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    • Thanks for this write-up.  This is great advice. Every time I make a double, I look back and try to figure out why I made the double.  In yesterday's round, I had three doubles, each from different causes.  Only on one hole (all day) did I not have a putt for par.  This was a 1-2-3 tournament and, as the highest handicapper on my team, my plan was to get as many net-pars as I could, knowing I'd sprinkle some pars in there (five, all on holes I got a shot on, too), especially on the par-5s, but that we wouldn't move backwards if I managed to make my plan.   I had 14 holes of net-par-or-better. A month or two ago, I realized I hadn't really practiced the low recovery shot, so I went to an outdoor range and devoted two dozen or so shots to practicing it.  I don't want to say two dozen shots is sufficient, but I am a lot more comfortable with it now. I don't know if there's a "related threads" feature, but for anyone else who finds @DeadMan's excellent write-up helpful, @iacasand @mvmac wrote a great similar piece (the advice is not the same tips repeated, so this is also worth a read if you haven't seen it) after the 2015 Newport Cup:     (5 and 6 on that list are things I really need to put more work into) 
    • History is written by the winners. Truth should always prevail.   
    • I don't know when I said we shouldn't change anything.  We shouldn't re write history, that is all I said.  So, yes, make changes, but don't forget why the changes were made.   People should be able to see/read history so they can understand why the change was made. I just don't agree with ALL the changes.  Some yes, some no.  Some I think is silly.  
    • On days when I'm hitting my driver well this is my play too. Otherwise I'll usually hit 4i a tad left of the aim point denoted by the white lines on the left fairway. Though honestly I set the bar of "playing driver well" a little low and block a driver into the water too often 😬
    • I agree with your message, as I thought the same in response; however, I don’t agree with attacking the person, but ideas or statements that he holds are fair game in my eyes. Not trying to be a mod, so don’t “get it twisted,” as young ones say; just expressing my opinion of partial agreement. 
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