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How far do you hit your clubs?

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How does anyone hit a 60 degree lob wedge 100 yards?

Answer: They are lying. Mickelson said on his DVD that he hits his 60 degree wedge 90 yards. Sure, it is possible that someone here hits it farther, but I'd bet every penny I own that most of the people making the claims they are making on this thread are outright liars.

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Driver - So far that you wouldn't want your wife to see me hit it. 3+ Wood - You'd get tired and have to sit down while walking to my ball. 1 Iron - Wooden tees catch fire like match heads eve

^^^ My brother from another mother!

We should totally play sometime! I can only hit driver on holes that run north-south, anything east-west is a no go. Just too risky, don't wanna **** up the earth's rotation.

As a horrible hack beginning golfer, I have no trouble skulling my lob wedge and sending it 100 yards along the dirt--if it doesn't go into the bunker or pond I was trying to carry first.

I don't think some of the long distances in this thread are necessarily the product of "lying" as several have said, as much as the natural human tendency to pick pure shots rather than mistakes for setting ranges. At 6'6"/230 with reasonable athleticism, I can easily hit my lengthened 6i 180-200 (including a little rollout) despite being a terribly inconsistent ball striker, but I could (and sadly often do) also hit it fat or top it and have it go 120, or I can hook it if I short-arm the swing because I'm nervous/tight about something and pull across my body on the follow-through. But if I'm on the course and need a shot for a particular distance, I have to work from the assumption that I'm trying to hit it well and should use the club that goes that distance on a good swing with good contact. Doesn't necessarily mean that anyone is claiming they hit every swing with a 6i 200 yds.

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Driver - anything between 150 - 250 yards (might get rid of it!)
3w - 200 - 230
3H - 170 -185
4I - 160
5I - 150
6I - 140
7I - 130
8I - 120
9I - 90
PW - 75
GW - 60
SW - 50
LW - 35

All clubs Mizuno MX Series
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Answer: They are lying. Mickelson said on his DVD that he hits his 60 degree wedge 90 yards. Sure, it is possible that someone here hits it farther, but I'd bet every penny I own that most of the people making the claims they are making on this thread are outright liars.

where at you play in texas

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See some of you guys smoke the ball with your irons alot further than me, but I hit the driver about the smae as you guys.

Driver: 290-320
5 wood: 240-250
19* hybrid: 225-230
3i: 220
4i: 205
5i: 195
6i: 180
7i: 170
8i: 160
9i: 150
PW: 120-140
52*: 115
60*: 80ish
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Some of the iron distance's on the post astonish me, but any way these are my distances.

Driver: 240-255
3 wood: 215- 225
2 Hybrid: 200- 210
3 Hybrid: 190- 200
4 Iron: 185
5 Iron: 175
6 Iron: 165
7 Iron: 155
8 Iron: 140
9 Iron: 115-125
Pitching Wedge: 105
Sand Wedge: 85
Lob Wedge: 70
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There is a lot of garbage in this thread, clearly. Some of these I've verified with a google maps tool, and I'm using engineering judgment on the rest. I'm trying to conjecture my median distance here, so not my best by any stretch.

Driver: 230
3w: 210
3h: 190
4h: 185 (really no difference in 3h/4h, thinking of dropping the 3h for a 5w)
5i: 165
6i: 150
7i: 140
8i: 130
9i: 120
PW: 110
49: 100
56: 75

Driver SS 90-94, Index 16.4, best 9/18 (70.5/125) 40/81.
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I played 2 days ago and hit the following with the 60

skulled my first approach 100 yds
next approach was maybe 140 and came up way short by 15 yards(uphill lie and I needed the shortest club)
140 yard par 3, bladed it 125 yards for par LOL

Only used it 3 times for front nine other than short chips.

par 3 110 yards stuck it pin high on the green, made par, missed birdie by 3 inches.

