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Abu Dhabi Golf Championship

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For me this is by far the more exciting of the 2 tournaments going on this week with players such as Westwood, Stenson and Mcilroy in the field.

For me though the win will come from my boy AK, lets start the year well and make it a big one to make up for last year!
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No doubt it's the better-looking field.

Who will win? It's a class field and lots of potential

Geoff Ogilvy seems to be on a roll
Lee Westwood had a great finish to last year - has he carried it through the winter layoff?
Ditto Rory McIlroy
Darren Clarke had a good S Africa swing but I'm beginning to wonder if his best days are maybe behind him.
It's time for Kaymer to deliver on his early promise - and for Stenson to start earning some big bucks to fill in the Madoff hole in his finances.
Will Ian Poulter continue to advance? I'd like to see it!
Anthony Kim? Probaby a respectable each-way bet.
Will Chris Wood's recent setback make him raise his game or fold?

We shall see - great, innit??

My top 5 picks:
Molinari (F)
Jeev Milka Singh

Dark horse: Paul Casey
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In the two tournaments this week its not even close. The set up for the Pro Am is painful to watch. I really dont know half the "Stars" that they keep showing and the four courses make coverage painful.
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No doubt it's the better-looking field.

Ooops! One and two bits out of 8! Ah, well, I mentioned the winner and second place man.

I thought it was a great four days - close, highly competitive, real nip-and-tuck all through the final round. Some fantastic golf and greens that stayed in excellent condition throughout. It was the putting that won it - as the Sky commentator said, Kaymer wasn't the best tee to green but his putting was exceptional. Have to feel a bit for Rory M - four rounds under 70 and he finished third! Shane Lowry looked better than since he won the Irish Open and you just ahd to feel then that maybe he wasn't entirely aware of what he was letting hismelf in for. What was really great was to see players smiling, enjoying themselves while putting in some fab performances. really refreshing - I can hardly wait till Qatar next week and Dubai the week after!
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i like the european tour, but it can often be rather boring to watch. listening to the reaction from the crowd, you can't tell the difference between a hole in one on a par five or a chip in for par. that, and the camera work is pretty shoddy.
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Rory McIlroy is unbelievable. 20 years old, and 11th in the world.

I think you will find he was 10th before the weekend and had been since before Christmas! He's the youngest in the top 10 since Sergio, I think. His 3rd place should move him above Casey and Ogilvy, I believe; Kaymer and Poulter will both go into th top 10. Don't get too delighted at Poults losing out - he's been playing in a very determined way of late. I expect a victory or two in the not toodistant future. Rumour has it he's on notice that there will be no Captain's Pick in the Ryder Cup this year - he has to score his way in to one of the nine automatic places. That's a motivator for The Peacock, if nothing else is.
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I think I heard something on the broadcast about Kaymer moving to 6th place.

New Top 25

1 Tiger Woods, USA
2 Phil Mickelson, USA
3 Steve Stricker, USA
4 Lee Westwood, Eng
5 Jim Furyk, USA
6 Martin Kaymer, Deu
7 Padraig Harrington, Irl
8 Henrik Stenson, Swe
9 Paul Casey, Eng
10 Ian Poulter, Eng
11 Rory McIlroy, Nir
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Weird. How on earth Rory went down a spot after a 3rd in a good points tournament is beyond me. He was 8th last year...

Anyway, he was 10th when I wrote that post!!

Big move by Kaymer, either way.
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hey, to be in the top 20 of pretty much anything at 20 is incredible in my book...(yea yea i know, the doors open for redicule)
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Note: This thread is 4095 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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