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Spouse's Support of Golf Additictions

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My wife is very supportive of my addiction, she doesn't play golf at all and she says she doesn't mind if I go play 2-3 time a week, normally my birthday gifts and christmas gifts are allways golf orientated, a couple of years ago she baught me a three day all inclusive golf weekend at the Nick Faldo Gold Institue in Orlando, (they totally destroyed my golf game but thats another story).
My wife did come out to practice with me one day and she just didn't enjoy it and couldn't understand why us men find it so addictive, she don't mind watching it on TV as long as it not on all day so I generally skip watching the first two rounds and watch on Sat & Sun and she does like to watch The Big Break. I also go away at least once or twice a year with my old work coleagues to Phoenix and Canada.
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When I came home late the other day, I confessed to my wife that I was having an affair. Unfortunately she was furious because she new that I was really out playing golf again.

Ya, this is a running joke with the Mrs. If I'm home late from my normal Sunday group, she'll ask if I played another 9. I respond with "It's another woman, I swear!".

She's not really fond of the time or money that I spend playing. However, she knows I really don't care if she gets torqued off about it.
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I've been pretty damn lucky in that department.

My wife OKed us joining a country club last year even though I would get the majority of the use out of it. I get to go about as often as I want. 99% of the time she's fine with it and the other 1%, I stay home and do what she needs me to do because she is really so supportive of it, I don't want to press my luck =).

She recently started wanting to play. I took her out a few times last fall and she seemed to enjoy it, plus it gave us something we can enjoy together. Other times during the summer, she's just as content with me playing golf and her bringing a friend to the pool and they lay out and have a few margaritas and what not or she'll go by herself and read her novels.

I got it good, I can't complain.
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My wife hates it, she bitches and moans just about every time I go which is just about every day.That being said, she knows my first wife gave me an ultimatum "Golf or me" and I chose golf. I would do the same again if it came to it so she doesn't take it too far. As far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with getting out and playing golf.

To me it is better than if she was a golfer though, I certainly don't want to play golf with her. Golf is my time to be with my buddies and have a good time.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I had to chime in

My wife and I had our first date at a driving range...at her request!

She had never played the game before me, and now she is just as hooked as I am. I'm really excited to say that she has improved way faster than I did having shot as low as an 84 last year before she got pregnant (due the end of this month, actually). In fact, because of the bun in the oven, she is bummed she can't go out and hit balls right now!!

Needless to say, we are a true golfing couple. We have talks all the time of retiring and joining a country club. We also played Kapalua on our honeymoon...both courses that were open at the time along with another course on Maui which I forget the name of

Finally, she has said that if she earned six figures a year in her job, she would be more than willing to let me play full time and give the pro tours a shot. I'm no where near good enough now, and it would take a lot of practice and playing time for me to get good. Just have to keep pushing her to finish up that finance degree and I should be set!!

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I didn't really get back into playing and practising lots until I separated from my former spouse, then I just got crazy and played all the time for the last 2 summers. i went from playing maybe 3 times a year to +/- 150 rounds a year and tons of range time.
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Hey under parr do not let anyone one harrass you.My wife and I have our place in Myrtle all picked out and purchased and are allmost ready to retire to a golfing destiny.I plan on being turned loose every morning with 5 clubs and 3 balls and hopefully the wife willl be able to find me at night.If not who the hell cares?I will be wacking away at 2 in the morning.
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My wife is pretty good about it. If it weren't for my youngest child's interest I probably wouldn't get as much support but who knows. My wife actually plays at the game a little bit. She'll walk nine holes with me now and then during the spring and fall months. Won't catch her out there when it's cold or really hot. She actually has a hole-in-one to her credit about 18 years ago. The one thing she gives me a hard time about is equipment. I played the same irons for 14 years and the same woods for about 16. Then I made some changes. Along the way I've changed putters (maybe five in 20 years). But anytime I get something new she gives me crap about it like I'm spending just gobs of money all the time. I usually sell all my old clubs on ebay. Last year I made several hundred dollars on old equipment of mine and my son's.
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Mines has to be up there with the best. Not only does she allow me to play pretty much as often as I want, she more or less funds my addiction. She is a M.D. and I am a teacher. We took a golf vaca to Hilton Head last summer and I just booked a trip to Pebble for April. April is a guys only trip. I must say she may be the coolest chic ever, not only about golf.
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Note: This thread is 4216 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I’ll pass that along to him and his people.  👍
    • Played my second round (ever) at the course that I think will be a home course for me next year (the complex has two 18s... I have played the other 18, but not in over a decade).  Birdied #13 to improve my away composite to five birdies and a total of -4 (I still have yet to par a hole nine in 2021 ... anywhere).  My two-round composite at that course is a 77.  By contrast, no birdies so far at my home course (well beyond two rounds played... and at least three scheduled in the next two weeks!), and three holes there I've yet to par.
    • Jesus, it’s not just white people who are offended. Just because he isn’t doesn’t mean many more native Americans are not. This line of logic is just idiotic. 
    • I talked to my buddy, 100% Navajo, about this thread.  His response was to shake his head, laugh and say “Leave it to the arrogant white man to tell us what we should be offended by…” Just thought I’d share.  I’m sure the arrogant white men here will continue to tell him he’s wrong though…  😂  
    • Thanks, but I don’t need any of them. I’m just fine. Appreciate the thought though.  👍  
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