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New Mizuno MX-Series Wedges (2009)

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Anyone have any opinions or personal reviews to share on the new Mizuno MX Series Wedges:


I have the Mizuno MX-950 Game Improvement (Forged) Irons:

Am looking for some similar (Forged and Forgiving) wedges to go with them.

The specs as copied from the Mizuno website are:

Grain Flow Forged mid-size cavity

Grain Flow Forged from Mizuno's softest 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel, the MX-Series offers a forgiving wedge combination to blend with any cavity iron set.

Y-Tune technology extends the exceptionally large sweet area, high into the toe – forgiving the miss hit patterns of most amateur golfers.

A solid Power Bar and impact Cavity Pad enhance the MX-Series exceptionally solid feel without sacrificing stability or ease of use.

Shot variation is possible through Mizuno's triple cut sole design, providing relief to the wide forgiving sole. While precision forged grooves ensure maximum backspin and control in all conditions.

Grain Flow Forged

1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel - 10% softer than steel used in previous MX irons
Y-Tuned Performance

For tuned feel, forgiveness and COG position
Midsize cavity design

Increased forgiveness to supplement Grain Flow Forged Feel
One piece construction

No welds or joins for solid feel
Solid power bar

Exceptional solid feel and control
Impact cavity pad

Enhances solid feel of Grain Flow Forging
Triple cut sole

Relieves wide sole plate from turf drag
Precision forged grooves

Maximum backspin and control tight to R&A; tolerance
Double nickel chrome plated / Black Nickel finish

Durability and milled groove protection


Thanks in advance!

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They're available only in Europe. I have a friend who got a 50* one but didn't like it. I won't take his opinion for granted though, he's a 14 years old kid and his complaint was that "it wasn't long".
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They are also available here in South Africa. Just want to know if anyone has used them and can share their experiences with them. Thanks a lot though.

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I play with MX-950.

If you can't find MX wedges in US, you can get MX-950 wedges in 51, 56 and 60*. I bought 51* off ebay. Are they good? It's as good as your swing.
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Note: This thread is 3845 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • And can anyone tell me about this putter??
    • So as some my have read my wife bought me two Edel Wedges for Christmas.  I got a 62 and a 56 degree both 1.5 inches longer than standard (to match my one length irons) and with the driver grind at 22 degrees of bounce. So, granted, it was one round, but I got a number of shots with both.  The 56 I use for pitches of between 30 yards to 80 yards and the few shots I had with that were fine. Where I really noticed a major difference was with the 62 degree.  I had one shot from a soupy fairway from about 15 yards off the green that I had to hit a floppy shot on.  Normally with that soupy fairway I don't think I would have gotten my old lob wedge through it well enough.  With the driver grind and 22 degrees of bounce I was able to hit a fairly good shot (given the lie) that wound up about 9 feet from the hole (not bad for me).   I had a better shot hole 12 that was about 18 yards from the hole and in the rough (still kind of soupy) .  I didn't want to take a chance with it lob so I hit nor of a left hand centered chip shot.  I thought I hit it a tad too hard (usually with my old wedges if I flew a chip to the hole it would bounce about 15 ft past) but this shot litterally landed a foot in front of the hole spun REALLY hard and kissed the flag stick (if no stick it would have went in) then stopped a ft from the hole allowing me to save par. I normally would have though I got lucky with contact but the next hole I hit my approach halfway up the green which was a good shot but it proceeded to spin backward and roll off the green.  I then had a 25 yard chip from the fairway and hit the chip again it right at the flag and lands about a foot in front of the hole SPINS HARD again and kisses the flag stick while stopping again about a foot from the hole allowing me to save par again. I guess this could also only be because they are brand new or not but so far I'm able to get a good amount of spin on my chips I wasnt able to before.  About the only negative so far is that I'm kind of hesitant to practice with them for fear of the milling being prematurely worn off and losing the ability to add so much spin.   Oh also I went to the range and practiced a few sand shots with the 62 degree.  It makes normal sand shot (with drier raked sand much easier).  The problem right bow is that no sand on the course is raked so tried using it to hit out of unranked soupy sand and I've cone to the conclusion that a normal sand shot isn't possible for me (even with the edel).  I kind of worked out that I can open the clubface and sort of hit a chip trying to get ball and sand at the same time.  That seems to work. Anyway.  My opinion so far with these wedges is that it was money well spent!
    • I finally got a video of my Zip Navigator rolling through what passes for the rough at the Grandview Golf Course today. It might have been easier to get a video of it underwater with a snorkel given the conditions here lately! Anyway, I think it does OK in the rough though I can't imagine why I would want to run it there as a matter of course... It does bounce the clubs around in the thick stuff as you can probably hear. I'm pretty happy with it overall. It seems to have the most trouble in very wet, muddy grass if it's got any speed on. The wheels spin like a truck stuck in the mud. I've found it works best if I slow it down and let it crawl through the goop. I'm glad to be walking again.  
    • 😜I foresee 27 shanks in your next three rounds. 
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