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Best Single hole play of my life! What's yours?

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Last night I played the single best hole of my life. Here's the scene:

Western NY, Corning Country Club
Hole #14 501 yds
Time: 6:30 pmish
Temp: 92 and muggy

This hole is my favorite hole on the course. It is a 501 yd par 5 with a slight dog leg left the last 150 yds that reaches over water and up a steep hill 30 yds to a fast green that slope's severely back to front.

I was playing with my 14 year old step son who is new to the game and we wer having a fun casual round. I was Driving well,
but my iron play was inconsistent. I was coaching him a little but not too much so as not to turn him off to the fun of
just being out on the course. I had been telling him to keep his feet quiet and that a golf shot is about smooth
tempo and not power. So, we step up to the 14th tee box and I have those thoughts in my head. With my driver I hit
the longest drive I have ever hit on that hole. It flew 280 yds down the left side leaving me 220 uphill yds to the
green. I now ran the scenario in my head. I could take my auxiliary wedge and knock it to the 100 yd marker to
set up a nice approach to the green and be on in 3 or go for it with my 3 iron. I knew if I hit my 3 iron well I would
have a chance.

I looked at my partner and said what do you thinK? An instant reply of go for it. My thoughts immediately were
"I've got this shot, keep your feet quiet and hit it smooth not hard" I then said this out loud to reinforce it in my mind
I pulled the club back slowly and released it without pressing. It came off the face of my 3 iron with that wonderful
click sound and soared up and over a blocking tree on the left. I couldn't see the green but instantly knew it had
a chance of making it. As we approached the water I looked up the hill towards the green and saw my ball
sitting on the putting surface about 30 feet from the pin! I was estactic. Fist bumps and high fives were flying
as we marched up the hill to the green. I 2 putted for birdie and racked that up as my best single hole play ever!

What's yours?
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Nice hole!

The hole that left me with the best feeling was actually only a par... but, it was still a good feeling. It was the hole immediately following my first career ace. This particular hole had given me problems each time I'd played the course and I didn't want to go from a hole-in-one to a disaster. The hole is only about 360 yards... but it's a tough drive for me. The tee box sits back in a hole carved out of the woods... immediately in front of the teeing area is a marshy ravine... again, only about 50 yards of carry, but enough to be intimidating. I've topped a few balls in there in the past. At the 150 yard marker, the hole doglegs to the left. To the left of the fairway is out of bounds... to the right is nasty fescue that you can pretty much guarantee the ball is gone if you hit it there.

I played the hole as perfectly as I could. My drive was struck perfectly... but didn't really go very far. The ball was sitting a foot from the 150 yard pole in the middle of the fairway. This left me a downhill shot to the green with the ball slightly above my feet. I hit a nice, smooth 8 iron which started out a few yards right of the pin and drew back to the left a little. The ball hit about 20 feet from the pin, hopped once and stopped, leaving me an 18 footer for birdie. I gave the putt a chance, but it fell off at the end and left me a tap-in for par.

I felt really good after that hole and continued my good play for the remainder of the round (finished par - bogey - bogey - bogey - bogey) and posted my best score to that point, an 18 over par 89.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Par 5 13th, had a great drive, followed it by a great 3 hybrid to within 100-120 yards of the green, back pin placement. Hit a PW that started a little bit to the left of the flag and turned to the right. Hits the green a few feet left of the flag, gets a lucky bounce to the right and ends up one inch from the cup for a tap-in birdie. That was a net score of double eagle for the hole as I had 2 strokes for that hole (stableford match).
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I have a couple.
My first was at a par-3 about 140 yards. It was over water and I hadn't been playing well all day. I had just gotten my first lesson and I could finally hit my new irons and not top them every time.I hit my best 8 iron I had ever hit, it hit at about 7 ft and rolled back to 9 ft. Fortunately I didn't miss the putt. It was my second birdie on a par three.

My second was at a long uphill par four. I hit a driver to he top of the hill and it left me about 160 yards to the green. I had never gotten close to this green in two because it is a very unforgiving hole, with trees on the right and a busy street on the left. Anyways, I felt very comfortable with my woods that day and decided to hit an easy 5 wood. I had great contact and it ended up about 20 ft from the hole. I missed the birdie putt but made par and felt good for the rest of the round.
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god I feel like the old washed up high school quarterback telling this story......but you asked

I was 17, it was the first fall tournament of the year (beginning of school year)
was playing in Nipiwan, SK against some of the best H/S kids in the province (from 0.1-5 index's)
it started out sunny and warm and by hole 6 it was cloudy and raining
Hole is a dogleg right, par 4 about 395 yds w a severely elevated green protected by bunkers (off the right of the green is a 18ft high bunker - if ur in, its a guaranteed triple)
hit s nice drive up the middle leaving myself 157 yds in.
All i knew is that i have to get it on the green and STAY LEFT!!!!
when i hit the shot i KNEW it was good..............it hit, hopped and rolled in like i putted it from 5 ft - CENTRE OF THE CUP!!!!

this put me -2 for the first nine and the leader by 3

to finish the story.......

it started to sleet for the next 6 holes, then the sun came out and was beautiful
coming into the 9th green there was a crowd of about 60 people, from other players, teachers and the staff
i was back to even and needed to birdie to win (didnt know this until after i walked in)

made a 15 ft birdie putt to win the tournament at -1 in front of all those people....it was awesome
so my best hole ever, turned into my 2nd best round of my life (best at 69)
i was at the peak of my game at this age and tournament.........

heres a tip for all you young aspiring golfers out there

you have all the time in the world to party and try to get laid
focus on getting into school w a scholarship, play hard and show the "cool kids" in your graduating class who's "cool" now
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luckiest: hole in one par 3 216 yards.

best played skill hole: 570 yd. par 5 #11 at colonial back in college, my buddy's family were members, hit a screaming drive that went really, really far. hit an equally perfect three wood that put me about 13 feet from the pin. eagle, mother f*$&$#.
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Par 4 467yd #2 handicap at Viniterra Golf Club. Hit decent drive that just carries fairway bunker right, left with 190 to center of green. Huge elevation change, wind at my back. Hit 7i to ~5ft, made tricky little putt for birdie.
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Number 10 veenker golf course ames iowa.

