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i need dos and donts of backswing and how to stop coming over the top

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i do a reverse pivot and my divots point left of the target. anyone??? thanks for your time!!!

Tough without a video. Reverse pivot is typically caused by tilting rather than turning your shoulders. Divots are ok to be pointing left, as long as you are not coming over the top.

Execute a one piece takeaway (search the forums for info) for the first foot or so of the backswing then turn your shoulders and swing your arms up so as to take the club back on roughly the same angle as the club lies at address. Keep the left arm straight and let your hands hinge naturally.
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One big cause of the reverse pivot is the advice to keep your head still. In the effort to keep your head over the ball, the body ends up tilting up and back into the reverse pivot. Rather than thinking "head still", think constant spine angle and allow the head to respond to the natural flow of your body as you turn your shoulders and load up over the trailing leg. On the downswing, start your initial movement by shifting your weight back to the leading side using your feet/knees/hips (various ways to make this work and everyone has a different key), allowing your arms to drop into the slot, then the turn of your body carries the clubhead back to impact and through.

But my best advice is to see a PGA professional for a series of lessons. It's much easier with trained eyes watching you than trying to learn by reading tips.
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go to the range and take one of the black ball things like this http://www.sportnetting.com/images/Tray%20Descrip2.JPG about an inch from the ball maybe closer if you get good. i took a lesson and he said i had that problem and he put one of the ball trays next to the ball and i dont come over the top at all anymore
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After the takeaway you must have dead hands, no hand/arm/wrist manipulation. All small muscles are inactive. Use large muscles of the body to swing the club.

Toss the club back along the target line with enough momentum to propel it to the top without any later effort from the arms, shoulders or hips. When you feel the right wrist hinging back at the top, start turning your hips making sure that your right foot rolls on the instep toward the left toe (not toward the ball) and that the head remains steady behind the ball.

For flush contact keep your left arm as straight as possible throughout the swing. Do not use the muscles of the left arm to straighten it. Instead, keep the left arm straight by trying to straighten the right arm.
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Note: This thread is 4325 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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