par 5 150 out and downhill 50 feet, put it on the green side rough 15 feet from cup, chipped to 3 feet for a double bogey(had to take 2 drives)

par4 1 of the best drives of the day on a 425 yarder, pitched the 60 from 100 yds landed on the approach and rolled up 25 ft from pin made par.

par 5 dogleg right over water drove through the dogleg into next fairway 60 chipped back into play onto the rough of a fairway bunker, from 180 out took my PW with a short grip down to the metal, left hand on grip, right on metal, had to since the lie was 18 inches above my feet, delofted the club and swung %100 the ball went maybe 25 feet high and carried this huge pond for 160 then bounced onto green resting about 50 feet past cup, was easily 175 yards with a severely delofted pw. 3 putted uggh for bogey,

18th par 4 was 120 out and playing uphill,, pushed the 60 and hit it a little thin came up short by 10 yards. the ball was in a mushy depression in the fairway.

This was the least number of times i can remember using my 60 from the 90-130 range. Mostly due to poor driving, and being out of its range.
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Driver 250-270
3 Wood 215
4 Iron 200
5 Iron 185
6 Iron 175
7 Iron 165
8 Iron 150
9 Iron 140
PW 125

Two weeks ago, I drove the ball 290+ yards in the fairway twice in the same round, but I was really aiming to crush the ball (trying to drive the green in one case). The distances above are accurate for a normal day, relaxed swing, etc. Yesterday, I had to hit a 5-iron on a 160-yard par 3 because of an insane wind in my face (still only got it to the front fringe). To that end, who plays golf in a vacuum anyway?
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See I don't see the point of this because it's not how far but how accurate.I get outhit by my playing partner all the time.It isn't worth a darn thing if you can't hit your spots.

Anyway I have been clubbing up on just about every shot now and it's so much easier to take some speed off and control the distance.

For example my friend hits a 58 wedge all out to the 18th from about 90-100 lands on the green,I have the same distance and pull out my PW and hit basically a hip to chest swing and get the same result we both score 5.

Just for the record I can hit a 7 iron 150,PW around 120,and my 3 iron around 200,but I never use these clubs to hit these distances,I would take the 6 for 150 because I can average that distance better than I could with a full 7.

On occasion I have used a 5 iron and my playing partners are getting out 7 irons or in some cases 8.The number on the bottom of the club makes no difference to me now it's what loft of club I need to get the job done.Each shot has a differing look,and it still amazes me how many players ask you what did you just use there?

It becomes a contest of distance for some players,it's what you do with the club in your hand,they are all weapons,no shame in taking a longer club.
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Driver: 270 draws, 250 high fades
3W: 240 (fairway) -260 (tee)
3H: 215-230
4H :200-215
4I: (only use for low running punches)
5I: 200- (normally used on long Par3's 180-210 otherwise i use 4H)
6I: 180-
7i: 170-
8i: 150-
9: 140-
PW: 130-
GW: 100-125
SW: 70-100
LW: 5-75
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D: 225-250

I need to update mine after some considerable swing changes and a few updates to my bag. My grip had been very weak. As I have gone to a more neutral to strong grip, my distances have increased and I am hitting more solid shots.

D: 250-290 (depending on shot-shaping) 3W: 220-235, 230-245 off a tee 3H: 215-230 4H: 200-215 4i: 190-200 5i: 180-190 6i: 170-180 7i: 160-170 8i: 150-160 9i: 135-150 PW: 115-130 (i use this as a 10 iron, not much for actual pitching) 52°: 100-115 (full swing) 58°: 75-90 (full swing)
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Driver 10.5* = around 270m (295 yards)
3 - wood = 235m (256 yards)
Hybrid 19* = 210m (229 yards)
3-iron = 190m (207 yards)
4-iron = 180m (196 yards)
5-iron = 170m (185 yards)
6-iron = 160m (174 yards)
7-iron = 150m (164 yards)
8-iron = 140m (153 yards)
9-iron = 130m (142 yards)
Pitching Wedge = 115m (125 yards)
Gap Wedge = 100m (109 yards)
Sand Wedge = 80m (87 yards)

I am 6'2, 85kg & all my clubs (except putter & woods) are 1"inch extended & i play off 4-5 & there are people who would be carrying me by miles that play off 28 etc. What are you people doing? Hitting trap draws with a strong grip & de-lofting your clubs? Or you could just be lying... If your not lying and you are hitting it that far you have got serious issues
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Uhm, no. That's not true at all.

