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Played best round today.

1. Driver needs to be a bit more consistent. I started hitting an 80% cut shot that does well. My big misses are huge push cuts, more push than cut. The feel that worked well for me was feeling my right elbow staying more in front of my body. 

2. Irons were decent. Trajectory is inconsistent. Overall, contact is better. Big missed are similar to the driver, big push cuts. 

3. distance wedges need work. Just haven’t worked on them in a long time. 

4. pitching needs a bit of work. My bunker play was exceptional this week. 

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6 Iron (DTL) Current

6 Iron (DTL) More Upright at A3

6 Iron (DTL) More Upright, with feeling more Width at A3. Just wanted to feel like I can get my arms down in front of me more. 


Driver (DTL) More Upright - Need to just focus on keeping it shorter. 

Driver (FO), feeling more width and shorter. - Maybe try to keep the left arm from bending, swing kind of continues on as arm breaks down. 


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Review of round...

Hole 1: After no warmup, I hit driver that was a low pull (struck low on the face). I Hit a pitching wedge to about 30-FT and three putted (course greens were way faster than practice green). 

Hole 2: Hit a towering toe draw, good for the par 5 dogleg left. Being a short par 5, and I cut the corner, I had about 130 left in. I pulled the pitching wedge left over the green. My ball was sitting up on about 2-3 inches of rough. The pin was back with the green sloping away from me. I stupidly tried the hero shot and flop it about 2-FT in front of me. I then pitched it on to about 30-FT, and three putted again. My speed was off for about 4 holes. 

Hole 3: Crushed a drive down the middle. Had about 65 yards left on a par 4. I tried for a distance wedge shot, but wasn't aggressive enough with my turn (very lazy swing), and duffed it to about 10 yards short of the green. I pitched on to about 15-Ft and two putted. 

Hole 4: A short par 3, I hit pitching wedge. I pulled it about 20 yards left of the green and it hit a cart path. I was left with a shot were I had to punch a 5 iron into a bank so it bounces up onto the green that was running away from me. I go ahead and just duff the 5 iron about 5 yards forward and to the right. I then pitch on to about 20-FT and two putt. 

Hole 5: A longer par 5, dog leg right. I hit a heel cut to the left half of the fairway. Somehow, me trying to cut the ball means I hit it off the heel? I think the feeling for me having the club face open is to push the ball right. I have about 300 left in, and I try out the new 3-wood. I aim down the left side and try to cut it back towards the green. I go ahead and just pull it left. I got a lucky break, it hits a tree, and I end up in the left rough. I have about 80 yards in. I flush a 3/4 pitching wedge that flies 10 yards too far. I try to hit a flop shot, the pin was in the back and I was over the green. I end up pulling it left, which catches way too much of the ball. I end up with about 30-FT. I two putt. 

Hole 6: A medium long par 3. I hit a 7 iron thin and to the right. I didn't feel line up right, never felt comfortable over the ball. I should have stepped back. I have about 65-yards, and I flush another distance wedge shot that flies about 10 yards to far. I pitch on to about 10-Ft and two putt. 

Hole 7: I pull my driver left into the trees. I punch it forward about 100 yards. I have about 100 yards left in and pull my wedge shot left slightly over the green. I pitch on to about 6-FT and two putt. 

Hole 8: I top my 3-wood down the left side rough (not idea why this happened). I hit a low (unintentional) hybrid to about 80 yards. I have to punch a 7 iron under a tree,  that ran through the back of the green. I pitch on to about 10-FT and two putt. 

Hole 9: I hit a pull a 7 iron low left and it clips a tree. I am left with about a 40 yard pitch that I hit to about 20-FT past the pin and two putt. 

Driver: Mostly OK, one really bad shot
Irons: Mostly they were pulled left
Distance Wedges: The strike was good, the distance was off
Pitching: Kind of below average. 
Putting: Just felt off tonight. 

I might need to just focus on starting the ball on a target and just play golf. Keep the swing short, and hit a target line. I wasn't expecting the pull shots, not my normal miss. I never thought to feel like I should start the ball a bit more right. 

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21 minutes ago, iacas said:

Are you going to be able to do that at regular speed on the golf course?

You could downtown in February (?) here.

