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    • I achieved this in our men's club tournament this weekend. I had 3 birdies, all of which came on par 5's and no doubles on any other holes.   Even with a relatively solid / penalty-free round, I still had to make two 5-6 footers to salvage 5's, including one on the last hole of the day. It's a tough challenge - for all of us except the super lower handicappers, we hit enough loose shots in a given round that it's relatively easy for a single hole to go off the rails.  Final score on the round was a 76. 3 birdies, 7 bogeys, 8 pars.  
    • I assume you are landing a lot of those 8-9 irons on the fairway and bouncing them up to the green?  I would say the majority of shots cannot be played with an 8-9 if you are actually trying to carry the green.  So that means you need a pretty tight fairway to play it your way, in which case your's is a pretty good option.  On a lot of fairways however you will get very inconsistent results if you land your short game shots there.  Even a higher handicapper who plays on those courses will probably want to try and fly his ball all the way to the green. That still doesn't mean you need a premium ball.  If you hit a high pitch shot (not flop, just typical high) you would just plan on an extra few feet of roll out.  That's fine I think, you'll still do pretty well. Also, I personally find a wedge pitch shot using the bounce is about the same difficulty as a bump and run.  I can flub the latter pretty much as often as the former.
    • Your price is way off.  Go to used golf ball sites and you can see what they charge.  You won't be able to charge more just because you avoid shipping charges, but you could use that advantage to 'get' the business in the first place. Comparing to pure retail is a false trail to compare to also - I doubt people pay for that much unless it's gifts, or someone that doesn't care about $$ such that they'd not buy used for any reason. $10/dozen is probably reasonable as a top end.  (Keep your proVs for yourself, sell the rest at $5/doz = $10/doz and you'd likely clear your inventory in no time and pocket some loose change.
    • I am of the opinion that a high percentage of amateurs do no not have the swing technique to take full advantage of the higher priced, more technological advanced balls.  I know a lot of golfers who when they read an advertisement that this ball will spin backwards easier on the green will run out and buy a bunch, only to find the ball does not spin backwards for them. Their suspect swing, the lie of the ball, or perhaps the receptiness of the green didn't allow for enough back spin.  I can remember when some of those 5 piece balls came out at $50 a dozen. The talk then was the amateurs didn't have the swing speed to take full adavantage of them. I was given some of those TM Pentium balls to review. It was a great ball, but it didn't lower my scores. My thought was, why pay the extra $20-$30 to shoot the same scores? No, I am a e6, or e7  for $1.75 a ball user. Maybe a $1.25 for a really soft compression ball every so often just for the heck of it. They both fit my game much better than the more expensive ones do.
    • Nobody. Ever. Not one view showed the ball hitting the ground without James' hand underneath it. To overturn the call on the field the evidence had to be definitive. No such evidence exists. And that's not the only call. There are ten others. Complete bullshit that their O-Line never holds. They held or PI'd Rogers on the penultimate play, the INT. Two penalties for four yards. Uh huh. Gronk pointed at and taunted a Steeler. That's an automatic taunting penalty. Didn't happen.
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