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    • Would You Rather…? #16: Hit the ball as solidly but, due to some luck or whatever, score relatively poorly for you. Hit the ball poorly but, due to some luck or some holed chips or whatever, score really well. It would be more fun to hit poorly and score really well.  Just imagine all your buddies...… "I just don't under stand it, he cannot play good at all, but keeps kicking my butt". Just imagine that par 3..... Over water...….  Mishit, and it goes short and instead of splash, a turtle comes to the surface and the ball bounces off the shell and onto the green 6" from the hole...….  who wouldn't want that kind of luck to happen....
    • I demo the SIM (not max or max d) and find it hit similar to my M5tour in terms of distance/carry/launch/spin. It felt more bulky to me, but that’s a personal preference since I like the smaller 435cc head over 460.
    • This for me, too. Every so often I get the shanks with my wedges and nothing will make me feel more nervous on the course.
    • Wedges and irons up through 7 have been really solid lately. Main thought has been keeping my elbows close together and getting right elbow in front of belly button on the downswing instead of trapped on my right hip. Can immediately feel a huge difference when I do it right, which is about 80% of the time on full speed swings with the short irons right now. Have been playing around with flighted short iron shots and starting to get a good feel for them as well, although I think I might be moving the ball too far back in my stance because I seem to be over drawing a lot of them compared to my regular trajectory iron shots which has been pretty straight lately. 3,4,5,6 irons are still a work in progress, not hitting them too well right now. Driver is still what I am spending the majority of my time on, finally made progress with my priority piece of not jumping off the right leg, the feeling of rotating my right knee inwards and driving my right quad towards the target really helped. Multiple practice sessions with an alignment stick angled at knee height about 1 inch inside my right knee really helped me from jumping out towards the ball. Swing is still too steep, so have been and will keep doing a lot of slow motion and partial reps really feeling and over exaggerating my right elbow leading the way/initiating the downswing. One feeling that helped today was feeling like my right elbow and right quad were connected, meaning that they both would drive towards the target at the same time to start the downswing. 
    • I cant figure out why they tied his hands though. He seems to have the arm and the head to throw it.
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