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Grip getting to tight when playing to much...

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So i have this strange phenomenon when playing every day for a week or two, my hands and fingers just tend to "cramp" up - getting very stiff.

As a result of this, my grip seems to get way too tight and i´m start losing a lot of shots off to the right with a open clubface or just slicing it with e.g. driver.

I´m pretty sure that the tight grip is the reason for those shots.

Do any of you expierence the same thing afer playing alot, and how do you combat it?

To get my hands back into normal "state" it takes A LOT of time doing nothing special - almost a week to recover. So a day off or two, isnt really a solution, but there has to be something else out there to get your forearms/hands recovering faster. When you think about all the pros that hit/put way more balls than i do, on a much more frequent basis, how do they prevent this "cramping up" of the hands?

Any ideas?
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I have a similar problem although mine only happens when i've been hitting in a range stall for too long. Usually I just sit down for a few minutes and let my hands relax and it solves the problem.

Maybe you have a problem that is being aggravated by golf? Possibly go see a PT or your physician
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Sounds like your gripping the club on a level of 8 or 9. Try it more on a 4 or 5 scale.

If you loosen your grip pressure you'll probably see better shot results. I tend to grip the club too tight when I'm out of my tempo and rhythm and it makes my body very tense and stiff throughout my swing, losing a good wrist hinge and shoulders get really tight as well...
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I also find that I tend to tighten up my wrists after hitting a bunch of balls, but only on the range. Now that I'm practicing smarter and hitting fewer balls in a range session, the tightening up is happening less. Also I've noticed that my glove lasts longer these days.

The problem you're having clearly means you need to lighten up a lot. You need to really feel the clubhead weight in your hands, the wrists should be largely acting as passive hinges, but not entirely of course.

A good waggle helps a lot to keep you loose.
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Since you mention the problem spans a few days and isn't just during a round or after a range session, it may be wise to see a doctor as mentioned above. There definitely could be a bigger problem you are just aggravating.
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Yeah its definitely over a longer timespan than only a range/practice session (despite the fact that they can last 6 hours + 18 holes for me).

I basically had this problem ever since i started playing golf, and i´m not really somebody who actually uses up many gloves, so i dont grip super tight in the beginning.

I would say, when i´m relaxed and havent played for 2 weeks my grip pressure might be a 4-5 out of 10, and it might go up to 8 out of 10 when playing a lot (without really noticing it).

In the last couple of days i started to focus more attention on this detail, and having a really lose grip, but the problem than is, if its too lose, i just realase way too much and hit a hook.

And the whole problem is really only in my forearms, the tension is not spreading out into the shoulders. But i will see a doc and get it checked out, thx.
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Consciously grip the club a little lighter. Make it a habit before every shot. However, usually a strong grip results in a hook instead of a slice. But you can try to see if it will work with a slice. Last summer I hit the driving range all of the time. At the beginning of the summer, I would be spent after 18 holes. At the end of the summer I would be used to the motion and the muscles wouldn't be as sore and so I would play 18 holes and hit a couple buckets at the driving range. I never hit small buckets, jumbos only. One good way to help a muscle recover is to stretch it after activity. But most of the time, if you give it the standard 48 hours of healing time it should be good to go.
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Note: This thread is 4384 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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