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Golf memberships in Orange County?

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Just moved here last month. Anyone know of any golf club memberships with good deals? And when I say golf club I'm not talking about country club. Something that won't break the bank. Some important perks:

Free or cheap range
Well maintained putting greens
Decent full size course with an early twilight
Cheap 19th hole
Good looking cart girls
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Orange County, California?

Go check out Talega and Arroyo Trabuco. They are private courses. AT offers memberships. I'm not sure what Talega has.

Admittedly, I don't live in O.C., I just go there regularly.
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Get ready for a painfull awakening. There is practically no cheap place to play golf in Orange County. Even the municipal courses are over $30 and almost $50 for peak times. I heard the cheapest orange county club is Altavista and it costs $10,000 initial fee plus $350/month. I read that in some article recently, I didn't actually call the club.

At Arroyo Trabuco a membership is only $125 per year . .but the member price for 18 holes is $55-$85 depending on the day of the week. Twilight is $45-$60.

There is a certain irony in having 300 golf-able days a year and only being able to afford to golf about 50 of them.

The place I play most at is Mile Square in Fountain Valley. It's not the nicest or the longest or the best maintained but it's around $30 for a mid-week round and twilight was starting at 2pm a few weeks ago. Oh yeah - there's not a free range, cant hit off the grass, no chipping area at all and it's generally very crowded. 5-6 hours per round.
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Yeah I knew this place was going to hurt my golf when I decided to move. I guess I'll have to go on my pop-tarts and ramon noodle diet. Its tuff to play as much golf as I did in Texas while trying to hold down a $1,000/month apartment.
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You should jump on the 91 freeway and head for Riverside County there are some very nice courses within an hours drive away. One of my favorites was Mennifee lakes 27 holes semi private nice range great food. I would also play Coyote Hills in Fullerton, a bit pricy but really interesting course. The only course co designed by Payne Stewart and has the highest tee box in the OC. Your right about the prices but there is some great courses there.
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where in orange county are you? like the previous poster said, a great option is to head to the inland empire...within an hour drive, you can play any of the corona courses (eagle glen, hidden valley, dos lagos), riverside tracks like oak quarry, or get down the I-15 down to temecula and play redhawk or any of the other courses down there. SD and LA county have some nice options as well...I like Los Verdes in Rancho Palos Verdes...some of the best views for the money if you ask me.

That said, here are some courses i would check out in OC:

- Costa Mesa Golf Club - 36 holes, the los lagos course is a little longer than mesa linda...neither are immensly challenging, but great practice courses

- San Clemente- awesome muni down in south county

-San Juan Hills- you can get some good rates from online sites like golfnow or click4teetimes.com

-Strawberry Farms- a bit expensive but always worth it. if you are going to golf alot, membership is actually worth it...up to 50% off rates depending on time
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There are a couple of inexpensive courses in OC that come to mind immediately. One is Green River GC. It has a driving range and costs 26 bucks with cart. 2 courses here.

The other is San Juan. Excellent practice facilities, early twilights and nice folks. A little more expensive here ($48) but I think it's worth it. Excellent member benefits and I think membership is only about $900 per year. Check them out.

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I am a member at Tustin Ranch Golf Club. My membership was $500/year.

When I joined, I got 4 or 5 vouchers for a free round of golf with a cart. I also work with a pro, and get a significant discount there. There are decent discounts on food (not alcohol), items in the pro shop, etc.

Range balls are discounted, and discounted even more if you drop a couple of hundred to get a fully charged card. On top of all that, if you have the luxury of going to the range before 11am, they have been running a special that they may not be getting rid of anytime soon, where whatever size bucket you buy before 11am, you get a free bucket of the same size anytime in the next 24 hours. I use that often as I'm able to hit the range in the am. At the range, they allow you to hit off grass on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the rest of the week is off the mats.

I also received two vouchers to Sunday Brunch for 4 people with my membership.

For me, this was easily worth $500. Especially since I could walk there if I wanted to from my home.

Hope this helps.
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Note: This thread is 2871 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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