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    • I saw a LB300 on ebay for $400. As always, it depends on the condition. 
    • My kids - all four of them - shag my foam golf balls when we go for walks.  I take a nine iron and rip shots that they field like outfielders.  Drew, my athlete and most avid golfer, has a running total of 49 catches.  Caitlin has caught about five.  Will tracks them pretty well, but he hasn't caught one yet.  Emma just watches.
    • The Gentlemen My wife really loved this movie, but it was a bit slow compared to other Guy Ritchie films.  The "gang" activity seemed kind of forced.  Scramble for par.
    • I've used the M3 but prefer the R7, I think it's primarily because of the difference in shaft and lie loft angles. Has anyone tried to match the difference of your preferred driver to the latter model based on the fact it should be better. I have the R7 set with all the weights in the fade position and it's 8.5deg, my M3 standard 9.5deg which means if I set it to 8.5deg I open the face? It would also mean that the shaft will play a little differently as I've altered the spine and flo therefore would you say I need to remove and reset the grip and adapter? If you tried this with your new and improved driver head did you find it successful, plz advise so I can decide if it's worth pursuing?
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