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72 Holes in One Day - Bandon Dunes

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Anyone else seen the promo's for this? If not, here's a short video clip...

Having played Bandon Dunes, and Pacific Dunes (36 holes) in a single day, I know how difficult an endeavour this really is. I might have been able to squeeze out 48 holes, but 72?!

For one thing, if he is planning to carry his own bag (like I did), he is in for a world of hurt. After 36 holes, my feet were SCREAMING! The walkways and steps, which are all over these courses, are made with railroad ties and salt treated lumber. Which, for me, did a number on the ball of my big toe like you wouldn't believe. By Day #3 at Bandon, I was only able to play 18 holes, and I was reduced to wearing running shoes. The cleats on my golf shoes were making matters even worse.

Anyone else tried this? 36, 48, or even 72 holes in a single day?
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Did 72 holes a few times, but that was back when I was very new to the game. Wouldn't be able to do it without a cart, though. I started off 5.45 AM, when there was very little sun out, and played until it was almost dark. I stopped for brunch, too.

Back then it was all about quantity, as I was very, very new to the game. Can't imagine doing something close to that right now. Now it's about quality and I could go as many as 27 holes. After that, it's too much.
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In the commercial they showed him walking but it was with a caddy. I don't think most people would last 72 holes carrying.
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Earlier this year I played 63 in one day at my home course. All carrying my own bag.

Holes 1-7 are flat but when you get to 8 you have to go across the course to the other side which is extremely hilly.
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I played 3 rounds, 54 holes, about 2 months ago. Longest day of the year competition. Afterwards I felt like I could easily play 18 more. Off course I don't play a very hilly course.

Dumbest thing ever, waiting for the fairway to clear I'm standing on the tee of the 54th hole of the day. I look at my ball and think, nice, played the same ball all day.

Topped my ball off the tee, boom, water!
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Well after watching it on The Golf Channel last night, I feel somewhat redeemed. I walked 36 holes, Bandon Dunes + Pacific Dunes, carrying my own bag. They wrre using caddies. So when this guy pulled off his socks after the first 36, and there was BLOOD, I literally laughed out loud! I had blisters, but no blood. What a wuss. hehe

They did impose some gentleman's rules between him and his playing partner in order to finish before sunset. No practice swings were taken, and gimme putts from within 3 feet. Which was smart, because they would've never finished.
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I cannot believe I am reading this!! What a bunch of sissies, I say! 36 holes and blooded feet??? Wow!!

My club has an annual marathon of 4 rounds, i.e. 72 holes (actually most clubs have that kind of competition regularly on the list). This is done walking (carts are for disabled and elderly people around here, not for healthy people) and takes about 13 hours tops in flights of 2. Not only top athletes take part to it but normal players of various ages.

I have never taken part to that marathon (not yet) but I have twice played 54 holes walking in one day and I was 48 years old last time I did it. Thus I cannot imagine a 25-year old talking about being too old to do 36 holes in one day... C'mon!!
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I caddy at a country club in town and they let the caddies play the course on Monday's after 11, I've gotten 45 holes in no problem, no blisters, just some tired legs and feet but no blisters or blood. I live in the state of Oregon and am going to Bandon at the end of December and will be playing 36. One day I will do what they did without caddies! :)
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I've done 36 with a cart several times while on trips to Myrtle Beach over the past 8 years. When I am there, I want to play as much as possible.

Back home, I have done it once or twice. Actually, blew off work one nice early fall day this year and played 36. I have done 27 or so by myself on my home course during the summer starting mid to late afternoon and playing until dark.
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Note: This thread is 3742 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Yes, that’s my “former” swing. I felt way too close to the ball with the new swing, and was coming drastically out-to-in. (For what it’s worth, my previous instructor built my “former” swing on a template of Rahm and JT.)
    • That's… very close to the ball. Like Tiger level close, Finau level close. In the bottom photo, I like the swing on the left more. Is that the "former" swing?
    • Reverse Texas scramble... hell.  Golf messes up your head.
    • It means that you play too many reverse Texas scrambles and they are messing up your head. 
    • I followed your advice, @iacas, and took a lesson with a different instructor. He pointed out how much steeper my downswing was than my backswing, and how much lateral motion I exhibited. He attributed this to an overextended back that twisted, rather than turned, through the swing. This all made sense to me, but I am skeptical of his proposed solution: to keep my body weight over my legs by standing closer to the ball, arching my thoracic spine (instead of maintaining a flat spine as I had been previously taught), and having what feels like an extremely flat swing plane. I did nothing but top and hook the ball when I tried to follow his instruction. He did send me home with two annotated videos summarizing our lesson, which was an excellent touch I think all instructors should adopt. I’ve attached two stills from these movies comparing my current swing (left) and my attempt to implement the lesson (right) at P4. I went back to the range this morning with the intent of working on this new technique, but upon reviewing the video I am still swinging my old swing with a few small modifications inspired by the lesson—my swing plane is slightly flatter, and I’m standing closer to the ball with a natural spine curve. Unfortunately I’m still coming OTT and sending the ball 20 yards left or right of my target. Here’s a video of one of my best swings, in which the steep attack is still evident:   
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