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World Golf Tour Online Game


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I started playing back in 2009 but then I didn't play it for years. Once they made a mobile app I picked it back up again. I prefer to play on my desktop though. The putting is difficult but I like it because putting in real life is difficult as well. As of now I'm down to a 68 average. The game is much better now that TopGolf owns it. Try it out again. You may like it better now. 

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On 2017-05-16 at 8:40 AM, krupa said:

I played it but found the putting so annoyingly difficult that I've never finished 9 consecutive holes.

There are online tutorials to teach you how to putt. Once I learned how to control distance the putting got a lot easier. Never would have figure it out on my own. Great game!

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I've finally started playing a bit:


Add me as a friend if you're on the system.

It's fun to play on the iPad Pro.

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Just started this yesterday on my phone. Idk why I waited so long. Got bored with hill climb 2 and thought I’d try it. Feel like I picked it up fast. Average for 18 is 69 after a few rounds and 9 hole ones. Wondering what rank they’ll put me in, as I play mostly against tour pro levels. Played a master once, but im stuck with starter stuff and he hit the ball 80yds past me haha. Didn’t stand a chance but I’m winning quite a bit otherwise. I’m phillykgolf on there if anyone wants to add me. 

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I’ve been playing this game for about a year, and have gotten to the point where my average is around 73, but I recently shot a 71-74 in a tournament that just ended Monday. Sounds good, but round pars were 69 and 68 respectively, so it was an 8-over total.

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With the lockdown, I started to play more games on my ipad and phone.  After reading this forum post, i checked out World Golf Tour...i also found the ipad version. I'd rather be on the real golf course but It's actually quite realistic.  I'm still learning as it's quite challenging too but addictive.  I haven't upgraded my clubs or balls yet...not sure if its worth it.   Does anyone have any tips? 

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You asked for it:

From Doc’s Place Country Club (free to join)     I copied this from the country club I joined: Doc's Place.                           



1. Do not take this game to seriously. WGT has created the most realistic golf game you will find. It's as close as you can get without actually being out on the course. But it is still just a game and WGT has a VEM program installed that insures you are not going to hit every shot perfectly. Everyone wants to play their best, but if you expect too much all the time you will be let down. Everyone is going to have bad games and bad shots. We all do. Especially when you get up into the higher tiers. You're going to wonder why some shots come up short, or long. Or why a putt that you were sure you were going to make missed. Just try to take it in stride and move on or you will find yourself cursing the game more and enjoying it less.

2. Read and participate in the forums. They are the heartbeat of our club and will keep you updated on upcoming tourneys or changes to existing events as well as things such as who may have won certain tourneys and, or trophys and prizes that may be given out ect... I have a no name thread there that we use for general chit chat so the forum won't get clogged up with new post all the time. Feel free to join in, ask questions, joke around, or give your thoughts on any ideas you might have. Now on the the game itself.


Always…Always have a calculator available when you play!   If you are playing from a PC, add it to your task bar.  If you are playing from a tablet, have one readily available.   I can’t stress this enough! (dj)


Balls (I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a good ball) (dj)

You will want to have a decent ball to use even in the early tiers. The Callaway level 33 Chrome Soft balls are by far the best ball you can get for the price. It's relatively inexpensive at 250 a sleeve compared to the higher level balls and some players use them their whole career all the way up to Champion tier. They are just a great all around, inexpensive ball.

Saving Par Off The Green

Learn the FLOP shot. It is the best par saving shot from around the green you will find at your levels, and will save you many strokes. It lofts the ball up and lands it fairly gently compared to punches, chips and pitches. In time you will learn them all, but for now, this is your best shot to save par. My clubs and balls are different and will not play exactly the same as yours do but the way I play it is to leave the pointer in the hole put full backspin on the ball, add 2 yards of distance and hit the long line to the left of the ding. Do not try to hit the ding line or the ball will go to the right of the hole. You will have to practice this with your clubs and balls to figure out just what distance you will need to hit it. Especially if you are in the rough. But this shot will definitely save some pars for you.



