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Toronto golf courses

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Yeah, grew up in a small town with a very good course and 2 other mediocre ones
Friends worked at it, i had the opportunity to aswell
I wish i never quit golf when i was 12 blah
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so i'm in TO now

Here is a list of courses I like in the greater toronto area.

- Silver Lakes ( North of highway 404). Well kept and challenging. - Osprey Valley . Links style and challenging but fun. - Angus Glen ( pricey, the Canadian Open was held here) - Eagles Nest (again pricey but if you play after 12 , its a good deal) - Ballantrae golf club ( Amazing twilight rate) - Richmond hill Golf club ( course is short 6000 yards. on weekends you can replay for free but cart is not included. Not a bad deal for $89).
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So i golfed a bunch in toronto
Golf mandarin with family friends - not bad straight forward course, would never consider being a member there, really good dimsum after actually lol
Golfed Angus glen south - really nice- stupidly ••••in hard setup that day, almost not fun
Deer creek- not a bad course - overpriced and a lot of snotty people there.
Cardinal- not a bad course just to have a nice easy relaxing low scoring round to feed the ego
four seasons - ^^^
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Not sure which track you played at Cardinal (hopefully Redcrest) but Angus is definitely heads & shoulders above the rest. How did the 4 Seasons sneak into your rotation....did you lose a bet?!?
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Are there any courses associated with U of T? Just curious.

I'm not sure about courses, but U of T has a Winter Golf Dome where you can practice during the winter, and where you might be able to play. They also have private lessons there too, but I only think this is during the winter.

If you do end up in TO again and can play with a Clublink member, go and play Wyndance. It's an absolute gem...Greg Norman design.

I'll definatly check this out, but first I need the membership.

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Are there any courses associated with U of T? Just curious.

University's usually have a "home course" for their players. I don't know if playing priviledges would be extented to regular student body or not.

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We did 4 seasons cause a buddy lives out there and he picked me up and wanted to go.
Nah we didnt do redcrest, golfed with some people who didnt want to golf a championship course
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Note: This thread is 2705 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Our Junior golf program starts kids at a very young age and the kids progress as their abilities become better. Most will start will the 3 hole program playing from around 100 yards. Then they move back to 150. Then the program advances them to 5 hole rounds. They start at 150 and move back to 200 yards. When they are able to average a set scoring ability they will advance to 9 hole short course and then 9 hole long. During the stages, staff will have instructional days along with fun games they play at the range. Each season consists of a putting contest and a family scramble with award dinner at the end of the season sessions. The program has become very popular as the membership grows with over 300 kids participating. Parents are encouraged to keep scores for groups during the season. Many just walk along and observe and assist when needed. Most kids complete the entire program and they make many new friends. My observance over the years is when kids play, they are learning safe manners and  exhibit a good mannerism learning etiquette and sportsmanship and rules. IMO, kids will enjoy leaning golf with other kids. I enjoyed having my grandson in the program for several years. It also provided me an opportunity to meet the children of many regular golf members who I have golfed with through the years.   
    • I think you keep searching for different things when in reality you need to find your priority thing and work on that until it’s no longer the priority thing.
    • Oops. I should have said 'discarded cigarette lighter' rather than a walnut.
    • I have been doing a drill where I swing with my right arm only (right-handed golfer). In taking the club back slowly with my right arm only to the top and pausing there, I have found that the only real efficient way to initiate the downswing is for the lower body/hips to rotate towards the target. The lower body is needed to tug/pull the upper body/right arm. The momentum created on the downswing of the right arm does not have the left arm to get in the way and stall the swing. I find that the body opens up fully to the target without thought or concentrated effort involved. So practice a full, slow backswing with a pause at the top with the right arm only. Then do a good downswing and the body will be facing the target and there is also some good lag and forward shaft lean.  
    • I would suggest putting up a swing video so that people can assist you better.  In general, very few people can generally have too much hip or shoulder turn.  Most have too little
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