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Hello all, I just discovered this new app and I wanted to know what you guys thought of my swing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Here are some things I know I should improve on,
- Taking the club head more inside on takeaway.
- Keeping the plane more flat on the downswing.

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Look at the frame in row 3, column 1. Your right foot is already way off the ground, and your club is very upright. The frame rate isn't very high, sos I can't tell if you fix it before impact, but just compare is to row 2 column 3, where the club is under plane, or a bit flat.
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It's difficult to say because of the one "down the line perspective, " but I see three additional concerns.

A) row 2, column 3. You look like you're taking the club a little bit too inside. At this point, when the shaft is level to the ground, the club would be better positioned below your chin.

B) row 2, column 5. It appears your right elbow is a bit too high, relative to your head. I just finished reading Tiger Wood's "How I Play Golf." He writes of a check point in which the right elbow, when at the top, should be pointing down. He warn of allowing the right elbow drifting too far from your side and pointing behind you. It means that your back swing is lose and disjointed, your arms are out of sync with your body, and your downswing will lack power and consistency.

C) row 3, column2. I believe that you should see your club piercing through your left shoulder in this view. When swinging through the impact area, get a feeling as though you would throw the club shaft down the target line, if you were to let go.

Nice iPhone application! I'll have to look into getting this also.
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WOW! Looks like a sweet iPhone app. How did you set up the iPhone to take the down-the-line shot? Did you put it on a tripod? If so, how was it attached?

Obviously, with a 20+ HP, I'm not about to analyze your swing... but keep practicing....
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Note: This thread is 3627 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I am just over 40 and I used to be quite athletic (2nd league pro in another sport). Besides my humble brag here, I feel the athletic stance and have the 4-5 hour cardio and mental focus - however my putting and driver technique cause me at around 10 extra strokes together.
    • Thank you for the stats chart, that's worth gold! Yes, I have a golf coach and I keep a hand-written log in my scorebook. I am embarrassingly bad at putting (3-4) and my driver shot is not accurate and the distance is well below my age. However, my iron game is above average in terms of full swing mechanics, distance and accuracy - that was pretty much the only thing I practiced until I met my coach. The goal is to reduce by 5 putts in the short term. Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, Iooks like if I improve my putting and driving (among other aspects) to the same level as my iron skills I could be a more consistent 90s player. Come on! The putting struggle is real and tracked in my book.
    • Good luck! Let's ping each other by the end of the year again. I see that you that you also worked on your putting and short game. Good to have stretch-goals.  My golf coach guides me. Before I met him I practiced my iron game so much and completely neglected putting over that period. Genuinely, my iron game is quite accurate and the iron (short, long) distances I shoot are above average. However, I often end up doing 3-4 putts and my driver shot goes barely over 200 yards and is not accurate either. If I can shave some off those putts that could be 5-7 strokes right there.
    • Ugh. And I thought I was having a bad year. 
    • That's a lot of clubface rotation (and not much body rotation) through the shot. Tends to lead to…  
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