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    • Justin Thomas is the world's best player and is competing at the highest level. He's a fully grown adult male. There's your context. Oh brother. Not the spitting take(s) again… I don't agree that swearing ≠ unprofessional within the context of a high-level sporting event. He isn't playing a high-level sporting event. I'll be honest: there are some students with whom I'll swear a little, and some with whom I don't. It's never out of frustration, but sometimes I'll be like "man you hit that one like shit!" (often sarcastically when they've finally done as I've asked and are staring in awe at their shot). The actual cursing isn't "unprofessional" (nor is it "professional") — it's just a word. Like you said, you have to consider the context, and the person in that case wouldn't down-grade me for saying that. I don't down-grade JT for saying it, either. In fact, I think a bit more highly of him. I like seeing who people are, I don't like robots. I'm not offended by someone saying "f***." Swearing ≠ "unprofessional" in all contexts. Athletes shouldn't be role models for how they are as people. They can be role models to show that hard work can pay off (i.e. JT has worked hard at his game for 20+ years, and he's now the top-ranked player in the world), but they're just human beings. They're not inherently better than anyone else at being a person. I might go so far as to say you're failing as a parent if you think that PGA Tour players should be role models as human beings. Arnie cheated on Winnie, Tour players cheat on their wives all the time. Several do drugs. Many drink excessively, many are assholes, many are selfish, some are even Ian Poulter. And like someone said, they'll hear 10x worse on the school bus than an adult occasionally saying "f***" on the air of a PGA Tour event. Let's not bring up the spitting stuff again please. Swearing does not show a "lack of control." Parent your children, then. Heck, my wife and I actively encouraged our kid to learn to swear. They're gonna do it; may as well do it properly. Done properly, swearing can play an important role. Especially in golf. Better she learn to practice it and get good at it rather than f***ing it all up trying to hide it and never getting to practice it. 🙂 That has more to do with the FCC and the wusses out there who are offended than anything else. They don't really care. The site automatically censors the words. I can remove the filters if I want, but because everyone knows what is still actually being said… who cares? It's like… why have an "Explicit" podcast if you can just bleep out a few words now and then; the adults still know you said "f***ing Jason Day" but the podcast doesn't get limited to a smaller audience. Cursing ≠ professional. Nearly every professional athlete curses. Period. It's not just a game for them. It's their livelihood, and so very nearly is life and death. It's what they've given 10 hours a day for 20+ years of their life to. Why? Because you said so? Maybe they should just say "f***!" as loud as they can, and that's the most effective way for them to relieve some stress. If parents are stopping their kids from watching the PGA Tour because of swearing, those are some f***ing sheltered kids, lemme tell you that. No. Goes way too far. Bullshit. Also, maybe people can work harder at not being offended by everything? You didn't look very hard. Cursing can be good for your health — here's when to let that four-letter word slip Go ahead and let that four letter word slip. Here are five scenarios where you should channel your inner sailor. You're in the wrong here on that one. Hell, even Bobby Jones (about throwing clubs) said something like "Some emotions cannot be endured with the club still in your hands." Who has said JT drops it "repeatedly"? Again why does swearing mean "your emotions take control of you?" 3) Stop being so offended by f***ing swearing. 🙂
    • I banged out the two par-threes on the back nine yesterday. I've got six holes left: seven, nine, 10, 11, 13, 14. None of them are particularly hard, save maybe 14. 
    • I use headphones when I get to play by myself, and very occasionally at the driving range. Pretty much exclusively listening to podcasts.  I don't really notice any difference in my play out on the course - I've shot some of my best rounds with headphones off. I haven't used them enough while practicing to notice any difference there. 
    • If you're ending up in one of those lies once or twice a round then you probably need to improve your game planning/understand your shot zones better. There have been some times where half of my shot zone is off the green to the left to completely take a bunker on the right out of play. 
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