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Anyone here ride mountain bikes?

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My wife and I kept way under budget on our annual vacation this year and decided to get a pair of bikes so we could ride with our youngster.

There are lots of bike trails in the area....some of them highly technical and hairy in spots and a couple are fairly flat and highly scenic. I'll post some pics when time permits.

We went to all the local dealers around and got of feel for what they were like and looked at the brands they sell. I then talked to buddies who are into riding. They all steered us to the dealer and brand that we selected.

I felt it was important to hook up with a good dealer. I can see that we'll be needing lots o tune-ups and light repairs in the future.

One thing is for sure....it will be a fun way to burn off some calories together.

We picked up the basics: entry level-but good quality bikes, helmets, pump, reciever rack for our vehicles, and are ordering some padded cycling shorts.

Please advise of any other recomendations.
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I took my 9 year old to a local trail to ride yesterday.

I was hoofing it (waiting for my bike to arrive Wed or Thurs) and he was just ahead of me....25 yds or so.

He went downhill a bit too fast over some loose gravel, hit a series of bumps-one of them wrenched the handlebars out of his hands and he went down pretty hard on his right side.

Nothing broken, no muscular damage and no bad bruises....just some serious scrapes.

90 mins later he had the wounds cleaned up and was back playing video games.

He said he would always stay in control of his speed and look ahead for upcoming trouble.

All in all.....a great lesson learned with a small price to pay.

Seeing it happen was scary and all I can say is I'm a bigtime believer in helmets and glasses. He was wearing both and they worked very well....keeping the gravel out of his eyes and the helmet could have helped prevent inury had his head been thumped.

We should've had him in knee and elbo pads, too. We will before doing anything other than basic flat trail riding.
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I don't but I have thought about getting into many times. I know it is a good way to get your exercise in, but I just wouldn't have anyone to ride with?
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Depending upon the level of trails you're looking to ride wearing pads is a must, and don't overlook a decent pair of gloves. Your hands always take a beating when you take a spill over your handlebars.

What kind of bikes did you get?
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My wife got a Trek 3700....mine is the 3900 disc model........my son has just about outgrown his Diamondback Jr Viper and will need a new bike really soon.

I'm hoping the riding will be good for my screwed up knee.....it's sure slowed up my golfing (2 rounds in 6 weeks!!!!!).

It's gonna take some getting used to.....the whole "seat up the arse" thing especially.

I'm jealous of my wife...she was able to get hers on the spot...a 2009 model that they cut us a great deal on. I needed a different frame size that wasn't in stock and they had to order from the 2010 models (price increase this year....imagine that....argghhhh)....should be here this week.

Chief....I think for the near future we'll be sticking to the Augusta Canal and Greenway trail. I'll tackle the hills around the neighborhood in the early mornings and late evenings once I get my bike set up with good high-viz lights. I've got no desire to tackle the technical stuff or open roads.

One thing that I considered was getting out to the course just at sunrise and rolling the cartpaths....then strapping the bike on the rack and teeing up for eighteen.....who knows....I've done stranger things on a golf course.

I have got to get some decent shades that I wear for golf, riding, boating and etc. My Costas have bitten the dust and are en route to the manf. for a hopeful rebuild or replacement.

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I used to race back when I was much younger, I'd like to get back into it. But I have so many other expensive hobbies. That reminds me I need to go get new tubes and tires on that bad boy.
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. That reminds me I need to go get new tubes and tires on that bad boy.

I switched over to self sealing inner tubes. They come with the "Slime" brand sealing goop and work really well.

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On longer rides, padded shorts are a really nice thing. Also go to Walmart and get a cheapo water backpack and you will never have to worry about being thirsty, also able to carry all your belongings, a pump and spare tire, tools, etc...
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recently riding with my 8 year old daughter around the park for about an hour or two. It always puts a smile on her face when we are riding together.
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Just started again this year (like me with golf) after years off.

Picked up a decent Norco Charger from a friend who had moved away for $100. Couple hundred in tuneup/replacing some worn out parts/some gear for me and I'm happy. I live right across the street from a decent trail system (though it's on a nasty hill to climb up) so i've been trying to get more riding in.
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I used to do the mountain biking excessively in my early teens. It was one of those fads at school that everyone got into but my brother and I kind of stuck with.

I remember scoring a great deal on a pretty nice Giant that was supposedly the previous year's model so it as going cheap. I spent a few hundred quid upgrading the brakes (Shimano XTR V-Brakes) and putting some downhill bars on it. I loved that thing! Over the course of a summer I'd ride 30 miles four of five times a week, before I got into golf.

When I was about 19 our garage got broken into and it got pinched. I hadn't ridden it for a few years, my time went into travel and working so it didn't get much use out of it. I took the cash from the insurance payout and didn't buy another...
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Note: This thread is 4246 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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