I hit a 293 yard draw over a tree on the right side. Amped from my drive I opted for a seven iron from 180 and hit a little push draw that landed a couple fee in front of the flag stick and rolled six feet past. *nearly went in* Then I two putted :( I can never make eagle putts. Still the best played hole though for me.
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My best played hole was the last hole on the same course for the par 5, 18th hole, needed a birdie to play my best round ever. I hit a drive dead center of the fairway. I hit a wedge to 8 feet above the pin. I sink the birdie putt for a two over 78. I was pumped up for that hole.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Best, "of my life"? There were some flukey birdies and and eagles over the years, but here are my top three from the past week - sorry no eagles.

#3: Birdie on the par5 #18 at Sylvan Lake. It's a birdie hole all the way, but I surprised myself with a smart decision. Not sure I could hold the green from 195 in the rough, I played to the 100 yard marker - had to take relief (ball came to rest on the 100 plate). Put the approach to < 2 feet.

#2 Birdie at the par 5 2nd hle at Sylvan Lake. Sort of a birdie hole, I had 192 to clear the bunker and 200 to the right tucked pin on the elevated green. I've been hitting a nice fade with my 3 and 4 iron from the fairway lately, so I aimed at the centre of the green and it faded on cue. The ball mark was about 18 inches in front of the pin. I left the eagle putt just short (more due to slow greens than my nerves) but tapped in for birdie. Not an eagle, but that approach felt good.

#1 Birdie at the 220 (ish) par 3 #17 at Ponoka. I'd been striping long irons all day, but hadn't made a putt - even putted one off the green. It was an accomplisment to get one on the green (1 playing partner in the left trees, one in the bunker short, and the third guy bounced his approach off the green into the bushes long) thanks TrisSpeed. The slippery downhill putt broke about 6 feet and fell into the side door as it died. Woot!!
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I've had a few over the several years I've been playing but I had one that was pretty fantastic. Par 4 350 yards at Metropolitan Golf Links in Oakland. Bunker in middle of fairway, hitting straight into a gusty bay wind. My drive ended up only 190 yards, right of the bunker hahaha. Took out my 4h and said screw it. Absolutely flushed it. Had a good low ball flight and roll. Ended up about 7 feet from hole, birdied out.

Not many that I can really recount :)
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only time i played pebble i birdied the 18th....so i got that goin for me...which is nice.

whish ish nishe

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In 1968 I played the Old Course at St. Andrews. Things were different then. I hitchhiked from Edinburgh to the course, walked up to the starter's shack, paid my green fee, rented a half set, bought a sleeve of small balls, and was told, "The first tee is over there. You're up after the group that's on it now is clear." Things were different then.

Long story short, the course ate me up. And I loved every second of it. So. I come to the 17th, the Road Hole. Hardest par 4 in golf, some people say. The tee shot used to be over the railway's maintenance sheds, but they tore down the sheds in 1967 and put up the Old Course Hotel, with a wing of the hotel re-creating the original tee shot. I thought to myself, "This is probably going to be my only chance. I'm going to play the hole the way they dare you to." So I took out my 3-wood, hit it straight over the hotel. Ball in the middle of the fairway, I took out my 3-iron and hit it smack on the green. 20-foot put, canned it. Birdie on the Road Hole.

That's my best hole ever and I'll take it over a hole-in-one or even a double-eagle any day.

Thanks for asking. I still have the ball I used.
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Last fall. Hit my tee shot 6' past the hole on number 12 at Augusta National. It was the location that made it special.
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I have a couple of eagles which were pretty nice: A 344 yard drive to 4 feet and made the putt and a 167 yard 5-iron approach shot that found the hole.

However, my best single hole play was on a par 4 when I made par.

Tee shot hard pull low and left, hits a tree solid at 50 yards then flies backwards over the tee box about 50 yards behind us. Partners laugh and tell me to re-tee, but I never do that if I can find/play the ball, so I trudge back there and make everyone take cover. I hit the 3-hybrid of my life and end up 60 or so yards away from the flagstick in the rough. I almost holed it with the chip shot and tapped in for par.

My favorite golf holes are when I get myself out of trouble.
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In 1968 I played the Old Course at St. Andrews. Things were different then. I hitchhiked from Edinburgh to the course, walked up to the starter's shack, paid my green fee, rented a half set, bought a sleeve of small balls, and was told, "The first tee is over there. You're up after the group that's on it now is clear." Things were different then.

Gonna be hard to top that!

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

This easy. Birdied, and nearly holed out, on the Par 3 7th at Princeville's Prince Course in Kauai. Hole was playing 205 into the wind and I absolutely NAILED a three iron.
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