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Ever lose your swing?

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happend to me a few months ago ....

i used to SMASH my driver. Driving has always been a strong point in my game, but (ironically the first day i went out with my new lady to the range) I went out one day to hit some balls and became completely unable to hit my driver... it got so bad i even skied a ball off the ••••ING top of my brand new callaway driver and put a dent in the top of the crown ... luckily i took it back to golfsmith and they replaced it with a new one....

now i have a rediculous snap hook with my driver and 3w... and can't for the life of me snap out of it. Luckily i still hit my irons well so i've just been teeing off with my 3h until i can figure out what has gone awry...
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O Boy yes. It leaves me often.I have worked out the cause though.Its either when I play after a night in the pub,turning up in the morning with a stinking hangover,or if I play after work when Im tired.
DEHYDRATION is the root cause
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Happens quit often to everyone... I played this morning and knew right way it was going to be a bad ball striking day. I shot a 71 yesterday with 6 birdies, talk about leaking mental fluid... It kind of just carried over to this morning. The best suggestion I can give anyone when that happens is move the ball a little back in your stance, take one more club and shorten your swing. It won't fix it but you will be able to control the ball a little more. I bogeyed 3 of the 2st 4 holes today but settled in and managed to shoot 3 over...
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Happened to me a couple weeks ago. Shot well on the front and for a few holes on the back. Then, all of the sudden I start snap hooking my drives badly. Scared the hell out of me because I would retee one to try and correct it and, sure enough, I would snap another one. Lost two Tour ix and a Pro V1x. Shouldda had some cheaper balls with me that day. I was worried that it had something to do with my driver being mfd slightly closed, but there's no way it could cause that much trouble. I mean, I was hitting snap hooks that went directly into the woods. Just like Phil does on the 17th and 18th when he is holding the lead.

Then I started drawing some of my irons pretty hard and even hooking some. By the time I was done, I had carded an 87, with 12 of those over par shots on the back. Naturally, I started looking for new equipment because, as we all know, it's always the bow and not the Indian. Bought a set used irons with little offset and a new putter - even though my putting was on that day. Hey, why not? Golf is indeed a mysterious game.

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I lose it all the time. Some weeks ago I started hitting it really well, but it only lasted a couple of weeks before I plummeted down and brought back all my problems at once. Coming over the top, hitting it fat, slicing. It was a terrible blow, leaving me confounded and annoyed.
On the other hand, it has given me a push to get some lessons, so something good might come out of it. I'm of the opinion that to get better you must first get worse.

My putting also took the highway at the same time, but I've found it again the last couple of days, working on my stroke, essentially lag putting. Really helped on getting the right speed.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Lost it today. My irons were the strongest part of my game, but today I couldn't hit an approach to save my life. Ended up shooting an embarrassing 103 (72.6/135). While my playing partners all shot in the 80's....ouch! How embarrassing.

I hear you.....that is about what I shot two Monday's prior. My cart partner and I blew up on our scores.....we were going to just blame it on the heat and the 3hcp in our group shoots 75....kicking that theory down.

I got a text earlier today that he shot 69 this morning. Here's hoping also that it shows back up tomorrow....I really want to outscore a guy I'm playing with. His game is normally just a tad better than mine....I hope he shoots well and I hope that I score up to my current potential...I think I can take him.
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Well, I don't know all the technical jargon like the above poster but... :)

Dude! This has been me ALL summer. I mean, exactly me. After 3 of those 40 / 60 outings, I said "screw this, I'm taking lessons". I'm trying to build a repeatable swing that I know I can at least count on for a decent shot most of the time. Previously, when I was hitting it well, I didn't know WHY I was hitting it well.

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Hey, excuse me... Has anyone seen my swing?

Found it ! and by your h,cap it could well be yours.If you have noticed mine you will know whats comming next.

You aint having it back!
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I remember shooting my best score and comming out the next day bright and early ready to join the PGA tour to only shoot in the 90s.

I feel that today I have a good handle on my golf swing and even during a round, I can figure out what is wrong if something goes wrong.

Everyone tinkers with their golf swing and its when you lose your swing, the questions we ask ourselves is can you get it back, or will it be better than before.

go back to basics fundamentals

grip & pressure
syncronize turn with shoulder and hips
slow and deliberate tempo
all the good stuff

maybe its better to take a few days, a few off to lose the bad habits.
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Every other day! If I am hitting fairways then my putting and chipping stroke is gone but if I am searching for my ball in knee deep grass and not hitting greens then I can put and chip. Golf is so predictable for me I can tell what kind of day i am going to have after the first hole

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I started the season off great. Im 5'9 160 pounds and was crushing the ball. Hitting my 3 wood 250-260. Driving 275-290 and hitting all my irons perfect. Shooting in the low 80's. Out of nowhere i start pull hooking my irons left. Leaving the ball about 10-20 yards left of the green. That took me about 2-3 weeks to fix. Was rolling my wrist early hitting the ball with a closed club face putting major left spin on the ball. Now heres the funny part (not really i lost sleep over it) I go through all this trouble with my hooking iron shots and finally get it figured out. I think my game is going to go back to the way it was and my season was back to normal. NOOOOOOO!!!! I go out to a great course around here called Five Ponds in Bucks county P.A. And im slicing my woods and driver waaaaaaaaaaaay right. This is unreal. I go from starting the season out great, to hooking my irons left then i get that figured out im slicing my woods. 3 weeks later and im back to normal. From rolling my wrist early and hooking irons, to not rolling my wrist and hitting my woods with and open club face causing the ball to slice. Golf will mentally drain you in the course of lifetime. Its how you bounce back that counts. Never give up 90% of the time its in your head.

