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    • I thought it was hilarious! And, for @Matthew62, I hope he'll come back after his rounds this weekend and let us know how it went with the elevation challenges.
    • Ahhh the vanity handicap. I've never understood those guys. Play off a zero handicap and have a difficult time breaking 80. The reason no one cares is they basically donate to the prize pool. All the actual low handicappers aren't going to complain we know these guys aren't going to play well enough to beat us and their money makes the purse bigger. There used to be a couple of guys at my course that would play in the Club Championship in the championship flight every year. The only thing I asked is not to be paired with them so I didn't have to spend the entire round searching for balls. They never broke 80, the winning scores were under par. As a low handicap I can tell you I have 1 score in the 80s in the last 5 or so years. That was on a course I've never played after a big layoff. Things have to be going really wonky for a plus handicap to shoot 8-10 strokes over par. That or if they are playing a really difficult course, although hell I even shot 76 at Pinehurst no 2 the first time I played it.
    • I may be wrong here....but I agree that back to back 80+ and especially 90+ scores from any ‘+’ hcp is unlikely. Seeing these people play is a tell all I think. A couple of weeks ago I played with a +1.5 hcp and yesterday I played with a +2 hcp who’s doing mini tours and trying to get his golf together for higher level competition.    There’s no question these were bs handicaps. These guys were awesome. Huge drives 40-50yds past me...ball striking was obviously impressive. Something would have to go seriously wrong for these guys to go 80+, 80+...can’t even imagine 90. We played the tips which is just over 7k yards.    If these guys are paying fees to play then honestly I can’t imagine what they’re doing. What’s the point? Tournament probably doesn’t care as they’re happy to take the entry money. Just don’t see what the point is to embarrass oneself.
    • Played a new course today and was pleased with my efforts. Tough course and I challenged myself today by playing the tips (nearly 6700 yards). I shot 91 which was good enough for a 16.9 differential. Best round differential in a while for me. My driver was decent on the front nine but I had a wicked slice on the back nine. Found the ball every time, though had some interesting recovery shots. My recovery game was pretty good, and my around the green game and putting was solid all day. Irons were also a little bit come and go but I made it work. 
    • Posers gonna pose. Who cares?.....It doesn't matter? Why?.....I don't think these players are cheating....some people just have bad days.....though when I see a + cap post two scores in the 90's in an event...I gotta laugh a bit...one bad day...ya things happen....back to back scores in the 90's???....assuming other scores aren't really high in their flight....then they had brutal conditions to play in. There are far more vanity capper than sandbag caps....vanity cappers are harmless and only hurt themselves in events or gambling. Tournaments need not care.....they want to collect the entry fees. I do know some legit young competitive Ams here not post all their rds played (likely what they might call practice/casual rds)....they generally only enter competitive event results....likely to showcase their caps when they are applying for scholarships and/or entry into high level Am events.
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