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How often do you birdie a hole?


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  1. 1. How often do you birde a hole?

    • Every round.
    • Every 2-3 rounds.
    • Every 4-6 rounds.
    • Every 7-10 rounds.
    • Once in a blue moon.
    • Haven't gotten my first birdie.

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I used to get more birdies, esp. on par 4 and 5 holes. My overall score was much higher, though. I think this was due to trying 'hero' shots that rarely...but SOMEtimes...pay off. I try and play a more controlled game now and have managed to shave off some strokes from my index, but one result has been fewer birdies.
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Usually about one per 18 holes. I'd like that to improve quite a bit though. The other day I shot a 77 with 3 birds...that felt a bit better. With my decent length off the tee I feel I should be getting a lot better look at birdies...just need to stick my irons closer to the hole...working on that as we speak.
I'm just one of those guys that is going to shoot bogeys here and there, so to be close to par I feel I also need to make a few birdies a round to balance things out. If I can keep the real uglies off the score card then I can start shooting consisntly in the mid to high-70s, which is my goal atm.
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I got my first birdie!!!

It was a 152 yard par 3 shot and Im the ball closest to the pin. The funny thing is that on the next hole i was doing bad, but I chipped the bogey shot into the cup from about 20 yards away. LOL. Not bad for a 3 month player and I shot a 107 today. Best legit score Ive had all year.

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Usually at least 1 every 9 holes because there are 2 short par 5's on my home course :). I still remember my first birdie ever.. it was a par 5 and I was chipping from just off the green for my 3rd and completely duffed the shot and the ball barely even moved.. I was a bit embarrassed so i just hit the 4th shot and chipped it in.. :)
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I probably average one per round. MAYBE a little less, but my last five rounds or so I think I've made one per 18.

Funny thing is, the past 3 rounds, I've played the same course. And I've birdied the same hole, for my only birdie of the round, each time...

And it was the first hole! LOL.
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I would say 1 every 3rd round right now. Most of the times it is par 3s but the occasional par 4. At my best it was 1/rd but I could never get rid of the doubles. they still kill me.
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In Match Play my birdies are more the result of a chip in rather than actual birdie try. But fortunately I play mostly non match play golf and nearly always with a $5 skins game for about 20 of us who play regularily. Playing skins I commonly have 2-3 birdies a round... with maybe one holding up for a skin.
Ex: Last week 30 players = probably over 20 total birdies BUT only 2 skins, each worth $75. Of which I was a proud winner of one.
I am not a long hitter so most of birdies must come on the par 3's and 4's.
Rarely do I birdie a Par 5. My weapon is my putting! I am an aggressive putter which I am sure leads to more birdies... and more 3 putt bogeys, thus the reason my handicap (currently 11) seems high for the number of birdies I get. I am not a sandbagger, just at times too aggressive in putting... try explaining that to the guys whose skin money you just won!

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i usually get 1 a round... the most ever was 4...
today i got one on a par5 that i never even parred before... i got on in 2 and missed my eagle putt by 1 mexican uprising(revolution)
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Note: This thread is 4423 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • A poll would be nice for this topic. Mine is standard 45.5”.
    • That's why I've got Nickent 3DX Hybrid irons, I have a 10 iron which works for me. Most sets of irons have 8" or more of loft gap between the 9 and the wedge, it's ok if your good enough to hit a half'ish or climb into the Sandiron but I'm not. I'm not too bad hitting a strong 9 8 7 etc but the wedges I'm more likely to hit skinny or fat, I think why there is so many wedges is all about the Money...
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    • Day 202.  This evening, I spent ten minutes hitting balls.  I noticed my rehearsal swings weren't getting to where I expected and that my front arm was folding almost at setup.  I wonder if this was the issue yesterday?  I will have to pay more attention going forward.  By the way, I say "the issue yesterday" as if I hit the ball horribly.  Other than the first shot O.B. (which was also my first shot of the day -- range was closed), I played quite well, beating the 10 handicap mark on strokes gained by nearly a full stroke, and if we ignore the opening O.B. (which I maintain wouldn't have happened if I had been able to hit a few balls to warm up -- yes, it still counts of course), I'm under my handicap in SG:D for the day, too.  
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