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If you could only play with one brand, what would you play?


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No votes for Callaway? I wasn't a fan of their X-18 irons, but I love their woods, their wedges are pretty good, and of course they make Odyssey putters

I've played a Callaway 3-wood forever, and love it. May switch just to upgrade, but it's a fantastic club. Have had Callaway drivers as well, and great clubs. Just was never a fan of their irons.

Also have Callaway shoes. But I guess that doesn't count.
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Titleist. Its tough to beat Vokey wedges, Cameron putters and the quality and performance of Titleists's irons, woods and balls.

If I was choosing on wedges and putters alone, I'd go with Cleveland, Mizuno, or vintage Ram - different strokes for different folks.

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Titleist for me. The 909s are awesome (driver, woods, hybrids). The new CB/MB's look mint. Along with the AP2s. Even older models like the ZM/ZB and even the 695CBs (I love the look of these puppies). The only Titleist irons I don't like that much are the AP1s. Then of course you've got Vokey's. Those that say that some other brand is better than Vokey, they haven't hit a Vokey. My ball could be on Dancing with the Stars, I can do whatever I want with it. Don't even get me started on Scotty Cameron's. BUTTER! And to top it off, ProVs. It doesn't get much better than Titleist.
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KZG or Nakashima, altho I don't think Nak makes a putter I like ADAMS stuff except I don't know what their putter line looks like. NICKENT has some GREAT stuff from top to bottom.
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Note: This thread is 4270 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Let me see if I can present this another way. Player A is a good putter and makes 50% of his 8’ putts on tour quality greens. Player B is a bad putter and only makes 10% of the same putts. For argument’s sake, let’s say a bumpy green deflects the ball to a degree that it affects a putt holing 1% of the time, both good and bad. Player A’s make % on a bumpy green would still be 50%. He loses 1% on good lines but gains 1% on misses. Over 1000 putts, the bumpy greens deflect 5 (1% of 500) of the putts he would have holed off line and 5 (1% of 500) of the putts he wouldn’t have holed into the hole. Player B’s make % however becomes 11% (10.8% if you’re a math major). He loses and gains the same 1% as Player A, but since he’s less likely to hit a good line to begin with, the bumpy greens affect him differently. Over 1000 putts, he misses 1 (1% of 100) he would have made on a perfect green, but makes 9 (1% of 900) he would have missed. On a bumpy green, this player holes 108 putts of this length, versus the 100 he would have holed on a perfect green. Player B is a slightly better putter on bumpy greens while player A stays the same, this narrowing the gap. I hope this makes sense. I think I did the math right, but I put this post together here and there while working, so mistakes could have been made.
    • Yeah, not sure. Didn't think about this too much, just the first thing that popped into my mind. BTW, didn't say the imperfections would not matter, just saying they'd matter less close to the center of the cup than they would at an edge.
    • Go to a local golf shop and try stuff out on a good launch monitor against your own clubs. Some places let you do it for free. Others may charge by the hour. As mentioned above, the driver is a good one, so may not see much improvement there. However, some of the newer drivers may give you more ball speed and lower spin, so you may find some better drivers. Generally, for me, the only clubs that get changed out are my driver and wedges because I’m quite fond of everything else in my bag, but even my driver is a few generations old. 
    • It seems obvious doesn’t it? $, time, etc. 
    • From 10', the accuracy required to just hit the edge of the cup is +/- 1.01 degrees with prefect speed.  At the extreme example of a putter, on perfect greens, makes 100% of their putts assumes they hit the ball with sub 1 degree of accuracy from 10', and with the ball dying into the hole perfectly most of the time. With some leeway for faster speeds of the ball hits more towards the center of the cup. This is assuming no break.  I just think that in reality, the notion that they would hit the center of the cup at such a rate that the imperfections would not matter is not realistic. 
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