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Is Pebble Beach Worth $495 (or $550 in 2019)?


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It doesnt cost that much to play at Torrey Pines, less than half that I think. Id rather get better before I ever think of taking a trip to play at a major championship golf course, plenty of good courses around here I can play at for less than $50 for 18 with a cart.
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Not a chance in Hell. No course in the world is worth $500 for one round. If I ever paid that much for a round of golf, it would be because I bought it at a charity auction and most of the money is g

I was faced with this dilemma in early April last year.  I was in the SFO area for work and decided to take the plunge to head down to to Pebble Beach.   During the trip there I was trying to rational

This is exactly why my answer is an obvious no!  Assume you're not willing to build a golf trip around a round at Pebble when you have to hope there's magically a time for a foursome available the nex

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Chances of getting to play Augusta National are minimal, you're talking about one of the most private clubs in the country... Pebble Beach, while expensive, is a resort course that is open to the public... Totally different subject concerning Augusta National
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My dad and I spent a weekend in Monterey and played Spanish Bay, Spyglass Hill, and Pebble Beach. It was expensive but I don't think there will be a golf experience that will ever top that. At least a non-competitive golf experience. Standing on the 7 teebox at Pebble is absolutely priceless.
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Chances of getting to play Augusta National are minimal, you're talking about one of the most private clubs in the country... Pebble Beach, while expensive, is a resort course that is open to the public... Totally different subject concerning Augusta National

yes I agree, but was just making a point.

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I would pay $500 to play Pebble ONCE, if I could do it without wrecking the budget. If I am ever in the area and know in time to arrange it, I will do it. I agree with others that no routine round of golf is worth $500-most of us simply can't afford it. That is more than I spent on green fees last year. But for a once in a lifetime experience, absolutely. I would BORROW $1,500 to play Augusta -once- in good weather LOL.
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Why so judgemental? Probably 99% of the world's population would find your chosen sport of golf is "decadent". Aren't you one who has a thread about going to play Bandon soon? The Bandon prices you were quoting for your trip would be considered extravagent by many (but I'll certainly agree that you're getting a great deal to play a fantastic course!). And where do you get the idea that Pebble is only for the wealthy and a place to "not be bothered by the common people"? I played there in July and was teamed up with a PE teacher from Canada, a software engineering, and a retired engineering manager. Playing other courses in the area on the same trip, as a single I was paired with people who were all also playing Pebble during their visit, and their professions were a random mix including a firefighter, a quality assurance inspector, a college professor, another engineer, and a smattering of other professions that seemed pretty common. Not a Fortune 500 CEO in the group. No trust fund babies. No Wall Street tycoons. No Silicon Valley billionaires joined us, and no Hollywood stars. It seemed pretty much the same demographics as you'd get at your local reasonably priced course.

We may have different ideas about what constitutes wealthy, but I'm pretty sure the 75% of american households who make less than 75k a year don't see $500 rounds of golf as something they could possibly afford to do.

Decadence according to the Oxford Concise Dictionary is a luxurious self-indulgence . I think $500 for 4 hours of golf fits that description. But hey, I'm not above the occasional indulgence in decadence. As you pointed out, I'm playing Bandon next week and even at $75 (down from regular season $250) is a "luxurious self-indulgence" to me. Even still, it's a LONG way from $500. It's just my opinion, mang
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I hope so......just booked a trip in April. Playing Pasatiempo, Pebble, Spyglass, Spanish Bay, and Corde Valle. Should be awesome!!!

You will have a great time... I'll be interested to hear your take on Pasatiempo

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Personally No. $495? Come on.

Try this....Take a ride down 17 mile drive or head into the clubhouse bar and check out the view instead. Get a cocktail. Enjoy the view.

Play St Andrews a couple times instead.

Orfor something closer, immediately head to Bandon Dunes and avoid Pebble altogether. Better golf too.
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My take? Yes. I played Pebble Beach, back in 2000 when it was $350. One of the greatest memories ever playing with my dad. It was right after the US Open was there and I sat on the fence on 18 tee box right where Jack did when playing his last round there. Every year I'll watch that tournament and know I've played there and walked in the same footsteps as legends of the game.

I'm also bias because the story of how my dad and I got to play the course got us in the St. Louis newspaper :)
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The most ive ever paid, greens fees+cart was $40 I think. The most expensive course in my area, Rend Lake Golf Course in Sesser Illinois is $50 for 18 and a cart during the season(April 1-Oct 31) on the weekend. Most are around $25-30 for 18+cart. Granted they're not nearly as nice as PGA tournament courses but I could play 20 times for what it would cost to play once at Pebble Beach, not including travel costs and hotel, etc.
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not a chance i'd pay that much to play a round. 500 bucks for a round of golf is criminal. there aren't too many things i hate, but business practices which take advantage of price gouging because they know there are people who'll pay for it is, in my opinion, immoral. there is absolutely no reason why a round of golf on any public course should cost that much.
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