I would going to say, there should be not much difference if any at all. I've hit the vr splits vs the blades same ball speed j36 cavity vs blades same again.

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Answer: They are lying. Mickelson said on his DVD that he hits his 60 degree wedge 90 yards. Sure, it is possible that someone here hits it farther, but I'd bet every penny I own that most of the people making the claims they are making on this thread are outright liars.

They could do it, I've never done this is a legit round, but in practice, with a good lie, deloft it a little and hit it clean and it can happen. It's all about conditions. I bet in Denver I could hit my lob wedge 120 if I really tried to, but would that serve much of a purpose? Not really? Also I can easily blade my 60 and have it go farther than 100. I bladed a 56 and it went 150 the other day, I did it once in a tournament.

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Note: This thread is 2875 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Yes, I'm going to go through all the tutorials. I also started the flight plan to look at Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia, but it was too late. Let me get the hang of everything and I'll check out the mutlitplayer. MSFS has already used up 100 GB I suspect it'll get to 200GB.
    • I actually haven't done it, yet.  Used to be in the Traffic menu, there was a section to see online multiplayers or friends--but I haven't been in that menu in months.  I think then you can just get together and decide on a place to spawn, and you'll see one another and can possibly chat on headset.  Not sure if more is needed for the chat piece.  I know I can see my one random friend's online status and his scores on the landing challenges.  Maybe there's some option to "find" them in the sim?  I'll look more into all the multiplayer stuff tonight.  But friend me if you want, and we'll see if we can figure it out. I don't have it on my XBox...pretty limited space on that guy these days.  But, yeah, I bet it'd drain controller batteries like crazy if it's constantly rumbling.  Not sure how much flying, or sim-flying you've done, but if you're just starting out, maybe some of the AI-assist options around trim and power/mix control could help.  The training items seem to be pretty informative, too.   Tying it into golf, I've checked out a bunch of famous courses...everything in the Monterrey peninsula area, a lot of the UK, Bandon, etc.  I usually start at some random city, then pick a course I want to 'play', takeoff, find the course and give it a flyover, then land at the nearest airport in a little 'pretend mission' like I'm going on a golf buddy trip in my private plane. .  Then next time, takeoff from there and pick the next course.  I just made the hop from northern Ireland over to the west coast of Scotland a few nights ago.  In that part of the world, if you enable live weather, it can turn into a real challenge in smaller planes.
    • Day 32 (28 Jul 21) - Played nine today with the 5yr old grandson.  We got back before the rain started.  Used this practice round to work on ball striking and carry distance.  Using the Approach S20, I had planned to used the back distance of the greens as the "carry" factor on the approaches.  Of course if the pin was in the front, then I used the middle distance (center of green) to figure what I needed to carry.  Planned well, executed poorly as the round had only 1 GIR and 4 nGIR.  
    • Played 9 this morning / midday with the 5yr old grandson.  He was definitely the better player today.  Not a par or better to my name.  Putting was erratic (again the greens here are difficult at best (bare spots, erratic growth grass, etc.)) and the ball had no zip off the clubs.  Score was a disappointing 51 as I was looking to be in the low 40's at worst today.  Oh well, some days are meant to be just enjoying a 5-yr old play with abandon and do well.   And hopefully there will be tomorrow where we can go again.    
    • In my view, yes.  Whenever you do closest to the pin in multiple shots, someone who holes out prior to (or even at the number indicated) wins.
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