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    • I can picture people getting disqualified unnecessarily because of that system, and the line of what is "too good to be true" for net scoring is entirely arbitrary. The bigger issue with net scoring, in general, is that the odds of a low handicapped golfer winning are near zero unless the handicaps are adjusted in a way that ends up making it too difficult for high handicap golfers to perform well. The primary issue is just that high handicap golfers have much more variability in their score than low handicap golfers, meaning a personal best followed by 2 above-average rounds (what it usually takes to win a big event's net scoring) is a substantially lower net score than a low-handicapper's personal best plus two above-average rounds. I imagine some people would be interested, as evidenced by the Myrtle Beach WorldAM, but many of the people who enjoy golf enough to enter and play in tournaments for cash prizes are also the type of golfers who would not play in net events. You could organize the events, but unless there's a draw besides just the money (such as the draw of playing in Myrtle Beach), you'll attract the same crowd that already plays in the men's club and city championship events. I can see there being some interest, just not nationwide interest because I still don't see anything that sets it apart from club championship or men's league style tournaments. They're the same thing essentially, but with net scoring only rather than net and gross.
    • You can try, but you can't get rid of every single sandbagger without risking the ban of actual legitimate player. There are city tournaments all over the nation, and what is nice about them, is that you see the same players week in and week out at clubs, munis, privates, whatever their course may be. People see them all the time and know what their true skill is. When you move to a regional level, you lose this scrutiny, and either have to accept all, or risk banning or barring people that don't deserve it. I wouldn't want to go to a tournament that is net but I don't know or haven't seen 99% of the people play before. What if the 12 capper that just shot a 72 legitimately had the best day of his life and is an honest player? He/she gets banned or barred just because they had their best round ever? Doesn't sound like an event I want to take a part in, and I think many players would share this sentiment.
    • Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods all die in a plane crash and arrive at the Gate of Heaven. God is at the Gate, sitting on his high throne, and says "Wait a minute you guys - before I let you in here, I have to ask you a question - Arnold Palmer, what do you believe in?" Arnie steps up and says "God, I believe in hitting a hard draw and I believe in signing autographs for all the boys and girls" God says "Arnold Palmer, those are good things to believe in - you can take this seat down here to my right" God says "Jack Nicklaus - what do you believe in?" Jack steps up and says "God, I believe in hitting a high fade, and I believe in paying my caddy a good wage" God says "Jack Nicklaus - those are good things to believe in. You can take this seat down here to my left" God says - "OK Tiger Woods! - What do you believe in?" Tiger looks up at him and says...... "I believe you're in my seat" 😮
    • 😉 It’s a shotgun blast in LSW is what I’m saying.
    • Regarding sandbagging, the solution the organizers came up with at Myrtle Beach was to issue judgments based on statistical data.  Sandbag = DQ from prize eligibility.  You can finish the tournament, but you're not eligible to receive as much as a ham sandwich at the end, much less compete in the Championship round.  A BUNCH of DQ's are handed out every summer. I would imagine that there have been one or two legit "once in a lifetime rounds," but, with thousands of people there, they were not taking any chances.   I just dug this link up...  http://www.popeofslope.com/sandbagging/2010-12-busted.html  
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