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Golf School Mount Snow Vermont

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Just got back from a two day class up in Vermont. I went up there Friday evening with two of my buddies for a two day class(sat/sun)....let me just say, it was fantastic! We covered chipping, putting, pitching from 25 to 50 yards, bunker play, on course instruction for different lies, etc and then we moved on to full swing. He put all of our swings on film and went through each sequence and showed us what we did well and what we needed to work on. He even sent us home with a DVD with a his voice over showing us our swings and what we needed to work on and what drills to do to help improve.

I already knew i suffered from an over the top move, but to see it on video was just depressing. He flat out told me that it wasn't something he could fix in two days, but he gave me drills to work on to hit from the inside and get my arm in the slot to help avoid the over the top move. The course itself was also beautiful, we played 18 on Saturday after our lesson and wanted to do 18 more Sunday but had a 3.5 hour drive home ahead of us so could not.

Bottom line, i would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve, it was a great learning experience and i definately took alot away from it. Now to work on that swing plane.
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That sounds like it'd be a fun weekend thing to do. Obviously prices will vary from place to place, but if you dont mind me asking how much did this cost you? I assume you stayed at a hotel? Was room and board included in the price?
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Note: This thread is 3986 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I have been doing a drill where I swing with my right arm only (right-handed golfer). In taking the club back slowly with my right arm only to the top and pausing there, I have found that the only real efficient way to initiate the downswing is for the lower body/hips to rotate towards the target. The lower body is needed to tug/pull the upper body/right arm. The momentum created on the downswing of the right arm does not have the left arm to get in the way and stall the swing. I find that the body opens up fully to the target without thought or concentrated effort involved. So practice a full, slow backswing with a pause at the top with the right arm only. Then do a good downswing and the body will be facing the target and there is also some good lag and forward shaft lean.  
    • I would suggest putting up a swing video so that people can assist you better.  In general, very few people can generally have too much hip or shoulder turn.  Most have too little
    • Day 64, July 28, 2021: Three quarter swing feels today, same stuff I’ve been working on for the last month. 
    • It's finally arrived! Will dig in, hope it helps my game as it has for so many here!
    • What do you guys think about limit hip turn on back swing for greater hip turn down swing? I believe my swing is full hip and shoulder turn on back swing but only get a little bit open hip at impact. any drill to help me achieve this and get more hip turn on down swing? the best I can do at impact.
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