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Found it ! and by your h,cap it could well be yours.If you have noticed mine you will know whats comming next.

Why does anyone do this? I shot a 67 on Saturday with 6 Birdies and 1 Bogey... Why would i change my irons?I stike the ball well enough with them but why do I do this to myself?

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I was out at the range and yeah...it felt like i lost my driver swing. Some days i would be hitting nice down the fairway and very straight. I think its just consistency and taking your time when you feel uncomfortable at your swing. I tried doing that yesterday...it helped a bit but the weather was bad....very mellow and cloudy...booo +windy

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This happens to me on a fairly regular basis. I'm getting better at adjusting to the changes on a daily basis, but don't be too hard on yourself, because sometimes there isn't much you can do.

I think it comes down to tempo, sometimes the tempo is just off, and it isn't always something we can feel.
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As a high handicapper I know that when I "lose" my swing it just shows me how much I rely on luck throughout the swing. Usually, late in the round things start to fall apart as my body starts to lose a bit of the sharpness in regards to timing and general fatigue. Luckily, around this time my short game is beyond warmed up and can make up for the poor fairway woods and long iron shots.

I've found that if I see the swing starting to leave me, it's time to simplify things. Try to hit 75-80%, so club up and swing smooth. Also absolutely enforce the preshot routine to stimulate proper muscle memory. (The ultimate fix that I am heading towards is a swing that is less reliant on luck and timing.)
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resurrecting an old thread.................

happened to me last night. After playing half a dozen rounds of pretty decent golf the past month, I went to the range with my gf last night because she's been taking lessons for the past month and wanted to show me her swing. I also, wanted to show boat a little........ :)

Well let me take a step back, earlier yesterday i went to the barclays practice round (pro-am) and spent the better part of 6 hours walking the course and since it was rainy and a bit chilly i didn't really eat anything or drink anything other than a couple of drinks (beer and some vodka drinks). After the pro-am, we go to the range upon which i proceed to hit some nice shots with the shorter and mid irons and then all of a sudden my swing abandons me. I normally draw the ball, but it began over drawing, starting straight or a bit right of line then going left by much more than i'm used to (not quite a dramatic hook but a larger than my usual draw).................then that changed to me just topping and shanking and cutting across the ball so it would just go slice to the right, right after impact. Now based on my past experiences, sometimes this would happen towards the end of a rather lengthy range session or a long day on the course with little hydration/food in which my swing abandons me so i was a bit surprised that this happened at the beginning of a range session. Still can't help but second guess what if it's not a fluke and all that. golf is very much as mental as physical and though i know to shrug this particular crappy range session off and trust my swing in my next upcoming round, i'm human and doubts still do linger.
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Note: This thread is 3984 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I found on YouTube and they are now on the Golf Channel a series called Me and My Golf. As Iacas said and why I watch them occasionally is for some basic fundamentals. They do have guests on their show, Rory McIIroy has been on the show a time or two. Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are the Host Instrctors.  They do a decent job. They do analyze videos from people who send a video in from time to time.  I find them to be better than Martin Hall and Blair O’Neal. It’s best to see a local PGA instructor in my opinion.
    • Yep, when people get comfortable they just want to go around ignorant of the world around them. Its easier that way. Our brain is super good at compartmentalizing things in a way. One big way has been the plain failure to see the people around us who are suffering because of institutional problems.
    • Yup you are. I have friends that are native Americans too. They applaud this. It’s one small step , but it will help. Ignorance of the the past is a failure that you seem to embrace.
    • A good way to work on reducing casting is to start with short swings and rehearse getting the hands to be in front of the ball at impact. Start with chips, then move to 1/4 swings, 1/2 swings and 3/4 swings. Learn to feel that position at impact. Film it to make sure is is working and post it here.
    • Yep.   Yep. People are too easily butt hurt these days, and others are too ready to appease the silliness. I have two very close friends who are 100% Native American. One a Navajo whose grandfather was a code talker in World War II, and the other a Cherokee. Both lose their mind over stuff like this. According to both, it does nothing but pay lip service and gives people the impression that they’re actually doing something to help Native Americans, when in fact, they ignore the genuine problems facing Native Americans these days. But I’m the ignorant one.   😑    
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