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Looking for new irons, what should I demo?

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Well, I'm currently shooting low to mid 90's, but my irons are my weak part of my game. I have taken lessons, and my driving and short game are vastly improved, but I still struggle with hitting greens in regulation. Because my shots with my irons are usually low draws, my instructor has suggested that maybe I need to switch to a set of irons that will inspire a bit more confidence in my game, so that I can move forward. I'm currently gaming a set of Cleveland CG Tours, and they are not the most forgiving thing on the market. Most of my misses are low and left, and I just don't have confidence that I should be playing a Tour spec club anymore. With the current state of my game, an SGI club is probably the direction I need to go in order to quit getting frustrated.

My last 9 holes yesterday, here's the stats: 6 of 7 fairways, 14 putts, but 0 of 9 greens in regulation. Score was a 46. So obviously my iron play is the problem.

So I've been searching around, because I'll have the money saved up in another week to buy a new set of irons.

Here's the ones I've been looking at, but I'm willing to hit anything suggested before I buy:

Callaway X22's
TaylorMade Burners and SuperLaunch
Mizuno MX100's and 200's
Nike SQ MachSpeed

Any others I should look at, and do you think I'm doing the right thing, maybe build some confidence in my iron game? I practice, take lessons, practice, practice practice, but don't get any better with my irons, although the rest of my game is improving. It's just getting hard to improve my handicap without hitting greens in regulation. Sorry for the rant and the long post, but I love the game, but am getting frustrated with my iron play, which doesn't ever improve........

I will be fitted for whatever irons I buy.
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Don't overlook the Ping G series. G5, G10, and G15 are all good great clubs, and there is not too much difference, aside from price, just some minor weight redistribution, and different badging. Same applies to Callaway X series, X18, X20, X22, and X24, all play similar, and you can save a few bucks on the older series.
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I demoed the Taylormade superlaunch the other day. I really like these irons. Very easy to get the ball up. I ended up buying a set of Ping G10s which I liked equally as well. The price was really the deciding factor.
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In my experience, the modern game improvement clubs (G15, for example) also promote a draw, and if you are already hitting low draws (like I do), then you will find yourself in the left rough all day (assuming you are right handed . . .).

I'd recommend you try the I15's.
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Don't overlook the Ping G series. G5, G10, and G15 are all good great clubs, and there is not too much difference, aside from price, just some minor weight redistribution, and different badging. Same applies to Callaway X series, X18, X20, X22, and X24, all play similar, and you can save a few bucks on the older series.

These would all be very good choices. They're easy to hit and get the ball way up in the air.

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Once or twice a year where I live there are demo days at one of the local course where most all of the major manufactures demo their clubs. I would look for such an event in your area and if there is one go. Major name clubs are so expensive these days you don't want to make a mistake. A Demo Day with all the clubs your are considering gives you a better idea of how they work for you as you can try them all on the same day so variations in your swing are minimum influence on the club performance.
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I've been trying irons for a while now. I tried the Ping G15 and I15 and didn't like the way the ball felt off the face of the club (dead). I liked the Nike Victory Red Split Cavity since they felt very balanced. I also liked the Cobra S2 Forged, but don't count out the Adams A7s. They have a nicer look since they made the top line thinner and they had a crisp feel along with forgiveness. I would definitely give the A7s a look if you are getting a new set. You will need someone else to make the adjustments though since Adams does not have a fitting program though.

With that being said, I would ask if you like your current irons? If you like the look, the way they swing, and the feel of ball when you make good contact, I would stick with them for a while and try a few things first. First, it is not very expensive to have the lie angle checked/adjusted if you haven't already. Second, if you walk up to a shot thinking you are going to miss, it will most often become a self fulfilling prophecy. If that is the case, I would recommend that you read some books on the mental game so you can approach shots with confidence. I don't believe that new irons will build confidence, only your brain can do that IMO. Finally, I would get a second opinion from another Pro. This sounds like a swing thing to me, not a club thing.
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This is the 2nd Pro I've been to, and I actually like what he's teaching me, and he's made great improvements in my driving and short game, but I was stuck on my irons. A friend of mine had a set of Mizuno MX-23's for sale, so he let me take them for a couple rounds. I hit them at the range today with my instructor, and there was a noticeable improvement the first time I swung them. After a couple buckets and some slight tweaks to my swing, we went and played 18 holes in the 100 degree heat.

The difference was incredible. Every time I stepped over the ball with an iron after the first few shots, I knew what the ball would do, and relaxed and swung the club, and the results were outstanding. I would say 50% was mental, I had no confidence in my old clubs, 50% was these Mizunos. They felt so much better than my Clevelands, and I'm sold on forged clubs now. The Mizunos just seem to fit my swing perfectly and it showed on the card at the end of the round. The only problem I had with the Mizunos was knowing the distances on the clubs. There were quite a few shots that flew absolutely perfectly, right at the pin, but were a little short, or a bit too long. I attribute this to new clubs, I just don't know the distances perfectly yet.

I went from shooting a 97 and a 99 this weekend, to shooting an 87 today. My Pro was so happy for me, because he didn't give me any tips on the course, he said we were out there to gauge where my game was at now, and to see what we needed to keep working on.
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Another vote for the G15 irons. Mine arrived yesterday and I played my first round with them today. Wow, are they great. I just love the way the ball feels off the face of the club (solid). Give them a good look before you buy anything else. I shopped irons for many months and have hit every GI iron I could find. For me the G15's were the best choice. Hope you find yours.
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I recently demo'd the Nike SQ's and the TM Burner 09's - both were very nice clubs. I seemed to strike the Burner 09's better though, hence i'm picking some up on Friday
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+1 for the Nike Split Cavity irons. Been playing them since Jan and I'm loving them.

What ever you get, get them fit to you. It will make a big difference in your confidence with the clubs.
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Note: This thread is 4049 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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