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I think it's about time I review the MX-950's

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It has been almost a month now since my new Mizuno MX-950 irons have arrived and almost 20 days since I started gaming them. I did not want to make a hasty review on the very first days as I was afraid to make any hasty quick conclusions, so I thought it would be best to wait till I have played several rounds with them before writing a detailed review.

To start with, these irons, like all Mizuno irons, look gorgeous. Don't let the fact that they are GI irons or the "MX" insignia lure you, these irons are still as beautiful and good looking as any MP Mizuno irons.

The set comes in three different categories; the scoring short irons (PW, 9, 8) are forged from 1025E Carbon Steel, while the mid irons (7, 6, 5) are forged from a different stainless steel alloy and incorporates a hybrid hollow design. The long irons (3 and 4) are totally replaced by the 3 and 4 hybrids.

The short irons are typically what you'd see in any other MP Mizuno irons; thin top lines, normal sole width and normal head size. I have not gamed any MP irons, but from pictures, I think the head size and striking surface area are the same.

The mid irons are a bit different. They are a bit chunky with wider soles and thicker top lines. At first I thought I'd be hitting these wide sole irons better, but on experience, I am hitting the short irons much better.

The 3 and 4 hybrids come in matching blue elegant head covers and they have a drop down design that looks really neat at address.

The feel on these irons are something unprecedented. I come from Callaway X-14s, and I can assure you that, while the Callies felt great when flushed, the feel on the Mizunos is something entirely different. The short irons specifically have a better feel to them as they are forged from carbon steel and they have no hollow construction. The feel on the mid irons, while a little bit dead, is still great.

The irons are very easy to hit, and when flushed, you are rewarded with a great feeling, a great sound and a good distance and direction. When your swing is not so much on par, you're still not killed. I've hit them many times on the toe, hits that I feel on the toe once the ball leaves the club face, ones that I'd expect to slice no matter what, yet they do not slice and still manage to go a good distance. I have noticed this specially with the hybrids. Very easy to hit, very long and very very forgiving. Right now I believe that hybrids are the best invention in golf after metal woods.

The stock shafts for these irons are the True Temper Dynalite Gold SL. The flex on mine is stiff (S300). At first, I was a little bit annoyed by the higher trajectory these shafts provide, but little by little I started appreciating it: Now I can attack the green not fearing my ball will land and roll to the other side of the green; it just stops dead in it's place. Also another benefit for the higher trajectory is that I can now hit easily above the trees even with the 3 and 4 hybrids (a la Y. E. Yang's miraculous approach shot on the 18th in the last round of the PGA tournament) which comes to my benefit a lot since the course I play has a lot of high trees with parallel fairways, so you could slice your ball into the next fairway and easily cross the trees back into your fairway once more.

Right now I am very satisfied with these irons. There are only two things bothering me about them; the hybrid head covers and the 5 iron:

The head covers are really nice looking, but they have a huge mistake; the number denoting the club under the cover is put in a place on the cover that is not easy to spot right away. I know I might sound pesky, but with repeated play, you'll find this a nuisance. (I even thought about using a corrector pen or a permanent marker to write down the digits on the cover on a place that would be easy to spot but I then I voted against it so as not to destroy the cover)

As for the 5 iron, I don't know why, but a hate relation ship has developed between me and it. I just can't hit it good. It's too big, and too wide sole'd that at address you feel like swinging a shovel. I said before that thicker toplines gave me confidence that I will hit the ball good, but this one is just over limits. At address, the back of the iron is bulging to the outside making it a very annoying sight. I really do not like the it, and this dislike has been transformed into an inability to hit it good at any time. I don't remember ever having to use it though, I'd just use the much easier to hit 4 hybrid instead.

Overall, I am very very satisfied. My iron play has improved a lot and I have carded my first 98 ever using these irons (first time to break 100) and I am scoring more pars per round than I have ever been doing before.

You can see some photos here:
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Note: This thread is 4269 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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