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I don't get why people cheat

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So today in a match (which went decent) I was put with a freshman on my team, because I knew the course well and he didn't. I play decent I guess, a couple bad mistakes, but shot a 42, which isn't bad for me. My teammate looked like a total hack out there, taking forever to hit greens and hitting seemingly countless shots. At the end of the round, he comes in with a 40. Not sure how the hell he pulled that one off because he shoulda been high-40s easily, but it really makes me understand why no one else on the team likes him too much. I also don't understand why his opponent didn't call him on it (although my thought is that he was "cutting deals" with his opponent if you know what I'm saying). I don't get how someone can walk up to the coach with a huge smile on his face saying that he got a totally cheated score and feel good about it. Simply pathetic.
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dont sweat it man, Just like the team that posted a -12 in my tourney on saturday that were hitting 200yd drives, in the woods half the time, and 3 putting everything on the green. It is really annoying I know, but why aren't there officials verifying scores on each hole?
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That's terrible. What a horrible way to instill a competitive spirit in today's youth. You need to do the right thing and call them on that BS yourself. I would not stand for that in any way. The game deserves better than 15 year old punks like that ruining competitive golf.
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... they always get found out in the end.

If only that was true!

Every sport has its cheats, and even in professional golf there are incidents that raise eyebrows (and tempers). I have no idea why people do it, how they can hold their head high as they receive the prize, but - and this is the worst thing - they just don't seem to think it's wrong. I'm on a UK golf forum and someone actually admitted to cheating, justifying it by saying 'everybody else is doing it, so why shouldn't I'. The biggest problem is that very few golfers want to confront a cheat - they'll let it slide and just gripe about it afterwards. I'm guilty of that, but now if someone starts pulling a 'put me down for a five', I'll go back over the shots and point out he had a seven. Trouble is you can't do that in team events where a team turns up and has already decided that they're going to win. It happens. Just hope it doesn't happen to you when you play the round of your life and get beaten by a point/stroke by some charlatan.
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You have to call him out on it. If this kid is not well-liked by other teammates, that means that everyone is just waiting for someone else to blow the whistle. If it really bothers you, get a couple of guys, talk to the coach after practice and explain the situation.
When I was playing HS golf, there was a kid that got caught cheating during sectionals. Two of his opponents marked every stroke on their own scorecards and recorded a score for him that was like 8 shots higher than what the kid claimed. The cheater's team was DQ'ed and that allowed us to advance. We would have advanced if the kid's actual score was posted, so it's not like we backed into it, we earned our spot.
I would nip this problem in the bud before your team gets DQ'ed.
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When I played in High school, all 4 players in the group kept everyones score. Only one card was turned in but it was agreed on before it was signed. There's nothing worse than a cheater or a thief. Call them out quickly is my advice.
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I play with tons of cheaters, using the trusty hand wedge they bring with them

I play against myself, I ignore the cheaters because they can birdie a par 3 in 5 shots... doesn't make sense
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As has been said, "golf reveals character". You find out quickly on a golf course what kind of person your playing partners are. Sometimes, because of pride or ego, people cheat because they do not want to report that they shot a high score. Here is an example of what happened in a big year-end tournament in my area a few years ago:

I was playing in a foursome with a past Champion, who was now up there in years, and could not score like he used to. There is no Seniors Division so he was competing with the rest of us in the Men's Division. On the longest par 4 on the course, he skied his drive a bit, and I out drove him by 25 yards, and usually we hit the ball the same distance. We walked ahead with our playing partners to view the green and see when the group ahead of us was clear.

When we returned, there was a golf ball near mine! I assumed that it came from the adjacent fairway, but then he proceeded to hit it. I asked him if he was sure it was his ball, and he said, "Yep". That really ticked me off, and I then hit my ball up by the green. He proceeded to finish the hole, and I was keeping his card. At that point, I asked him what he had. He said, "Five", the same as me. I said, "Are you sure of that?" He glared at me and said, "Yes, I am sure. Why? Do you have a problem with that?" I told him that I knew where his drive had ended up, and I knew that he hit from near me. "So, you are accusing me of cheating, is that it?" "I am NOT going to put a score down for you," was my answer.

When we finished up, I walked right up the pro and told him I would NOT sign the scorecard and why. He knows me and said, "Then you are doing the right thing." Next, I went into the clubhouse across the street, and my "playing partner" was sitting there. "Did you turn in the scorecard?" he asked. "Sure, but with no score and I refused to sign it," was my curt answer. "Who cares? I shot terrible anyway. It is just as good that I have NO official score."

If he was bold enough to try and pull that right in front of me, I wonder how many other times he got away with it because he was playing with his "buddies" and they would not dare do what I did. When someone in your group cheats, it is the responsibility of the other players in the group to report that to the coach or pro or Tournament Chairman. Once a cheater gets away with it, you know he or she will cheat again.
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I play with a regular group of guys, we've known each other for years and all get on really well.
We have one guy though that habitually "cheats" and is gradually getting worse.
On a recent week-end trip to Cornwall we played four rounds during the stay. I was playing with this guy in round two and things started ok until we got to the third green. His ball was some way away from the pin and I watched him approach his ball.
I couldn't believe it when he pulled a ball marker from his pocket, and tossed it down in the general direction of where his ball lay. It landed a good foot nearer the hole than where his ball was, he picked his ball up and walked away. When the other guys had played onto the green he walked to his ball marker and placed his ball down. I didn't say anything at the time but mentioned it to the other guys I was playing with. They didn't want to say anything to him because they didn't want to cause a row and possibly spoil what was going to be a good week-end.
Two holes later the same guy played a par 3, and putted his ball into the hole while the flag was still in. He claimed a 4, I didn't say anything but marked him down as a N/R.
He habitually gets his score wrong on holes, and I warn anybody playing with him for the first time to keep a check on him. He never claims more than he has taken but on at least one hole in every round he will claim a 4 where he had a 5 or a 5 where he had a 6.
He's a nice guy but an out and out cheat and whenever I play with him it affects my game to a certain extent because I am forever watching out for him pulling some trick or another.
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This young man desrves a real answer like many have stated. Golf is the only sport where for the most part you mark your own score. To say that he will get his eventually is to say it is okay to cheat until he gets caught by someone else.

I personally think that is the wrong message to send to our young man. It is something that is bothering him and he shouldn't have to lower his standards when others do so. He is seeking advice from us as adults we have an obligation to be truthful. Sorry for the mightier than thou rant in advance.

As in all things in life YMMV.
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Note: This thread is 4319 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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