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That little yellow and silver piece of metal on Taylormade Clubs

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Does anyone know what the purpose/name of this piece of metal on certain Taylormade clubs? They appear near the back of some of their drivers/fairway woods such as the Burner drivers/FW. Any answers would be appreciated.
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Yes. This makes sense now, because I have the r7 Draws and they include this on the inside

It's kind of a myth that putting more weight on the inside makes you draw the ball, but companies seem to keep doing this. Either way, I'll stay away from offset, draw bias, and closed faces just in case.

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Note: This thread is 4121 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I have locators on keys, wallet, cat, remote. They're especially useful for parents who misplace things like crazy. Me personally haven't lost my keys or wallet for a long time, actually, never, but I do misplace them, and finding them when they have a locator saves a lot of time, find it right away instead of searching for 10 minutes. The other day I was driving and couldn't remember if I left my wallet in my jacket which was in the trunk. So I beeped it without having to get out of the car, which reassured me. My last round, I dropped my sunglasses but luckily found them, eventually I'm gonna lose them, and they're not cheap, so I'm gonna AirTag them.
    • My first thought was "Don't see a use for those."  Then, watching the videos, I thought "Hmmm... Might be handy on a keychain."  (In fact I've a set of keys for the mower and the shed I keep misplacing.)  Then the first video mentioned tagging luggage.  Then I found out how nearly every iPhone on the planet would become part of the "find my AirTag network."  Ok, I don't know how useful that'll end up, in practice, but it is pretty darn cool :) Golf related: I think I've seen 2-3 posts here or on another golf forum where golfers have lost their range finders.  Either left them stuck to carts or they fell off their bags somewhere on the course.  Hmmm... stick an AirTag on it? Don't know as I'm going to run right out and buy any, but I probably will before the next time my wife and I do any air travel.  
    • The real key to the question is why would I not be able to create any new memories or why I'd lose the old ones. If I can't remember anything about my experiences playing golf, do I remember everything else? If I can't make any new memories is that because I've suffered some sort of significant injury that makes that impossible? Supposing we just limit the damage to golf, I'd lose the old memories. I've always had a bit of stupid optimist in me that thinks the best is yet to come.
    • That totally makes sense.  I looked at the video at the end of my last lesson, and it was less flippy.  I need to work that.  In the lesson my instructor got me to "6" (though he did not use that terminology), then grabbed my club and pulled my body around with my hands not moving, to get the feel.  It totally makes sense to me, my body is just resisting my orders!  I do know that I am getting better at turning through on my shorter shots, they have been crisper, and more consistent.  I had gotten so used to timing up my hands, that it is still feeling odd to keeps them out of it.  And me head still tells me that they should be providing power, though the evidence of every actual golfer would suggest, no so much!  Over the past couple of weeks I have been hitting fewer fatties, which suggests to me that I am getting there, incrementally. Sunday I had 155 to a hole, but it was near the back of the green and I didn't want to be long, so I went down to an eight, and it rolled about ten feet off the back.  Thank goodness I didn't hit the seven I pulled first!  I did chip up and make the par, though. 
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