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I'm changing because I lost my 7-iron and looking for some new clubs, been playing them for a while. And a 3 iron in the set wouldn't be wrong

i loved the nike cci forged model make sure its the forged model though.thats the best cavity back ever imo.im partial to blades though and if you would like to try them i like the titliest 690.mb and nike forged blades not the victory red ones but the older ones.

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Here are two reports on the Callaway X-Forged (2009 model).

Golf Digest, which uses 3 categories for classifying irons, (SGI, GI, Players) gives them positive remarks among entrants in the Player category; brother model the X22 Tour also got positive remarks in Player category.

Ralph Maltby, who uses six categories to rank clubs actually classifies the new X-Forged in Game Improvement (MPF = 621). This is actually a few point higher than the X22 Tour irons (MPF = 594). Maltby spoke positively - but did not gush - over both these irons. He advised golfers to try out both to find the differences between these clubs.

Check out these reports, and then test-hit the clubs. You have lots of shaft options... I liked the looks of the X-Forged, but I just don't have the swing for them. I hit the X22 Tour, but ended up getting used X20s (see below).
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Ok thanks. Are the x-forged really so hard to hit?

You have a 5 handicap. For you, it's a question of which irons you will hit

best. You could probably hit X22 Tours or X-Forged, its a matter of which you like better/ how it fits your game preferences.
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I think at your handicap you can play almost anything on the market so it all comes down to what you like looks wise and performance wise. If you're looking for something that is wallet-friendly I might suggest looking at the Forged Srixon I701s, they're on Edwin Watss for $400. I also heard the Mizuno MP57s are running for lower prices now that the new MP58s are out.

The Bridgestones are also worth checking. My personal favorite brands for irons would Mizuno, Srixon and Bstone hence my recommendations, but you should go hit everything and decide for yourself.
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Note: This thread is 4234 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Going through the list, and happen to find Sand Valley (25th) and Lawsonia (23rd) 🙂 Best public golf courses 2021-22: GOLF's Top 100 Courses You Can Play For the first time our ranking of the best public-access courses ventured outside the United States into Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. Enjoy!  
    • I know this is off topic but wanted folk to know that if they install the 14.5 update it's important that they now get the 14.5.1 update which fixes some security issues with the 14.5 update: Apple releases critical iOS 14.5.1, macOS 11.3.1 security updates The iOS and iPadOS 14.5.1, macOS 11.3.1, and watchOS 7.4.1 updates contain security patches along with an App Tracking Transparency fix. Thanks.  
    • I think you’re on the right track with this. You don’t want to lift the heel just for the sake of lifting it, but you also don’t want to forcibly keep it down, either. Some people can make a good turn without lifting the lead heel and some can’t. The heel itself is not the important part.
    • I find, as an old geezer just a bit away from the edge of the mortality table, that lifting the lead heel and letting my lead knee point towards or even slightly behind the ball, gives me a bit more rotation and the act of replanting it improves my pressure shift to the lead foot. My handicap is slowing creeping downwards so it seems to be working for me or, at least, it FEELS like it's working...  😈
    • Yeah, for sure! 🙂I work in Technical Support for a living and deal with end users all day long so I understand the importance of caring for the user and the importance of sharing information in forums like this. They've dropped the ball quite a bit on this one in my eyes, but hopefully they can rebuild that trust back for those of us who are willing to stick through it with them.  I ended up buying Pro with the discount they gave me. Figured why not try it. It's version 3.0. They have a 30 day return policy and if it just ends up being crappy for whatever reason(s), I'll just return it and hope the app gets updated and stick with Live. Plus, I got a buddy who had Classic and I could give him my Live version if all things align how we want them to.
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