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I'm headed to Cabo in November for 7 days and would like to play a couple rounds. Anybody ever play down there that could provide some information and/or a recommendation? Also wondering if you think its worth bringing your own clubs or just renting??? Thanks.
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We took a vacation in Los Cabos last month. While there I played a round of golf at Cabo Real. Really nice golf course, but really difficult. Designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr, it's much tougher than the crappy munis I'm used to, so the course kicked my ass. The starter said the front 9 was as hard as any course in Cabo.

On the back 9 there are some great views and a couple holes are just off the beach. Here's a picture of me on one of those holes.

Because of the resort we stayed in (Dreams Los Cabos) we got a 25% discount, and we played twilight so it cost us less than 100 bucks for the round. Renting clubs would cost 50 bucks, so I brought my clubs. If you're planning on playing several times, I'd definitely bring clubs.
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Originally Posted by ChipShot

Thanks for the heads up. I'm hoping that the resort we'll be staying at (http://www.pueblobonitosunsetbeach.com/) will also have some sort of a deal somewhere but from what I have read other places it sounds like I should expect to pay somewhere around $200. Thanks for the report!

Chip Shot, I'm on my way to Cabo San Lucas with my wife and daughter for April vacation, and will be staying at the same location that you did. I'm going to play 3 times, so I think I'll bring my clubs.  I know you went a couple of years ago, but how was it?



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I've been to Cabo 8 times from 2002-2008 for golf/fishing trips with my buddies, but the last one was over 4 years ago (can someone please remind me again why we get married and have kids?).

Hands down best value course for me is Palmilla.  Their ocean and arroyo nines are fantastic, and they're typically one of the cheapest (usually paid under $150).

Campestre and Querencia are my next two favorites.  Both have had consistently phenomenal conditions, great layouts, and fantastic views.  Querencia gets the nod as a better overall experience, but I think it's fully private now so I'm not sure if it's an option.

Cabo del Sol has long been the signature of Los Cabos, but I'd avoid it (unless someone else has a more recent experience).  I've played it probably 5 times.  The course is fantastic and the clubhouse is superb; however, the last two times we played there we were treated like crap by nearly every person we encountered, from the pro shop to the starter.  The first time we thought it was a fluke; the second time we vowed never again.  It's really, really infuriating when you pay $240 for a round of golf (something I might do once a year) and get treated like you're lucky they let you on the property.

Since I was last there they opened several new courses, including two near the harbor in San Jose de Cabo and one on the pacific side of Pedegral.  I think they have also opened up some new courses on the pacific side out towards Todos Santos.  Honestly, I've never played a bad golf course in Cabo--it is really a golf and fishing (and drinking) paradise.  We always avoided Cabo Real and El Dorado on our trips because El Dorado had fallen into some disrepair between owners, and one of my buddies that I always traveled with hated the tricked up nature of Cabo Real.

Whether you rent or bring is up to you.  If you're going to play 3-4 rounds (and why wouldn't you?) it's well worth the cost, as rental will probably run you $40/round.

(Edit:  just noticed this thread is really, really old.)

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k-troop, Thanks for the information, and yes the thread is really old.  I did a search and this came up, so I just went with it hoping to get a response.  When I get back I'll update the thread with some current information for other members that might be going to Cabo in the future.

Thank you.

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Hi Jim,

I will be going there in June for a week, looking forward to your review of the courses.  Hopefully I can play a few rounds as well.  Anyways I too did a search and this old thread came up.  I will post something after I get back too.

Have a great trip.


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Fabian, I hope you had a great time in Mexico and got to play some golf.  I only had the chance to play once at Palmilla.  A great course with some beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez.  I would have liked to play more, but it was just to expensive for me.  I spent most of the time with my wife and daughter by the pool and site seeeing and just enjoying our time together.

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Bringing back the thread from the dead, Cabo has some spectacular courses, but you're right, it's not cheap.

You can sort some deals, and I don't mean timeshare presentations.  Afternoons, multiple rounds, etc.  there's a few tricks to getting good rates down here, you just have to find the right person sometimes.  Also depends a lot on the time of year.

if you're heading back sometime, I can give you the latest tricks.

Now with so many courses (13 currently although some are private), you can normally find some kind of deal

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Note: This thread is 2261 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I’ve got tennis elbow so I’ve only been a few times over the last few years as hitting balls one after the other does me no favours.   I’ve got tennis elbow so I’ve only been a few times over the last few years as hitting balls one after the other does me no favours.   I usually play Wednesdays and Fridays also the odd Monday  . If I don’t play Monday I will often go and have some practice, either that or a Tuesday. I often take the Driver , 3 wood 4,5 & 6 irons out of the bag and go with the rest. Learn to hit shots with the clubs I have ,stop around the green have a few chips ,pitches putts etc.  Also I read Dave Pelz’s short game book a while back. I’ve adapted my bike and can fit a wedge on it. At night I go down to the corner of a mown area by sports fields. I take turns of which wedge, and do pitch & 2 different ‘finesse’ swings. Over summer I’ve gotten a pretty fair idea of how far I hit the various swings & it’s definitely paid dividends . I regularly get up & down from under 100 yards, especially under 40/50.  Before I just sort of guessed which club, and the other benefit is swinging slower I find I’m much more accurate with my direction. 
    • One of the things I have noticed about really good Youtube channels - let alone excellent films, is exactly this. There might be a time lapse that would take hours to video, but it is on screen for perhaps less than two seconds. But it gives the presentation quality. Look at films with incredible special effects and costumes/props - Lord of the Rings, for example. Years and years go into making things like a belt that a camera may never even focus on, or be a hundred metres a way, but the film wouldn't work without them.The total is greater than the sum of its parts. The flip side of this, of course, is that a prop that takes 5 minutes to make and looks like crap it is noticeably crap even if it is on screen for half a second, like a poorly photoshopped "family portrait" or newspaper "front page" with a stuck on headline on paper not even close to the colour of the newspaper. The devil is in the detail and tiny things connect to make the big picture. A bit like golf, perhaps.
    • I’d rather have it shut than open. I can find a swing where it’s more shut than that. Open doesn’t work for me, the extended lead wrist gets me steep and I shallow late, leave the face too open (or shank) going to A7. The last 3 instructors I’ve worked with have told me to bow the lead wrist at 4 more and I’ll get away from that and get steep.  When I try and do that my arms come off my chest and path goes too out to in. When I feel like I drop the club behind me at A4 my arms will go out towards the ball pretty good I think, like in the second swing, at A5 my hands bisect the torso. 
    • My 2 cents is that if you have to add more than 1.5" or so, you are really in need of new shafts. As far as "orange dot length" is concerned, I always thought that the dot color only denoted lie angle, not length. For example, if I were to order Pings, I would want blue dot (1" upright) at standard length (I fall on the short end of standard range). I just came across an old post on here that give a good Ping chart. Don't comment in there unless it is really pertinent though, as it is quite an old thread.  
    • Looks closed to me, Steve.
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