I think so because it's a bit departure to try to feel arms do nothing. Those in the video, felt close to full speed. I will hit the range tomorrow or Saturday and try out different swing speeds with that feel. 

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Just some other thoughts…

the best contact came with the swing stopping at A3.5 or slightly shorter. It also felt like I didn’t turn as much, like 75-80% as much. Going on to focus on that feel. 

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Chilly range session..

Current DTL

Backswing Practice
1) slight sway right
2) Arms do nothing, let turn carry arms up
3) Back of right hand facing out more
4) Shank 😛 


Impact Practice
1) Slight sway back
2) Arms do nothing
3) Start downswing with left knee bumping towards target

Same thing but face on.

Could flow a bit more away from target, but I like. 

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Round Summary

Hole 1 - Hit a good drive, just started it on a poor line. It sailed through the fairway and hit a tree. I usually hit some crappy weak cuts with out a warmup. Didn't expect a good strike. Swing thoughts was body turn only, and left knee out towards target at A4. Hit a punch 4 iron to the back of the green. I then putted off the front. It was about 45-Ft, and the pin was like 3-Ft from a false front. Ended up three putting. Bogey

Hole 2 - Hit a good drive, bit of a toe push draw. Hit a wedge to about 25-FT. Two putted for Par. 

Hole 3 - Hit a low pull 3-wood. Had a funky lie in the rough with a steep slope going away from me. Ended up shanking it right. Pitched on, and two putted for Bogey

Hole 4 - Hit a slightly thin 9 iron to just over the back of the green. Hit what I thought was a good chip, but it ran off the front of the green. Pin again was near a false front. Should have chipped with a 56 instead of the 52. I two putted for Bogey

Hole 5 - Hit a good drive down the right side into the rough. I aim right on this par 5 because OB is left. I slightly push a hybrid and it caught a tree limb about 100 yards short of the green. I punch it to just in the rough, right side of the green. I hit what I thought was a good chip and it took a very soft hop and came up 15-ft short. I two putted for Bogey

Hole 6 - I hit a bad 3-wood drive, another pulled left into the trees. I hit a crazy good punch shot through a very small window and the ball ends up over the green. It was about a 160 yard punch shot. I thin a pitch shot across the green. I end up pitching on and two putting for Double Bogey.

Hole 7 - I hit a towering drive that clears a tree line and leaves me with out 60 yards in on a dog leg left par 4. I hit a lob wedge to about 25-FT. I end up three putting for Bogey. 

Hole 8 - I hit a drive low on the club face that goes straight down the middle. I pitch on to about 20-Ft, and three putt. I hit the putt about 4-FT past. Then, the ball hit some weird spot in the green were it broke right then back left. I read it as breaking left since I saw how the putt broke after I hit it past the hole. Bogey

Hole 9 - The first drive where I hit too much draw. I ended up punching it forward about 110 yards. I hit a PW to about 15-FT. I two putt for Bogey. 

My way of shooting 9 over par for 9 holes while hitting the ball Ok off the tee. Right now, my putting is meh. Don't know why I am struggling with distance control. My short game is not terrible (for my standards), but not sharp at all. I spend about 40 minutes after the round working on distance control with my putting and doing some ladder chipping/pitching drills. I got to get back to hitting a landing spot. 

Overall, like the feel of no arms in the backswing and left knee out towards target in the downswing to get less knee sag at impact. I got to work on my 3-wood off the tee. 

Going to hit the range and short game area this weekend. 


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Driving Range Session
7 Iron DTL

  1. Trying to feel no arms in the backswing.
  2. Left knee towards target to start downswing. 

7-iron FO

3-wood DTL

  1. Trying to feel no arms in the backswing.
  2. Left knee towards target to start downswing. 


3-wood FO

If I can just get the club from carrying on that far. It's closer to being where I want it, but it's like a transition timing thing. Going to try to work on slowing down the backswing sooner at the top of the swing. 

Also, its tough to feel no arms in the backswing and try to feel the top of left hand facing out more. 

Short game work
Trying to feel more body pivot over all. Went well. 

Was getting to closed in the backstroke and trying to open the putter face in the forward stroke. So, tried to feel like I was a bit more open to close in the putter stroke. Also worked on my alignment. Need to feel like I am bit more closed at set up compared to what I was doing. 


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