As a general rule, when you are hitting an approach OR a par 3 shot you will need to add 1 yard for every 3 yards of elevation up to the green, and subtract one for every 3 that the green in down. For instance, if I have a 180 yard shot to the green and the green is 21 ft higher than where I am standing I would divide the 21 by 3 and add 7 yards to my shot. If you are going to use backspin you will need to add more. Full backspin on my clubs and balls adds 7 yards more to each shot. So for a 180 yd shot, 21 feet uphill with full backspin I would hit it around 194 yds. When hitting to high elevation greens, back spin will help slow the ball down some when it lands because the elevation takes a lot of the arc of the ball flight out causing it to come in at a lot lower trajectory than if the green were level with the fairway. You will also need to factor the wind in also but with practice you'll get the hang of it.These are just general equations that we go by and doesn't mean you're going to stick the pin every time, but it gives you an idea about yardages. But again, you will have to practice with your equipment to see what yardage works for you.



You will need to adjust your speed for uphill and downhill putts like you do the approach shots. The general rule for this is add 1 foot for every inch uphill on your putts. So if you have a 20 foot put that is 10 inches uphill, hit it for around 30.

Downhill is basically the same depending on the steepness and the speed of the greens you are playing. You can generally take off at least 1 foot per inch of downhill if the putt is not to steep. If you have a 30 foot putt that is 10 inches down, subtract the 10 from the 30 and maybe add a couple more and hit for around 18 or so. But if you have a 20 foot put with the same 10 inches down it is going to be much steeper and you will need to subtract even more. So 20 minus the 10 down will leave you with 10, but since it is so steep, you probably want to knock it down to about 6 or so. I haven't played fast greens in a long time so again this is just a general rule and only practice will really help you figure it out. Some people use putting formulas and calculators to figure the distances, but I never have and cannot be much help to you there.

Downhill putts tend to break more than uphill ones so you will need to allow a little more break for those. I like to use the reverse view to line up my putts then go back to the normal view to hit them. I use the same routine for approach shots also.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to putting formulas and I'm sure some of our other members have a lot of ideas of their own they may want to share to help you out. Plus our website has a ton of information on not only this but all aspects of the game.


Here is a sample of what distance you need to hit for different green speeds.

Green Speeds
Champion Speed hit 7 ft for 10 feet    
Tourney  hit 8 ft for 10ft       
Very Fast hit 9 ft for 10ft                     
Fast hit 10ft for 10 ft            
Standard hit 11.5 ft for 10ft
Slow hit 12.5 ft for 10f



For the moment the best advice I can give you about clubs is if you have a hybrid in your bag, ditch it and use 3 wedges instead. This will give you more choices for your short game and will save you strokes. Choose a short, medium and long wedge, preferably from the same maker. Try to choose a long wedge that gives you the shortest distance gap between it and your 9 iron, so you won't have to back off your 9 iron so much to make a shot. I will be following your progress as you advance up through the tiers and will be here to help out if you want it. Any questions just ask.  (This really only goes into effect when you start buying clubs.  The free ones come with a hybrid) (dj)

Friends List

You will notice different colored lights beside the players you have on your friends list.

·        Green--Means you are online but not playing at the moment, and you are available for a game if someone invites you.

·        Red--Means you are currently playing a game and cannot accept a game invite from anyone at the moment. Your light should automatically go from green to red when you start a game. But sometimes it doesn't.

·        Blue--Means you are activity looking for a game, and waiting for someone to invite you to one.

·        Transparent--Means you are either offline, or are hidden to others.


Manual Settings

If you will look right above the names you will see a status button. Here you can manually set your light status to whatever you want. A lot of people, such as myself, choose to remain hidden when they are playing and only go green or blue when they are ready for a multiplayer game. This helps stop any game invites from coming to you when you are not ready for them. Seeing someone green all the time and getting declined every time you send them a game invite can be annoying.


Multiplayer Games

The most enjoyment you will ever get from this game by far is playing multiplayer games with your friends, such as Alt Shot, Match Play, Skins, and Stroke Play. Plus observing how others play the game and seeing what shots they use will be a big help in learning how you might want to adjust your game. Also, if you will take a little time to get on Discord and talk directly with us instead off trying to type between shots it opens up a whole new world. You will not only meet new players, you will make new friends. You have not experienced this game at it's finest until you make the move to play and chat with your friends. Once you do, you will never look back.





