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Question related to this thread. Does anyone else play sore. I worked hard on my legs friday with the hardest part being dead lifts. My legs and butt were incrediably sore Saturday and I played terrible. I thought it was just the day and went out sunday, the same. I played on Tuesday the first time all season not sore and played the best I have all year yet 4 days later I just played like a dog. Is it an excuse or do you think that part of the body being really torn up have an adverse affect?

Pain or the threat of pain can so a lot of bad things to the body, the mind, and the golf swing. If there is a position that causes pain, or extra soreness, your body will make subconscious decisions to try to stay away from that position.

Jamieson Weiss

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I am an exercise physiologist and I teach Sports Medicine and I can assure you that working out and looking like a bodybuilder do not have to go hand in hand. It is a matter of how you train. It does not benefit these guys to look like Mr. Olympia, but being stronger, leaner, more flexible and more cardiovascularly fit all can and do help the golf game. I spent a lot of time in the gym during the off season and I am looking forward to my return to the course. Last Summer I started getting back in shape and my distance came back quickly. I am now stronger than ever and in the best shape i have been in close to 10 years. I am confident it will carry over to the course.

Interesting post.

I have always been very slight (5'7, 144 at the end of last golf season - I live in Canada) so I made an effort to change that and get in better shape. Not for golf; in fact golf was not even on my mind when I started to train. But because I was tired of being a weak, out-of-shape slob... and looking like it. So I trained hard and ate like a horse for and put on 18 lbs to get up to 162. Now distance wise I have not really noticed a whole lot of difference. Where I have found a major difference is how consistent my swing is. I can play with ball position and know nearly every time what it will do because my swing is consistent. I'm not an expert so I have no way to prove it is because of my weight training, but all I can say is I feel like swinging the club is a lot easier. Just my $0.02 CDN

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Note: This thread is 4495 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • What does something like that even mean? They want to be as successful as they can? Yeah, no kidding. But the PGA Tour is run by the players, the members, who write and ratify their own rules, and hire people to enforce them and engage on their behalf with sponsors, etc. The PGA Tour largely does. The two quoted statements really contradict each other a bit - if the PGA Tour wanted "all the power" they'd be branching out across the globe far more than they are. Also, the PGA Tour granted releases for their members to play in Saudi Arabia, but only when the LIV tour was formed with events in the United States was there any real action taken. Well, others have other very real problems with LIV. And I am referring to more than just the source of funding.
    • The more I think about it - LIV isn't great, , but the PGA Tour seemingly wants all the power and that isn't great either. Golf is due for a major restructuring of power, the game doesn't just exist in America and it should be played equally on the highest level across the entire world. The only real problem I have with LIV is the dumb format. I would like to see half the season played regionally, USA, Europe, Asia, then the second half the year played globally with the top players from all of the regions, one tournament every other week similar to Formula 1. Every large region gets a single major event, and then The Masters b/c its special. LIV gets the middle eastern region .
    • This has not happened to me ... yet. I mark my ball with a pink line, and I've never seen anybody else do that. It makes it easy to identify which ball is fine. That said, I think if you play enough golf, it will happen at some point, so I'm betting it will happen to me. Hopefully, it doesn't cost me too much when it does.
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    • Just a pack of lazy ex-competitors or non-winners who are taking the easy road of mediocre playing. A player can finish DFL in all 15 tournaments and gross over $1.8 mil. And that’s playing three round tournaments. LIV honestly thinks that’s a model for growing the game? Such a shame that Cam can be on possibly the height of his career and throw away that desire that got him on the PGA TOUR in the first place. It’s sports. Professional sports. We all understand someone’s wanting to make more money and do less. But when it come to professional sports, that’s seldom a winning model or a respected one.  Bottom line is it’s the fans that have made these players wealthy. Sports produce nothing for people but entertainment. If it weren’t for our love of these games, it would be a hobby alone. Essentially these ass clowns are defecting and turning their backs on what/ who  made them able to even pursue this semi-retired, exhibition money grab. I have no respect for them. Not that it matters at all apparently.
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