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My Swing (saevel25)

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Let's go over a horrendous round.

Hole 10 - Straight draw into trees. Hit a low hook 4 iron to pin high (nGIR). Slightly thinned a pitch over the green. Chipped on and two putted.
Hole 11 - Hooked a drive OB. Dropped were it went out and took a two stroke penalty (league rules). Pulled a 9 iron left and over the green. Thinned a pitch over the green. I have no idea how I hit this shot, but I was trying to hit a low chip and the ball went 90 degrees right. It wasn't a shank. Hit a low pitch that didn't reach the green. Pitched on and two putted. 
Hole 12 - Hit 6 inches behind the ball with a hybrid. Luckily it was a short hole and I advanced it to have about 120 yards left. Duffed a pitching wedge that somehow rolled over the green (course was firm, bouncy?). Hit a decent chip and two putted. 
Hole 13 - Hit a 9 iron like I wanted to slice the crap out of it. Ended up hitting it straight onto the right side of the green and it spun off the front. Two putted. 
Hole 14 - Hooked a drive OB. To save time, dropped where it went out and took two stroke penalty (league rules). Hit a very low 4 iron that bounded past the green into a lateral hazard. Dropped, and hit a good flop shot and two putted. 
Hole 15 - Hit a big toe push draw with a hybrid. Hit a gap wedge to about 2 feet and tap in for birdie. 
Hole 16 - Hit behind the ball again with a 3-wood this time. Was able to punch out towards the green. Thinned a pitch over the green. Chipped on and two putted. 
Hole 17 - Hit a halfway decent driver (not really a hole to hit a driver, but F-It at this point). Ended up behind a tree. Was able to end up back left over the green. Hit a poor pitch shot that ran off the front of the green. Two putted. 
Hole 18 - Hit a low straight hook drive into the trees. Tried to hit a hero low 4 iron (F-it again). Hit a tree and the ball went straight down. Hit another 4 iron punch shot that went about 50 yards over the green. Hit a lob shot over a tree that ended up rolling off the front (green is severe back to front). Two putted. 


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My lesson today part of the two day group lessons/outing in/near Erie, PA. 

To help tone down how the club moves from A3 to A4, I changed how my right elbow works in the backswing. Adding a bit of width between my arms from A1 to A3

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 8.14.01 PM.png

I found it muckiest easier to shorten the swing because I can feel the right elbow position in the backswing more with it flared out more. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 8.13.09 PM.png

Secondary is continue to work on getting more extension in the left side. Just got to make sure that I continue with the weight shift forward so I am able to push the left leg up and not end up pushing myself back when I get extension in the left side. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 8.14.15 PM.png

Overall, this cleaned up contact a lot. It made the backswing more consistent and in turn the downswing more consistent. 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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