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    • Lol yeah....well they had to get exposed eventually. I get the powers that be really want to have the West Coast represented in the playoffs, revenue matters, but you can’t expect a team with no top 25 wins and a loss to the withered USC to do it.  Clemson gets a free ride for sure but they’ve shown up in the big matches and proven they’re for real. We’ll see if that holds this year. OSU has their best performance in quite some time but again, they’ve let down their fans before so we’ll see how they do. If the fourth spot goes to Oregon then OSU has a guaranteed NC game. Baylor/OU would put up points at least but Oregon would be massacred.
    • These next five Rules 7 through 11 are grouped under the heading, Playing the Ball. Rule 7 - Ball Search: Finding and Identifying Ball Purpose of Rule: Rule 7 allows the player to take reasonable actions to fairly search for his or her ball in play after each stroke. But the player still must be careful, as a penalty will apply if the player acts excessively and causes improvement to the conditions affecting his or her next stroke. The player gets no penalty if the ball is accidentally moved in trying to find or identify it, but must then replace the ball on its original spot. 7.1 How to Fairly Search for Ball 7.2 How to Identify Ball 7.3 Lifting Ball to Identify It 7.4 Ball Accidentally Moved in Trying to Find or Identify It Relevant Interpretations: 7.1a/1 Examples of Actions Unlikely to Be Part of a Fair Search 7.2/1 Identifying Ball That Cannot Be Retrieved 7.4/1 Estimating Original Spot on Which to Replace Ball Moved During Search 7.4/2 Player Attempts to Dislodge Ball in Tree or Step on Ball in Tall Grass During Search  
    • If you go to Club Champion and they have the shafts, you may want to try Tensei AV Blue vs Tensei CK Pro Blue, and Diamana ZF vs BF vs DF, as all 5 of these shafts are all going for the "stiff but maintains some pop" space. Diamana BF series: the latest (4th generation) blue profile shaft, which is the mid launch, mid spin shaft.  Justin Thomas uses it. Diamana ZF series: similiar to the BF with a stiffer tip area to reduce spin, supposed to be mid launch, low spin shaft. Diamana DF series: even stiffer and lower spin than the ZF, it mixes the white board mid stiff profile in to be the lowest launch, lowest spin shaft. Tensei CK Pro Blue: new materials version of the Diamana blue board, CK is carbon kevlar, mid launch, mid spin.  The CK Pro is the aftermarket version, the CK is the cheaper higher torque version.  Tensei AV Blue: the new replacement for the CK Pro Blue, it uses Aluminium Vapor (AV) instead of CK (carbon kevlar) for more consistency.
    • So after what I thought were a lot of successful practices I played 18 on Thursday. I completely fell apart on the course after hitting everything on the range. On a particular par 4 I was able to hit a slice, a pull and a draw on 3 consecutive shots (the pull went OB). I had way too many things I was trying to correct at the same time. 
    • Yes, this thread is continuous, including 2019. Day 27.  Some short iron (9-iron) practice after work.  Indoors, off a mat, into a net, fewer balls than usual but swings just the same.
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