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Bogey Golfers and "Working the Ball"

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Originally Posted by Roblar

I attempt to work the ball, and I'm a bit worse than a bogey golfer.

Key point: I "attempt" to work the ball.  It usually doesn't come off the way I visualize it (draws become hooks -- or just really fat/topped shots, etc.), but a handful of shots work out, and I figure I need to try things **on the course** if I ever hope to be able to pull them off **on the course**.

No rush like pulling it off though!  I actually managed to draw a ball around a tree (after a badly sliced tee shot) and onto the green a few weeks ago, and I still get happy thinking about it.

Originally Posted by Chas

That is the point I would say.  The more you learn to work the ball, even a bit and only occasionally, the more you understand how subtle changes in alignment, grip (open/closed), finish position (high vs low) etc etc can influence ball flight.  This is a good thing if you want to be a decent player in the end.  But in the short term it can be detrimental of course.

"We're all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars" - or something to that effect.  Anyway, to each his own - I wouldn't try to talk someone into doing it if it doesn't feel right.  I only try it if I've got some "feel" going and am playing with a bit of confidence.  Never on an off day, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by Yanks Fan

I'm not going to lie, I try to a hand full of times each time I play. I know I'm not good enough or consistent enough but it's just more fun. I'm a decent golfer playing around an 8 right now but I just enjoy it. I'd rather enjoy hitting that hard 7i 170 with a draw 15% of the time then just hitting the 6i smooth. We aren't playing for money or our tour cards here people, have some with the game.

What they said.

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Learning to work the ball was one of the things that helped me get better, because it teaches you how the ball reacts when you do certain things in the golf swing. The game of golf is about learning t

I used to "work" the ball a lot more when I was a higher handicap. It was fun to try and hit high fades into greens or draw the ball around a tree. Now, I hardly ever try and do anything special with the ball other than low punch shots. I am out for the best score, and I can't consistently hit a fade. I know how to hit most every shot, but my success rate is pretty low with anything but my stock shot.

If there is a pin placement that suits my natural shape (draw) I will try and go after it, if not, I go for the center of the green and try to make par.

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I can draw or fade it slightly by just opening or closing the club face.      Don't do it often, but once in a blue moon I'll try it...

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Usually about 2 or 3 times a round. If I get myself off the fairway with a line of play obstructed by trees, I'll aim out onto the fairway but aim to work the ball left/right to get it farther down the fairway. If I do it right, I can easily make an extra 20 yards or progress toward the hole. If not, I usually just have a fairway lie from the edge of the other side and little to no harm was done. I get the result I want about half the time. Outside of missed fairways, I don't really try to work it that much, though.
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Note: This thread is 3765 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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