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    • It used to be much better back in the 80's to mid 90's when the players were allowed to drink alcohol while playing. Same with snooker. Even now i seem to get better at pool the more drunk i get. On the subject of darts, type Bullseye tv into Youtube for some classic british Darts/gameshow hybrid. Worth it for the naff prizes!
    • Sorry for the long intro/explanations... I've been Playing Golf for: 40+ yrs…not continuously unfortunately…had a cut-off 9 iron put in my hand at 6...played junior golf then on the high school team…picked it up again mid 80’s to mid 90’s (best index was about 4.5) then sporadically up to about 5 yrs back…just picked it back up seriously a few months back and have played maybe 8 times but doing lots-o-practicing…put a practice net in the garage (didn’t know balls go through wall board so easily) and taking lots of video to see what is, or isn't, happening
      My current handicap index or average score is: my best calculated index so far is 9.9
      My typical ball flight is: always been a low ball hitter…if my drives are high its because they went off the top ;) Driver, if hit well, usually 270-ish, 4 wood 240-ish
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  hitting thin (unless its miles fat)…coming up and/or not staying down-through the shot…more often now, as I’m not quite as flexible as I once was and being 6‘3“ does not help…though I don’t and never had a full “parallel at the top” back swing, even playing hardball through college coaches asked why my swing didn’t start back like everyone else, though they never complained about the outcomes. (those low inside pitches were heaven) I sometimes line up open which seems to restrict the backswing and results in thinning and/or blocking out...when I close it up seems to get better...or so I think. Been finding that if I stand too upright my upper body raises up on the backswing top then comes down at impact, often resulting in hitting fat…concerted focusing on the ball usually keeps the head movement to a minimum and really helps. Never had an official lesson…primarily dad’s mentoring. Going through lots of swing thoughts, prolly the usual stuff...most help most of the time... Here are two videos of hitting my 4 wood well...sorry if they aren't the best but plan to post better next time I’m out at the range.
      Thanks for all comments...
      Tom Videos:  
    • This is one thing I rarely see tackled by my Youtube lesson guys like Mark Crossfield. How much contact with the grip do you maintain with the grip in your swing?   Not so much interested in grip pressure.  We all hear of gripping too tightly and having no feel, and too loose no control. Also not talking about grips such as strong or weak.  But actually how your hands dynamically interact with the grip in the swing.     I started paying attention to this when I noticed I would sort of let the club roll in my hands on big full swings. It led me to change my cocked wrist into more of a straight wrist on takeaway and improved my swing.  After playing yesterday I noticed I still let it roll a lil bit. One swing I tried staying "connected" with the club the whole time and hit a pull. My buddy plays off a 4 handicap and the club moves quite a bit in his hands where at the end his R index finger (trail arm for a R handed golfer) almost comes off the club entirely.  I've also seen pro's where the club is literally like an extension of their hands without any movement between their hands and grip from start to finish.  I mean its all the delivery that affects your golf shots and if you have a consistent change in grip in your hands it shouldn't matter if its repeatable, right?  Or is maintaining a connected grip from start to finish something we should all strive for?  And how do you all think this changes with different types of shots from drives to chips to putts?  
    • 1/15/17: Worked on my path drill with water bottles before work this morning. Did my short swing to 1/4 swing to 1/2 swing to 3/4 swing progression with my 6-iron. Did this four or five times. Increasing my speed through each set until I got to full speed. I am getting to the point where I may only catch the bottle once or twice per session. Usually I start from the set over from short swing and do it a couple times until I'm comfortable with moving to a longer swing... Golf is hard.
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