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well guys i'm looking to try a mallet putter i currently have an old ping anser 4 blade putter
a few months back i was playing and ran across another guy that was by himself too so we ended up playing together
long story short he was using a mallet putter and noticed i was struggleing with my putts and let me try his and it was much more comfortable then a blade
heres the problem i can't remember what brand it was and with the way i work the golf shops are closed when i'm off
i'll probably try to find a used one on here or ebay just looking for some opinions to start with or if someone here has one let me know thanks
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well guys i'm looking to try a mallet putter i currently have an old ping anser 4 blade putter

I've been playing with an Odyssey White Hot XG Marxman Mallet putter for a long time now, and I love it to death. It's so easy to line up a putt with it, and the weight distribution is beautiful. Now if you don't quite like a mallet that big, another great club is the Odyssey White Ice #9 putter . It's much like the one Phil Mickelson has, and is very very comfortable and pleasing to the eye of those that don't quite like a bigger mallet. If you look around you should be able to buy the Marxman for around $120 new, and around $80 for a real good used one. The White Ice putter is fairly newer, but still in the same price range around $130 new, and you'll have to look hard, but I'm sure there will be a used one out there somewhere. I'm a big Odyssey believer and love their clubs. Although, to be reasonable and provide a less Odyssey-based bias, I'll give you some other suggestions. I wouldn't go with any Ping mallets, as most have way too much going on with the design, and can distract you from the task at hand. Seeing as your a beginner, I'd go with a Rife putter. Although Rife can be a bit expensive, the name is trusted and is perfect for anyone, especially a beginner. A good start is the Rife two-bar hybrid mallet putter . There are two interchangeable weights in the back of the putter to maximize the versatility of the club to adjust to the players swing. This will run you about $200 new, and around $130 used. The other option is the Rife Abaco . This club does not have the interchangeable weights, but both models include Rife's patented Roll Groove technology (to read more about it, click here ). This club is a little less costly with a new value of around $140 new, and if you can find a used one, it'll run you around $100. A newcomer in the putting world is Heavy Putter. They have exploded onto the putting scene, and done very well. Their Heavy Putter's are a unique, and very good innovation. They have combined extra weight to the putter to produce a smooth stroke, which eliminates unnecessary acceleration through impact, leading to severe inconsistency. Heavy Putter has different weight putters so they aren't all too heavy, or too light (can I say that with a heavy putter?), depending on the person. A good place to start is the Heavy Putter Matte B3. I think you can get a new one for around $150, and a nice used for around $100. Hope this selection has helped a little bit, and good luck on finding a putter! If you need any help, feel free to ask :) ~RHPM
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Some mallets are face balanced and some are not, you should determine if that is important to you. Also some are center shafted, a toe weighted heel shaft will feel very different from a center shaft face balanced putter. I would go to a store and figure out the configuration you like and then compare different brands. Figure out your length too, I bought a 34" and was sorry, all my other putters are 35. Obviously from my sig I like Rossa putters, I think they are a good buy and feel very nice. Recently I spent time with a Scotty, Ping and Rossa that were all basically Anser 2s, I liked the Rossa best.
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I have several mallett putters,I currently use the SG9 which is more a semi mallett.I have a Scotty Red X and a Ray Cook M-1.Malletts are nice but it takes a while to controll speed comming from a blade.I just treated myself to a Wilso new 8882 blade that will hit the market 2/1/10 and hopefully GPP will get it to me before my San Diego reunion with the old Marine buddies.
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well guys i'm looking to try a mallet putter i currently have an old ping anser 4 blade putter

I have always played with blades.....I first had circa 1960's Wilson Shotgun (a $5 find), I then upgraded to TM Rossa CBG Daytona #1. I used this putter all last year, and improved quite a bit, but I suffer from the yips with it....blades (for me ) are tough to align properly. I have been in the market for a mallet for a few weeks, I really came down to Taylor Made Itsy Bitsy Monza Spyder (or so I thought). I played the rife putters recently as I was offered one in trade, and let me tell you...they are very nice. I tried the Aussie and the 2 bar hybrid. The Aussie did feel quite different from the 2 bar, but very nice non-the-less. I used to be a huge fan of the odessey putters, and I still like them, but I fin their inserts to be toooooo soft for me. I feel that I have to put in twice as much umph to get the same effect from the spyder of the rife putters.

I'd go to a store and play a few...get the feel for them and make a decision. I tried a Yes putter center shafted, and let me tell you it would be virtually impossible to get this thing out of perfect pendulum trajectory. Personally I didn't like the shape (nor the price) but it terms of mechanics, this putter made you put straight. I think the model was victoria or something of the sort. Hope this helps
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well i was able to get off a little early yesterday and went to edwin watts
after looking at a few putters i narroewd it down to the odyssey xg 330 or rossa i also like the rife's and the adams
the adams a7 is only $65 which is nice anybody out there using one and what is the difference in the white hot and crimson series odyssey putters?
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Note: This thread is 4215 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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