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What would you do?

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ok, so last night I decided that it was time for a Scotty
my credit card offers a rewards/points program that I can buy Golf Town gift cards
I have (had) enough points to convert and buy the Scotty - FOR FREE
but after giving it some thought, I am unsure what to do - the cards are on their way

I am looking at the Newport Series putter
It has been a dream of mine to own a Scotty since I started Golfing - 17 years ago
But I have been putting VERY good w my new YES! Robin, now that I have it figured out - it really is a good putter
I am just scared that because I have a Scotty, I will have this stigma, that I have to be a great putter all the time
which i WANT to be, but you knwo what I mean.....???and it IS $400......really

My wife also golf's and loves it
But we dont get to golf much anymore together, due to our 15 month old girl and only one person to babysit for us
She needs new Irons - she is using my old Cleveland TA2's, and cant hit them very well
she is a great golfer, probably an 18hcp from the ladies tees

So....do I get the "brownie" points and buy her new irons?
Or do i complete my set and own my dream $400 Scotty Cameron Newport putter?
Or, OR!!!.......do I buy some new Vokey's as mine are over 5 yrs old and are starting to show some wear
YES...these Gift Cards and burning a hole in my pocket........

I have $400.....what to do??????????
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Well man this is tough, but...

I'd say go with the gift for the Wife - probably not what you want to hear, but here is why...

First of all, you have a nice putter as it is. Yes! putters are very very nice. Scotty Cameron's are NOT that much of an upgrade over Yes! putters. It's not like you are using some 20 year old top flite putter...at least you have a quality putter, and if your good and comfortable with it, stick with. Like I said, not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. I love my Scotty more than any club in my bag, but i can't sit here today and say i'm a better putter with then I was with other putters i've had...

Second of all, if anything it's a toss up between the wedges, and irons for your wife...I say go with the irons for your wife because she'll appreciate it a lot probably and it will give you two a reason to get out and spend some time together on the course/range.

just my thoughts, but any of the 3 options i can't fault you for!!!!
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Well man this is tough, but...

What he said. PLUS you said you putting well with your YES putter, you know if you change after saying that the Golf gods are going to mess with you. Buy the wife the irons (make a point of saying that you wanted a Scotty but helping her enjoy the game more was WAY more important.)

P.S. - you'll get the Scotty somewhere down the road as a gift!
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Your current putter is as good as the Cameron, so why are you doing this?
As for "stigma"? That's a new one on me.
Scotty Cameron putters are good. Some are very good. Just like other brands. If they were better then all pros would use them, and they don't. A lot do, but just as many use other brands.
If you think that there's a certain cachet in owning one, then SC has done his job remarkably well.
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ok, so last night I decided that it was time for a Scotty

I say realize your dream. Get your Scotty if you've dreamed about it for 17 years. Even if it isn't the hugest upgrade, sometimes you just got to do it

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Get a used SC and a used set of irons and both be happy but I'll understand if you want a new one since it's been a dream of yourself. I'd say if your wife isn't playing much as of late, then get yourself a nice present.

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I say get the wife some new irons if she loves the game. She shouldn't have to use used equipment that was fit to you. Something like that will go a long long way to a mother with a 15 month old.

Which is going to lead to more "baby making practice"?
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I figure you provided her with the baby, so she owes you one. :)


Seriously though, as someone who golfs all the time with my wife, I consider any golf stuff I buy her a major investment. Because the more I can keep her into it, the more I get to play.

She just got her handicap. 12.1 (not sure about the .1) off the men's tees. Shes been rubbing it in my face all week.
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Buy your wife some clubs, even if she cant go out and play or doesnt appreciate them as much as youd like her to, you can sell them...you didnt pay anything for them so anything you make at all would be complete profit.

and if she does love them, you'll get to enjoy her company more out on the course ;)

i think thats pretty much a win/win no?
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put it in the IRA.

I'm not sure if donating to the Irish Army is going to help his golf game any, not to mention this "money" is all in Golftown Gift Certificates. They usually don't go as far as cash.

Here are the pro's and con's: Scotty Putter: - May help or hurt your already good putting game with a nice Yes putter. Wedges: - See putter. Iron's for wife: - Will help her game which: - will make her want to play more - gives you brownie points - she'll encourage you to play more It's really a no-brainer to me because "if momma's happy, every one is happy."
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Note: This thread is 4188 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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