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i need better ball flight with driver

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so iv been getting like 285 carry and the ball hits the ground and will come back about 5 yards or so, its really annoying because i usually average like 310.

how do i get a more shallow angle of decent on the ball without hitting a draw
a draw jsut wont happen with a driver for me.
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I went over to Grafalloy Prolaunch Red shafts in my woods to help keep the ball down and it's working, even with my 5 wood.
My old Cally 5 wood used to balloon like crazy even if hit into a gentle breeze but my current G10's fitted with this shaft stay nice and low and cut through the wind.
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There is nothing wrong with your swing if you carry 285. I would investigate your shaft. Is it considered a stiff shaft? What is the kick point, high or low? What kind of fairways are you hitting into? If you normally hit a little cut or fade then you won't get as much roll. If you want more roll you'll need to draw the ball.
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its like taking off at jsut below a 45 degree angle
i hit a ust proforce v2 with low kick and 2.7 torque and .350 tip
its definantly not balooning because i hit the center of the club face every time (i can tell by the mark the ball leaves)
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285 is a good drive and if you have the ability to hit 310, you aren't hitting the ball bad at all. I hit a power draw which is a lower trajectory that most players want and max spin from the draw that creates an extra 25 yard roll. I drive in the 320 area consistently and I'm 5'6 180lb. Obviously, it takes ability but you need to get the right loft driver and shaft. I used to hit balls into orbit with 10.5, over the clouds with a 9.5 and finally was able to get a stock 8.5 head for my Str8-fit. I also had a 7.5 designed which is costly. (Not recommended because I have not had it approved for USGA play)

Grafalloy makes greattttt shafts for all types of players. The ProLaunch Red and Avis shafts are designed for low trajectory to create that maximized spin for you.

I hope my experience with hitting moon shots helps you get to where you want to be.
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its like taking off at jsut below a 45 degree angle

I don't see a V2 with a 2.7 torque on their website. You may just need something with a stiffer tip (higher kick point) which would bring your ball flight down. When the ball balloons on you it has too much spin. Your center of the clubface contact shouldn't really matter as far as ballooning goes. If anything, your perfect contact may be giving you too much spin. The better contact you make usually the more spin you will apply to the ball. When a ball balloons it takes off lower and then rises up to a high point and then seems to just drop down which would make sense as far as your ball hitting and backing up. Either that or the fairways are just softer than normal? If your ball isn't ballooning on you and your ball flight isn't too low or too high, I'd just forget about it. You're already driving it 85 yards farther than the average amateur.
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I'de like to see 285 carry with the amount of spin you say you are generating...

What is the problem again? You hit the ball over 275 yards and it stops dead? That does not sound like a problem I would be worried about. If you hit the fairway, then all is good. Plus its probably just a wet fairway. The pros you see on TV are playing on very hard fairways, but when its wet, the player's ball stops just as quickly as yours does. In my opinion, you should focus on other aspects of your game, like putting.
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its like taking off at jsut below a 45 degree angle

As Deron points out above, a solid contact out of the centre of the club is no guarantee that the ball isn't ballooning. And your low kick point shaft can't be helping in keeping the ball low. If anything, that is going to give you some additional height which to be honest it's designed to do. Seriously, have a go with a driver fitted with a Prolaunch Red shaft which has a higher kick point than the shaft you are currently using. I guarantee you will see a difference.

Mate of mine has just bought a second hand Taylor Made driver. Don't know what model it is but it has a regular shaft and he is hitting the ball really high with it. He is happy because he has always hit that type of shot but last week I was outdriving him with my 3 wood because of it's lower trajectory courtesy of the shaft and the roll out I was getting. Before we both changed clubs a while back we were hitting more or less the same distances with our drivers.
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how much is a prolaunch for an i mix and do they come in stiff and x stiff

edit: i was getting my roll again today. my shortest drive was about 295 my longest was about 320
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Note: This thread is 4323 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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