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Walking or Cart???

Ty Haegs

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  1. 1. Do you always walk, get a cart, or both

    • I am a walker
    • Give me a cart
    • I enjoy both

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Originally Posted by timabe

It would be cool if someone looked at all these posts and compared the average handicap of walkers to that of riders. At the courses I play, I consistently see the players walking and the hackers riding. Obviously, there are exceptions to any rule, but wheen I join a threesome of fellow walkers I am rarely disappointed in their ability or pace.

You haven't found a rule.  You've made an invalid assumption from observations flavored with your own prejudices.  I know lots of very good players who ride all the time, and I know an equal number of very poor golfers who walk.  And vice-versa.  A lot of it depends on your definition of "hacker" ( a rather defamatory term which I choose to use only on rare and extreme occasions).

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Note: This thread is 3301 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Its possible I've walked off because of my own poor play, but if so I can't remember it.  I've certainly been frustrated, but I won't just quit.  There's a lot more to a round of golf than just the golf.  
    • I used to be a bit of a hot head and I walked off the course on several occasions. I have since seen the error of my ways and I haven't done it in 10+ years. To be honest it just makes your look like an idiot, at the end of the day its still just a game and even playing like shit beats sitting on the couch, or even worse doing honey-dos. 
    • I don't quit the course when I'm playing badly. I suppose if my sense of self worth and attitude depended upon how well I was playing it might be different but I also play golf because I enjoy my companions, the laughter, and my time on the course out in the fresh air and "nature". I also need the exercise so it's either golf or the treadmill and the treadmill is much more boring than bad golf, to me.
    • I can relate to this.  4 years ago I was playing off 24, my weaknesses were being wayward off the tee with my driver and being very suspect at any partial shots.  My course is relative short and most par 4s are between 300 yards and 350 yards, so a good drive leaves a shot of between 60 yards and 100 yards generally.  This quite often left me with a horrible partial wedge shot which I hated.   So, I made the decision that I would take an iron off the tee instead of driver and leave myself between 120 and 150 into the green allowing a full shot into the green whilst having a safer tee shot.  This worked like a dream, I started shooting high 80s/low 90s consistently every week and my handicap dropped to 16 within a year. However, I then found that I couldn't break 85, I had very few looks at a decent birdie putt and more often than not, was tapping in for bogey.  After staying at around 16 for 2 years, I realised that I needed to improve my wedge game and my driver.  After working hard with a local pro I have managed to improve both areas quite dramatically and now after hitting driver off the tee, being in the 60 to 100 yard region is a blessing rather than a curse as I feel like I can get it within 15 feet most of the time and am now having a good look at a birdie putt but have a guaranteed 2 putt most of the time. And now, 85 is easy to break, I have had several rounds in the 70s this year with my lowest being 75 and I have achieved my long term goal of a single figures handicap. So, the moral of the story is, irons off the tee, good short term fix, but work on your driver and approach shots if you want to get your handicap really low.  
    • i make those all the time...towards myself. misread a putt, leave it 8' short and it rolls right instead of left leaving me more like a 12' because of how bad I misready/hit it will inevitably get a "that was a great putt other than distance and direction"   when playing with the guys I have played 2 man scrambles against for decades, we are merciless to each other, whether good or bad Stick one to 4' from 180 out? "That the best you got?" sink a 20'er? "I've seen better"   at the same time...those are just with people we know. People we didn't that feels like a no-fly zone
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