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    • It depends on the circumstance of the particular hole on which you are playing.  Obviously, you want to control the face and strike location (leaving path aside because ppl generally have a better control of path than they do face or strike) to reduce dispersion as much as possible.  I mean, on some holes, you afford to miss 50 yards offline, depending on where you miss it.  On some holes, you can't miss it by much.  That's why face control and strike control are paramount to reducing curvature by as much as possible.  For me, I primarily play a little draw with every club.  However, with driver, my standard shot is a fade because I don't want to see a ball go left with driver; because my miss can be a shut clubface and a big difference in face to path, a hook with driver is very destructive.  But a little cut allows me to get the ball in play.  I can aim up the left and swing as fast I as my body can allow me.
    • Thanks @klineka.  That makes good sense.  
    • Looking at it from a shot zone perspective, typically a slightly slanted oval, those left misses that you have with the driver are the left side of your oval. If there is trouble left, just align the shot zone so that the left edge of the oval doesn't bring the trouble into play. Then obviously if there isn't enough room for the right half of your shot zone without bringing trouble into play, then it would likely be wise to club down, but it doesn't make sense IMO to automatically put the driver away just because there is trouble on the left. Just take the trouble into account and aim your shot zone far enough right so that your left miss won't reach the trouble. That even might mean aiming the center of your shot zone into the right rough, which would mean that roughly half of your drives end up in the right rough and only those that you pull or miss left would be in the fairway, but shots in the right rough are better than going OB.
    • Yeah I did own LSW, bought it my first year of starting the sport. I've since donated it to my library as I thought many would get a good read out of it and the library's golf section was sparse. Like I said next time I go back and use the GCQuad I might do a comparison of my 16* mini driver, 18* and 21* hybrid and see if the payoff in accuracy and less penalties is there in terms of distance lost. I'll also redo the driver test just to get another sample of the 15 shots. I had no money for lessons this winter since I had to buy a new car. I'm stuck with this swing for this season so just want to plan it better. I'll take screenshots next time too.
    • Yes We can hold our opinions, but our opinions can not be the reason to punish someone. You can go ahead and hate on Reed for eternity, but a the ruling body that governs the PGA Tour can not be making their judgments based on opinions. Especially when we have the clear cut  penalty put down by the USGA Rules.  That isn't even relevant to discuss since the facts are clear. He violated the rules, and he got the appropriate penalty. There isn't much to talk about. It wasn't like the situation were DJ grounded his putter at Oakmont and the ball moved. That had a lot of uncertainty into what caused the ball to move. That was a much more interesting discussion. Discussing Reed's penalty based on the facts is like talking about someone who got pulled over by a cop for speeding and the cop shows you he's been going 15 mph over the speed limit. There isn't much of a discussion to be had.  Since the thread is "Is there a golf equivalent of the Houston Astros Scandal." Then no. The Astros scandal is based on a lot of facts. You can then hold the opinion that the penalty should have been more severe based on those facts, but MLB is not like golf. There is not a clear cut penalty for steeling signs. In golf you have a very clear defined penalty for what Reed did. The only reason why we can discuss the severity of penalty for the MLB players is because the penalty is basically a person's opinion, the commissioner.  If the PGA Tour wants to add in a rule that players can get suspended for blatant and consistent cheating, then fine. BUT... They must make this rule clear. It just can't come from the PGA tour by some whim or opinion. Golf doesn't have rules like that. If you wanted to start another thread to talk about how there should be a harsher penalty for blatant cheating, then fine. I don't see how talking about Reed should be suspended is actually on topic for this thread. 
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