-200'
7-iron 120 ------140------150-------160------170-------180-190
8-iron 110 ------130------140-------150------160-------170-180
9-iron 95 -------115------130-------140------150-------160-170
PW -----80 ------105-------120-------135------145-------155-165
SW -----60 -------80--------100-------120------130-------140-150

Oh and I need another category for rothkin from the first page, just add + 5 yards on to the ridiculous category at the end. ie *175 yard 9 irons.*
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I'm surprised to see the 15-20 handicapers hitting it 300 yards. The only way to hit it that far is to hit it solid and relatively straight. You can't just mishit it that far or slice/hook it that far. With that kind of solid contact and relative straightness they should be well below their handicap if their distances are true.

I do know a couple that can kill ball. One plays college golf, has a really smooth swing that doesn't look like he swings hard at all and he gets it out there about 285-90 pretty easily. Another just hits the piss out of the ball. He can easily carry it 330 (not all the time, he hooks and block a lot of them). He is 18 or 19. He was hitting on the range the other day and hitting over the net that is around 270-75 or so, over the rough, fairway, rough, and into the tree line. His shaft was stiff as a tree trunk.

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I also find it hard to believe that high handicaps are hitting it so far. I flush my 5 iron 195 up to 205 off a tee. But my average is probably in the 180 or 185 range because of an inconsistent swing.
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Driver 265 - 285
3w 235 - 255
3i 215 - 230
4i 200 - 215
5i 185 - 200
6i 170 - 185
7i 155 - 170
8i 140 - 155
9i 130 - 140
PW 120 - 130
52° 110 - 120
56° 100 - 110
60° 90 - 100
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So I guess Golf Digest must have been way off base with their extensive research this month then?
They tested 45 players who hit more than 4,000 Balls and even the Low Handicappers hit a 4 Iron between 170 and 183 yards and yet...These same players hit their 3 irons the exact same distance!
Mid handicappers hit their 4 Irons between 158 and 168 Yards.
So am I to assume that Golf Digest just picked the wrong 45 Players?
They clearly should have scoured this thread first.


PS I think I'll trust extensive research over inflated Ego's
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  • Administrator
So I guess Golf Digest must have been way off base with their extensive research this month then?

The Internet adds 20%. It's like Viagra. Or something. C'mon, you don't hit 3/4 pitching wedges to your course's par fives?[/sarcasm]

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

The Internet adds 20%. It's like Viagra. Or something. C'mon, you don't hit 3/4 pitching wedges to your course's par fives?[/sarcasm]

Haha. This reminds me of this dude I played golf with in high school for a year. He was a very big kid (as tall laying down as he was standing up) and although he wasn't great, he would get a hold of some of his drives (around 300 yards). Me, my best friend, and him were playing a par 4 and he hit his shot right side of the fairway on a dogleg left and was 200 yards out. He got up to his ball and pulled out his SW. We were like "you do know you are 200 yards out, right?" He proceeded to say "Yea I know, its about a 3/4 SW"

Haha, he didn't even come close, needless to say. Now me and my friend usually say "Yea its about a 3/4 SW" on the long range shots.
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**What is really funny is that the people who say that distance isn't everything are the same people who equate distance with handicap.** Sounds like a defense mechanism.. Don't get me wrong, I have respect for low handicaps. But you must (if you aren't lying about your cap.) remember all the time and practice that went into getting so low. Now imagine starting with alot longer distances, how good would you be?? Big hitters need time to practice short, too. Are you suddenly saying that longer hitters should be instant scratch? Which one is it?? Or are you just imagining what you could do with your game if you had that distance? Which is more, I don't deny. That's called envy..The better question would be: WHY can't a low handicap hit as far as not so low?? What's missing there?? Ya had all that time... (quote that and make an argument, please, lol)

""Its pretty funny that if tiger woods were reading this he would think to himself man these guys hit the ball so much further then me and I have one of the fastest swings on tour...
Tiger woods distance

Driver: 285 yards (of carry)
3 Wd: 265 yards (of carry)
2 Iron: 245 yards
3 Iron: 230 yards
4 Iron: 220 yards
5 Iron: 208 yards
6 Iron: 190 yards
7 Iron: 172 yards
8 Iron: 158 yards
9 Iron: 142 yards
Pitching Wedge: 128 yards
Sand Wedge: 106 yards
Lob Wedge (60°): 92 yards""

Hank Kuehne, Bubba Watson, Brett Wetterich, Sean O'hair, Mike Austin (515 yards-Guinness World Record, 1974, he was 65 yrs old), the LDA (I know they are slightly non-conforming), Charlie Hoffman....do I have to go on?------He asked what distance do you hit, not how many majors have you won...
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Love the 285+ distances. I've yet to play with anyone that out drives me by 50 yards. I guess all these guys are playing at private country clubs.

Your obviously playing with the wrong people. Many people outdrive you by 50+, sorry. And it's not the private club people usually. It's the hungry scrappers you have to watch out for......
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I hit my mp 14 irons
Driver 10.5 degree 270 to up to if I kill it 330
3 wood - 260-270
5 wood - 240-250
3 iron - 235
4 iron - 220
5 iron - 205
6 iron - 190
7 iron - 175
8 iron - 160
9 iron - 150
P w - 135
S wedge - 100 - 120
My short game sucks always 2 putt and some 3 putts
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At 5'-6", I am not a big hitter.

Driver: 220 - 250 (Been averaging closer to 230 since I am swinging easier for control)
3W: ??? (rarely used since I can't control the dayum thing)
H3i: 195
H4i: 185
5i: 175
6i: 165
7i: 155
8i: 145
9i: 135
(Big gap here for unknown reason)
PW: 110
GW: 85
SW: 65
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

With my JACKED swing I can hit a ball 330, its fairly common on the range and maybe once in 2 rounds of golf.

I posted 240-280driver since I played 10 holes yesterday and opened my stance by moving my rear foot back 4 inches, so my shoulders point at target but my target line points at 1-2oclock. No tops no worm burns, but I cant uncork as when my target line is even with shoulders(ill take that over a top anyday)

This change occurred on a hazard hole, I put 2 drives directly in the drink in front of me, then decided after the 2nd re=tee to open stance up,,drove it like 230 off the toe, but hit a 130 60* within 18" of the cup for a triple bogey(would have been a birdie).. After that the open stance gave me steady 240-280 next 5 holes.

A week ago I hit an 8i well over 200 from below a ladies tee(topped drive) one guy in my foursome hit a solid drive that cut the dogleg and he hit it 240+. His third stroke and mine were both pin high, but that took 2 pure shots from me to catch him. The ball does actually tower as it will clear a 75 ft tree. I just havent played with someone who does NOT deloft and hits it the same distance to see if my trajectory is even close to a true 8i. For instance my 5i may go 30-45 ft in the air and thats it, unless its hit pure and then it whizzes away and tends to climb(I assume it means that i DIDNT deloft).

I CAN HIT A 4i but only 1 in 5 attempts or its a worm burner. I lost my 6i so now I play with just 5i to 7i and have a hard time hitting long par 3's(over 180yds) it seems I hit better from the fairway and rough than a tee box. I NEED A 21* hybrid IMO. Xshaft
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Note: This thread is 2871 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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