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Yet another strange swing from my club!

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The funny thing is, he was trying to actually give me tips on the range today.
He's a very nice guy but he's not fully sane. He has something wrong with cognitive thinking. He thinks and talks like a 7 years old child.
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Lol I've played with some guys that hit with their left hand below their right (right handed swing). It's very odd looking ... but the guy I played with wasn't that bad. Definitely not a single digit handicap, but not awful.
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We also have a 11 handicap guy who doesn't even have a back swing, yet he hits the ball far. His backswing is like, 1/8 of a normal backswing and it's so quick you can't even see it. I'll try getting a video of him.
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A) He probably hits it straighter than me.
2) I think I have him beat in the fact that im not wearing 2 different colored shoes today though.
C) His feet are huge. I bet you he's got me beat where it really counts too.

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I know a few guys who play cross handed. It's pretty much an old school throw back from the days when guys taught themselves how to play. One fairly young guy I know is a lefty but plays righty cross handed (lead hand low on the club). That dude smashes the ball 275-300 easy. Another dude is an old black guy who learned how to play caddying back when that was about the only way a black guy could get out on a golf course around here. For an old dude (at least 70) he's long off the tee (250-260 easy) and straight as an arrow. I think he's actually played some on the old negro (for want of a better term?) circuit. That's old as in a long time ago and not old black dudes. Both of those guys regularly play in the daily money games (they call them dawg fights around here) and no doubt clean up pretty well.

To be honest when I see a guy with an unorthodox swing like that who obviously knows what he's doing I'd be real leary about taking him on. Some of those old school dudes who grew up on a golf course know how to turn their game on when necessary.
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I have absolutely nothing bad to say about that guy (lest someone cast a stone my way ) I did hear of a tour player from a while back that played cross handed. It was on the youtube video of the strangest swings of all time. The only ones I remember were Raymond Floyd and some guy with the last name Darcy.

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Note: This thread is 4242 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I’ve hit a lot of good shots in the past week or so, but two really stand out: •In my round at Croasdaile, I was sitting two on a par 5 about 130 out, but there were some trees overhanging, so I couldn’t hit a lofted PW/9I. I opted for a punch and run with a 7I, planning to land it about ten feet short of the elevated green. I did exactly that, and my ball rolled onto the top tier where the pin was and stopped four feet out. Would’ve been a heck of a birdie, since that hole isn’t easy on a normal day, but I had a nice tap in for par.   •This was from my round yesterday. The seventh hole is a tough 180-yard par 3 from the blue tees. I let rip with a 6I, and I hit one of the purest 6I shots I’ve ever hit. It landed safely on the green and stopped pin high, about 15 feet to the left. Two putt for par and probably my best hole of the day.
    • I’ve played several times in the past week and a half, four rounds to be exact, so here we go! 5/6: Decided to play 18 holes after school, and I’m happy I did! My front nine was spectacular: two birdies and two bogeys, the rest pars for an even-par 36. One of the birdies was on the tough fifth hole after I bombed a drive and hit a wedge to six feet. That beats my personal best nine by two strokes! I started par-bogey on the back, but went +12 on the last seven holes to shoot 49 on the back for an 85 total. Still a solid number, but it was disappointing after the front.   5/8: I played a handicap match with a buddy at Croasdaile. Because of the tees we were playing and out handicap difference, I got twelve strokes, including nine in a ten-hole stretch. After five holes of the match, I was six over, and down two. But then started the stretch I mentioned above, and I took advantage, winning five holes to take a one up lead through 13. But then came the turning point of the match. I was sitting two on the par-3 14th about three feet out, and since I was getting a stroke here, I had a great chance to go two up with four to play. But then Zack chipped in, and my par putt, not for just a half, missed. All square with four to play. Because I got a stroke on two of the last four holes, I still had a chance to win. But momentum was with Zack. He went +1 on the last four holes, good enough for a two up win. My final numbers: 45-45 for a 90 from the blue/white combo tee (6241 yds, 70.8/133). Despite losing the match, I’m pretty happy with the round. Didn’t putt well on Croasdaile’s quick greens, but hit it well for the most part!   5/11: Played the home course again, and because a league was going off the front, I had to start this round on the tougher back nine. I managed three pars on the back nine, including the signature 18th hole, and I shot 45. Given the way I was playing, I figured I could shoot low 40s on the front nine.  I was right. Five pars on this side, and with two doubles as well, I shot 42 to finish with 87. Another solid round with solid putting (only 30 putts!) that saw my handicap drop a tenth of a stroke (16.0 to 15.9)!   5/17: In prep for the Durham Amateur tournament at Hillandale, I went to play Hillandale yesterday. From the blue tees. On the tougher front nine, I shot 44 which included a par on the tough par-3 seventh. Then, because I had only an hour and 20 minutes until all golfers needed to be off the course, I took a cart for the back nine. Playing kind of fast because I was pressed for time, I actually did okay. Despite playing holes 10-15 in only 45 minutes, I was +7 for the back. Not bad at all because all of the tough holes are in the stretch I’d just finished. I then went par-bogey, meaning a par on the short par-5 18th would bring me in with 88. I proceeded to hit my tee shot into an environmentally protected area, which, lucky me, played as a hazard, so I could just drop. It didn’t help me much though, because I was on in five, and three putted to finish the round with a 47 for the back and a 91 total. Didn’t hit it great, but I putted well again (32 putts here), so that saved me. Short game was also solid!
    • For folks that like the pod, they posted this video of them playing Kiawah recently from where the pros will play this week.  It's a long one,   a pro gives him some advice at the 42 min mark somewhat related to this.  Curious if you agree.    Overall, pretty fun video to watch some decent players try to play that course.    
    • Hi, Anyone out there playing with Ping Eye 2 irons still?  I have acquired a set and would like to deloft these clubs 2-3 deg.  What are your suggestions for final loft specs on these irons?
    • I have played with this push-out early then suck in collapse loopy move for so long, the Mylan coating on my brain pathways is like 40 years old veneer on hardwood.  I really need a few good rounds at some point with this move then I can get some trust and re-Mylan for good. I have literally been losing all context half way through the downswing and jump on the ball abandoning all trust. Scores are a bit comical but I understand where we need to go (I said 'we', hah). Need to survive the lows this year. Digging deep for patience.  
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