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Cheap Golf Apparel

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Every year (late summer) there is a big promotional clothing company near me that has a huge 2 day tent sale where they clear out all their "samples" and embroidery over-runs and mistakes, etc.
Last year I picked up 4 nice golf shirts, a Nike, a Ping, a Cutter Buck and an Adidas for a grand total of $40.00 (each of these shirts go for $60+ in golf stores). I was pumped!
Check these places out in your area - they may do something similar, plus they are good to get to know for when you need "logo goodies" made for your business ...
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With everyone saying to check out Marshalls and TJ maxx i actually went there today when i got off work and got 4 pga tour shirts for 12 bucks each and two Adidas for 14, and one nike for 17. all retailed 50+. Ya'll just saved me a bunch of money thanks alot i appreciate it.
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3balls, Rockbottom, and Golfsmith for shirts and outerwear. Watch for good deals. For pants/shorts I shop at Kohl's, and every time I'm near a dept store I walk through the men's dept to look for deals. I pay full price for nothing.
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Originally Posted by Shanks A Million

Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. I bought a bunch of these "Pebble Beach" shirts at Ross for like $9 each, and they're better than most of the name brand shirts (although I also got a Nike Dri-Fit shirt there for about $12). My mother is like a world champion bargain hunter, so she lets me know where she finds golf clothes cheap. Ross also carries Top Flite gloves for like $6, and they're nice gloves, not that synthetic crap. Since they stopped making the best golf glove of all time (Tommy Armour Tour Players 845, $10, solid leather, fits like a... well, like a glove), I've been thinking of trying them. I am using Wilson Pro-Soft gloves right now though, and they last forever.

Thanks man, made me spray the water I was drinking all over my screen!

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I'll add onto the TJ Maxx/Marshall's praise bandwagon - I recently picked up 3 shirts for $8 each there, and a pair of PGA Tour microfiber shorts for $5 on a clearance rack. Great deals, great quality stuff.

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Originally Posted by Jon K

Where is everyone getting their golf clothing? I hate paying $90 for a pair of adidas golf pants at golf galaxy.

i got a pair of pink (and they are the hottest of neon pink) adicool shorts for ~$10 at dick's.

can't imagine why no one else wanted them.

golfsmith also has a great clearance rack.

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+1 for TJ Maxx.. I got drug along in there with my wife the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection of golf apparal for pretty damn cheap. I got several of the "Pebble Beach" brand shirts and I really like them.

also ran across a great deal at Target the other day. Golf polos were like 60% off and ended up being like 8-11 dollars for the dri fit type polo. They had a great selection of colors and they don't look cheap like some of the...well, cheap shirts do.

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Nobody has mentioned the Factory Outlet stores in the outlet malls.  Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour--I've hit some steals for under $10 for shirts, $15 for pants or shorts--but that's a lucky shot.  Most of the time,  you'll see stuff at half price.  Shoes get better discounts there, too.  I'm not sure where you live, but if you are near some of the better metro areas, there are outlet malls around.  (I'm in SE Wisconsin--between Johnson Creek and Pleasant Prairie malls.  Also I like Tanger Outlets in Wisconsin Dells.)  Also, VanHeusen/Arrow Factory stores have good deals as well.

Another is JCPenney--PGA tour for $20 and under.  SJB is even cheaper.  Check the menswear clearance racks for slacks that will look as good or better than the purpose built slacks...

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1.What are different between cheap and expensive golf apparels in term of perceived quality? 2.Do you feel more confident in game whenever you try on such costly apparels? 3.Would you like to keep shopping such costly apparel if they are made in underdeveloping countries?
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Gorgeous Pebble Beach golf shirts at Costco...$20 bucks!

Very nice shorts for $20 bucks!

Khaki color trousers that fit perfectly for $20 bucks!

See a theme here?

Buying at Costco, I look like a million bucks!  Well, maybe 20 bucks....

BTW, balls too!

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Overstock.com tends to have some pretty good deals on both apparel and shoes. not the best selection of clubs, but its what you would expect.

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Note: This thread is 2921 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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