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The Open Championship


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Paul Casey may well do it today. Of the top ten, I would think Casey, Westwood and Stenson might do it. Of course, for anyone but the two in the leader group to win, Oosthuizen has to blow up. He is 7 shots in front of number three.

unless tiger goes crazy and shoots a 58.

not sure that'll happen though.
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unless tiger goes crazy and shoots a 58.

Yeah, and Oosthuizen only need three birdies to beat Tiger's 58.

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Stetson is wearing very feminine colors. Maybe it's the TV, it looks like pink pants and light blue top. The top looks like a women's top too.

Glover looks like a good joke teller talking to Woods.
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Yeah, not very entertaining golf at the moment. We either need someone charging at the leaders, or Oosthuizen dropping 5-6 shots.
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Note: This thread is 4017 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I was able to pay off my loans early all by myself, so everyone else should too.  Of course I was only paying $1200 per year in tuition for a chemical engineering degree. Now get off my lawn. It does "feel" like colleges compete based on amenities more than cost than they did when I was in school. In addition to the added cost of those amenities, state governments have reduced funding per student to the schools which forced the schools to rely on  tuition more. The availability of student loans allowed the states to cut the funding. I don't know which happened first, the loans or the funding cuts. I assume there is also some waste at schools in the form of a higher administrator to student ratio. I don't know what to do about the high cost of college and the debt burden on students.  I don't think that the ROI is high enough for some degrees. Many would be better off learning a trade.  In addition to the limits Erik mentioned, I think loan forgiveness for certain degrees in certain locations could help.  In the mean time I recommend everyone use the plan that I used for my kids to graduate college debt free. I have 2 single siblings who make good money who started contributing to a 529 for my kids when they were little.  I only paid about $4K per year which was in order to get the max tax credits. Each kid did/does get some scholarships that covered around 25% of total costs. My son is currently in school and plays on the golf team, but he does not get any money for it. Maybe he can earn a little next year with some continued improvement. My back up plan was for my wife to get a full time job after having been a SAHM and then substitute teacher for all of our kids' lives.
    • I remember last summer, when he complained that a cameraman was "damaging my brand" by having the temerity to video Bryson's actions.  Same here, its not Bryson's fault, its everyone else.  If you care about other people's opinions of you, you better think before you open your mouth and give them a reason to think you're a doofus.
    • Well those are actual numbers for one school, so it’s a small sample. And it’s more years. 1957 was $600, 1978 was $6000 and WPI was $60,000 when my son graduated from HS in 2013. When I was in school it went from $6k to $8K in 4 years.
    • Technically yesterday- 80, Woodley Lakes from the whites - 38-42 with a horrendous 7 on the easy par 5 13th after hitting a great drive AND a very nice 3 wood to about 91 yards short…then the carnage began - 56 degree fat to the collar…square strike (yep, have on - love it) caught the seam of the collar and went 25 feet past…first putt burned the edge but slipped 4 feet by…4 footer right in the heart but only traveled 3 feet 11 inches…BOOM double bogey…   Tomorrow is Balboa - usually break 80 there, but we will see…   good round to all playing today!
    • Scale back the Federal backing of student loans. Allow students to default like any other loan. Universities can offer loans in conjunction with private banks. The universities would be responsible for making sure they have good, sound programs and solid students who can then get appropriate jobs after graduation to repay the loans. If a university pushes too many marginal degree programs to students who have questionable academic talents, they will pay the price with high defaults that hurts their bottom line. That is the only way to change this. There is nothing stopping universities coming up with endless silly programs, recruiting foolish or desperate people to take out huge loans that they will never be able to repay. We have laws against the payday loan people abusing the poorest in society, but here we are abusing the naïve youth of our nation who lack experience at life. Additionally, too many people go to universities. Some schools have programs for the mentally challenged and learning disabled. Why saddle them and their parents with useless debt? In some cases this has become a system rigged to fleece a class of people and the government is complicit. We are allowing the government at the state and federal level take advantage of its citizenry. With the government backing this scheme, prices naturally go up. If the government allows these loans to be written off, the prices will go higher thereby compounding the problem. I have 4 children who have earned a total of 7 university degrees and none have had any student debt, so I have thought a lot about this. I have also interviewed a lot of new graduates some of who have had loan amounts that are ridiculous. Two guys in particular with BS in mechanical engineering with loans just under $200k. To me that is a red flag they won't be able to solve basic engineering problems.  
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