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So, I went to Golf Galaxy today to look at wedges AGAIN! I had full intentions of walking out of the store either with a new wedge or nothing. So, how is it that I'm waiting for the grip to dry on my new driver??? I'M STUPID that's how. This is not buyers remorse, it's my usual pattern. I go to look at one very specific thing and come away with with something from the opposite end of the spectrum.

In any case I hit it a bunch while I was in the store with the stock grip and I was making nice contact, if a little high on the club face. According to the simulator I was hitting nice straight shots (very slight draw), although they were left of my intended target line. Then I read a post here stating that the face is closed by 2* on this club to help hackers like me stave off the slice. True?

The club it's replacing is a Maxfli XS Tour Square 9.5* Big upgrade no? I hope so, and if not, please feel free to lie to me. The new club is a 10.5* so I expect a higher launch, should I expect a gain or loss in distance? Not that distance is most important, I just hope I can hit it straight on the course.
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way to celebrate the 4th!

the tour burner is an excellent club, very long off the tee, you will be pleased with it!

as for it being closed, it is, so you should be drawing it, which lets not lie, everyone likes to do!

and for that extra degree of loft, your fine, i highly doubt it will effect anything in anyones swing that isnt a pro...

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Note: This thread is 3958 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • 6:00 am morning workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals moderate 15 minutes indoor rowing intervals   12:00 pm lunch break workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals reverse 10 minute stretching routine   5:00 pm workout Circuit weight training 2x15 15 minutes indoor spinning cool down. I am playing 9 hole of golf tomorrow after work
    • Day 205: I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes work between rain showers. Just focused on transition feels and center face contact.
    • Yes, eventually you learn when to do it in order not to slow down play and still get it done without feeling hurried. I walk fast am am usually the first to the green many times, so that helps too. And by pacing, I simply walk to the pin and multiply by 3 ft/pace. Just in case anyone thinks otherwise. 
    • I did, too, but now they’re apparently trying to walk it back and scrambling to save face.   Deservedly so. Wilson should have gotten one, too, and suspended.   Just to play a little devil’s advocate, could their line of thinking be to hire these types of guys because they “understand” how to be rough without crossing the line? Or that they understand the difference between being physical and having intent to injure? Not saying I agree with it or believe it, but I’m just trying to see it from a different perspective.
    • I estimate first putt length. When I first took AimPoint, we practiced estimating distance because it was part of the mid-read technique. It’s pretty easy once you break the putt into sections visually. 
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