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My Swing (saevel25)


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Working on the trigger part of Day 10's Drill. 

A couple that feel a more natural to me, 

1. Counter turn of the hips
2. A slight knee flex

I am trying to stay away from things having to do with the hands move, like a slight forward press. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Going to post my favorite COVID-19 Golf Drill Challenge video so I remember which ones I feel are good for me..

Day 01 - I really like isolating out each hand and how it moves. This has helped out a lot for me to work on the feeling of not letting the club get too inside on me from A1 to A2

Day 03 - I really like this one to help me keep my right elbow from getting too far behind me.

Day 05

Day 09 - I think this one will help with my downswing syncing up the arms better with the turn. 

Day 10 - I think getting this down will help me with my tempo and overall syncing up of the swing. 

Day 16 - Kinda the same thing. Also, I need better left side balance 




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  • 5 weeks later...

Golf Swing Circa May 2020, 

Face On View, 

I could keep the left arm straighter. This would keep the swing shorter. I like the set up, I like the length of the backswing. I like the position at A4. I got the flip and roll the wrist over move going through impact. 

DTL View, 

I like the backswing of the 2nd video a lot. I like a lot of the downswing stuff. I think I just need to keep my turn rates up a lot more. 

DTL Driver, 

The driver I was trying to keep the swing shorter.... 😉

I know what I need to work on, lol. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had my first night of league today. The back felt good. I ended up shooting a 42. 

I started off playing adventure golf. I could not hit a punch shot with my 5 iron. After my body finally found out how to swing again, things started going better. Pitching was surprisingly good. Putting was decent. Overall, not complaining about hitting mostly decent shots on the back 2/3rds of the round. My last drive of the 9 was really good. 

For the full swing, my preshot routine was doing the left arm only backswing drill. Then taking one more practice swing to feel like I was hitting that spot in the backswing. Then just focusing on hitting that spot in the backswing. 

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Just going to try to explain some of the feels I had during the swing on the good shots. 

To expand on the swing feels I was trying for. I was using the left arm only drill, and trying to match that feel. I also tried to start my swing with my new swing trigger, a slight turn towards the target to make sure I feel like I need to turn my body to start the backswing. I didn't have much in the terms of downswing feel. I think that will come later if I want to change the ball flight. On the best strikes, the swing felt more fluid. Like things just flowed well from the top of the swing to finish. Also, the backswing felt like the swing stopped when my turning stopped. Which is good. 

As for the pitching. I would take two practice pitches were I feel like the club just drops straight down, hitting the ground way behind the ball. Then the third practice swing I try to keep that feel but pivot more. This helped me hit some really good pitch shots. 

For putting, I tried to be a bit more turn based. Imagine keeping the butt end of the club pointing more towards my stomach longer in the backstroke and forward stroke. 


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Played 18 (scramble format) with 3 friends (who are not that good at golf). Struggled a bit today with my driver. My misses were eight pull draws or push cuts. The pull draws were good height, most of the push cuts were low. Irons were hit or miss. Sometimes I just miss them on the toe. Putting and pitching were good. 

I think I was over swinging a lot. When I shortened the swing, things started to clean up a bit, I'll get out to the range this week. 

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Going to need a range session this weekend. 

Driver - Most of them were low on the club face. Most of them were pull draws.

Irons - Kinda ok, driver kept me from having any mid iron shots. Lots of low punches. 
Wedges - Kinda OK, distance control is a struggle. 

Putting - Distance control was decent, just didn’t make anything over 5 feet. 


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Range Session. 

Initial 7 iron Swing, 

7-Iron Swing with these swing feels
1. A slight amount of revving the wrist in transition. 
2. Hands go down and left through impact. 

7-iron Face On - The motion of my upper body sliding towards the target bothers me. I think I tend to do this too much and it shifts my low point back. 

Current Driver Swing

Driver Swing FO

The pull draw driver swing that can pop up, 


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Backswing - Feel just a turn with the torso and a slight weight shift back. So more stretch in the right side. 

Downswing - At A4 feel the left hip go back and the left knee straighten. Feel like you maintain the V shape of the arms a bit more into finish. 

Contact is really good. The sound of the shot is noticeably different than when my left knee stays bent through impact.

With no intent to shot shape produces a straight fade or slight pull. With intent, I can hit push draws if focusing on start lines. 

The best thing is, driver contact was flush pretty much all the time. 

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Played 9 today. Struggled with the entire game. 

Hole 10- nearly topped a driver. Ended up 160 out in the rough. Hit a really good 9 iron that flew pin high, but one bounced off the green. Hit my pitch too hard and it ran off the green. Technique felt good. Hit the next pitch too short and two putted. 

Hole 11- Hit a low pull draw. I was trying to get more extension in the downswing. Hit my next shot to the back of the green, it was pretty decent. Then three putted. 

Hole 12 - Hit a really good pull fade to the front of the green on a short par 4. Two putted for birdie. 

Hole 13 - Tried to get more extension and I hit a slight heavy toe push draw into a bunker. Hit a pretty good bunker shot to 15’. Two putted. 

Hole 14 - Topped a drive about 100 yards forward. Then I hit a toe push cut with a hybrid 100 yards. This is where I figured out that I was falling back in by downswing. I felt off balance trying to get more extension. On the next shot I focused on the extension, but also getting the club to go down left with my turn. I stripped a hybrid to pin high about 70 yards right of the pin. I needed to play it down the next hole to get most of my yardage and have a wedge shot in. My next shot I hit a wedge shot that clipped some small tree limbs and came up short of the green. I hit a really good flip shot to 4’ and made the putt. 

Hole 15 - I hit a pretty good straight fade with my hybrid. I pushed a wedge to 30’. I two putted. 

Hole 16 - I hit a great pull fade with my hybrid. On this shot I focused on hitting a start line with the intent to cut the ball. On the next shot I hit the ball about 5 yards to far and it bounced over the green, about 10 yards below the green. I go on to hit a bad pitch across the green. I hit a better pitch to 8’ and two putt. 

Hole 17 - I pull draw the heck out of my driver into some trees. I totally forgot my intent to hit a start line and I just swung away. I was able to punch it to just over the green. I hit a decent chip to 8’ and two putt. 

Hole 18 - This time I remember my intent to hit a pull fade and I slightly pull it and I misread the amount of wind that picked up due to incoming storms. The ball didn’t fade and ended up under a tree. I punched out to just off the fairway. I hit a great low 9 iron (due to a overhanging tree) that bounced pin high and went over the green. At this point I wanted to try the hero flop shot and ended up catching to much and ending up in a bunker. I hit a really good bunker shot to 12’. I drained the putt. 

For me, I need to visualize my shot more and hit a start line. As for swing mechanics, I need to get extension, but also keep turning my body. I can’t hang back and extend or it gets bad. 

I need to work on my short game just to polish it up. Technique is OK, but the distance control is meh. 

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Played 18 today with some friends. We played two man scrambles. 

The best swings for me are when I bring my hands down and left and get more extension. Things are tightening up more for me. Contact can still be sparingly hit or miss. 

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