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    • OSU came out and trashed UNC last night, 74 to 49!  Some awesome facts from the game 1. OSU Became just the 4th team ever to beat two top 10 teams by 25 points in the same season.  2. It was the 2nd largest of victory against UNC at UNC in school history. 3. OSU held UNC to their lowest field goal percentage ever at home.  4. OSU out rebounded UNC 48 to 32! EFFORT!!!  If you tell me that OSU beat UNC team when Kaleb Wesson only had 10 points I would have said no way. This team has way more options to go to than a year ago. 
    • Today I played a round at my home course where they are preparing the course for a tournament this weekend.  One bunker had a portion that had accidentally gotten wet when watering the green yesterday.  Made it hard underneath.  As dad and me were practicing and there were only two others on the course, I took the opportunity to play three clubs out of the greenside bunker.  Both the sand and lob wedge in traditional bunker type explosion shots didn't work as it didn't dig in and give me a cushion of sand from which the ball flew out.  Both got out but were essentially thinned.  I hit a PW and essentially picked it out fairly cleanly.  Because it was a fairly low bunker wall it worked with a chip type shot. What this taught me was that I would rather not have badly maintained bunkers since you can't play a bunker shot to get out.  Removing badly maintained bunkers is a much better option for good play.  You do not want a situation where two people with the same lie, next to each other in a bunker need to hit different types of shots to get out
    • You do get two club lengths to go back and stay in the teeing area… By my measurements, it's < 210 yards to cover the water, and 80 yards wide. I'd be really tempted to cut a 3W every time. Forget going over - go around. And if you really, really cut it, it'll fly shorter but cut more, and probably be safe again. It's as little as about 180 if you don't take an angle toward the back of the green.
    • Boy that is tempting. Being a lefty I’d be very tempted to hit a cut down there close. Especially with the high chance of shanking an iron into that tree line off the tee which of course would peel some bark off and head straight to the water.
    • Rules 5 and 6 tell us about playing the "round" and playing the "hole." Purpose of Rule: Rule 5 covers how to play a round – such as where and when a player may practise on the course before or during a round, when a round starts and ends and what happens when play has to stop or resume. Players are expected to: Start each round on time, and Play continuously and at a prompt pace during each hole until the round is completed. When it is a player’s turn to play, it is recommended that he or she make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds, and usually more quickly than that. Rule 5 - Playing the Round 5.1 Meaning of Round 5.2 Practising on Course Before or Between Rounds 5.3 Starting and Ending Round 5.4 Playing in Groups 5.5 Practising During Round or While Play Is Stopped 5.6 Unreasonable Delay; Prompt Pace of Play 5.7 Stopping Play; Resuming Play https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=5      
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