Tier Progression

You need a certain minimum number of rounds played before you can move up to a higher Tier. This is commonly known as “saturation.” Once saturation is reached WGT calculates your average based on the best rounds you have played in your current Tier. Both the minimum to get to saturation and how many rounds your average is based on is: 

·        5 ranked rounds as Hack and average is equal or less than 100.00 you move to Amateur

·        10 ranked rounds as Amateur and average is equal or less than 80.00 you move to Pro

·        20 ranked rounds as Pro and average is equal or less than 72.00 you move to Tour Pro

·        25 ranked rounds as Tour Pro and average is equal or less than 67.00 you move to Master

·        40 ranked rounds as Master and average is equal or less than 63.00 you move to Tour Master

·        50 ranked rounds as Tour Master and average is equal or less than 61.00 you move to Legend

·        500 ranked rounds as Legend and average is equal or less than 60.00 you move to Tour Legend

·        750 rounds as Tour Legend and average is equal to or less than 59.00 you move to Champion.

·        It is 200 rounds as Champion to reach saturation. Even so, as Tour Champion is by invitation only, saturation in this case only applies to WGT’s computation of your average



PC vs Mobile

Nearly all of our established players here at the moment play on PC. Anyone who is a mobile player can play all our Club Tournaments, but you will not be able to play multiplayer games with us unless you sign in on your PC because they are based on 2 different formats. In my opinion, the PC game is by far the best way to experience this game. But that's just me. So even if you are a mobile player, sign in on you PC, get on Discord and get some games in with us. You won't regret it.


This is a very useful site for amazing tips on how to play the game. Check it out.

Also the main forums are filled with great advise from some of the best players on Wgt, On the main forum type in your question in the search box. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to message me, I will be glad to help.

Your scoring average is adjusted if you win ready-go and match play games.

WGT instituted the feature to combat players that deliberately manipulated their scoring average to avoid moving to a higher tier (sand bagging).




A lot depends on how long your shot is, and whether you are using backspin or not. I use backspin on all my iron shots, except the wedges, unless it's a flop or punch shot.

For a headwind on a long approach shot, I usually go around 1 to 1 or a little less. Midrange about 3 quarters. One hundred yards or less, around one quarter.

I usually deduct about half the wind for a midrange to long approach shots, and a quarter for closer shots.

Again, it all depends on just how strong the wind is, and whether you are using backspin or not. I don't use any real formulas, I just run a couple of numbers in my head and take the shot.

Everyone plays the game a little differently. Practicing different scenarios with the way you play your game is the best way to determine what's right for you. But maybe the numbers I put up there will help out a little.

Always feel free to ask questions. Others here probably have a different way they work the wind, and questions and suggestions are always welcome.



We are now also using Discord as our voice chat. We have now moved our nightly games over there.   A few guys have nightly games at 8 pm and they can talk to each other using Discord while they play.  The user name on WGT and Discord need to be the same.

I am Djones8081 (Denny) on Discord and Djones8081 on WGT




I'm sure that's a good chart. Different players do things differently. I use a simpler method that works well for me. For a 30/40 lie green side bunker shot, I play a full shot, use full backspin, and add 7 yards to the shot. 15/20 lie I add 3 yards, and 40/50 lie I add 10 yards.If the uphill is 5 feet, I add around 3 or 4 to it.

So for a 10 yard bunker shot with a 30/40 lie with a 4 foot uphill, I would play a full shot, full backspin and hit it for about 20 or so. If it is a fairly level shot, I only add the 7 yards. Clubs and balls vary so this may not work for everyone. But that is what works for me.

There are thousands of suggestions for formulas out there. I always try to keep things as simple as possible and do things in a way that I can understand and figure quickly, because I like to play fairly fast. It just takes time sometimes to stumble across what works best for you.

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I can't emphasize this enough.  If you play regularly, use a spam email account!  You'll get emails for every tournament you play, every comment someone responds to in the forums, everything you buy/rent etc.   You can not turn off all emails, it's not possible.

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I've been playing WGT since 2008.  I didn't play for many years (like real golf lol), but recently started much more occasionally this year.  I'm in The Peoples Club CC and enjoy playing it.

My WGT name is: GolfNomad

Let me know if anyone wants to play or send me an friend invite!  

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I'm a member of Doc's Place which is a sister club to The Peoples Club.   I play with some guys using Discord every night around 8 pm DST.   One is a member of TPC.  Friend request sent



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